How to dilute acetic acid 70 to 9 percent

The end of summer and early autumn for all the hostesses is a troublesome time. It is time for preparations for the winter - salting, canning, boiling. In general, worries - full mouth. And often it happens when in the middle of the canning process it suddenly turns out that there is not a drop of vinegar in the house. It does not matter, in this case there is a more thrifty neighbor, who will always come to the rescue. But that's bad luck - the neighbor had acetic acid 70% essence, but it will not work for conservation. Only one way out - to dilute. Today we will tell you how to dilute acetic acid with 70 to 9 percent and not disrupt the stockpiling.

Product Types

The easiest answer to the question:

The easiest answer to the question: "Where does vinegar come from?" - "From the shop". But let's expand the scope of our outlook a bit today. Each of us may recall the case when an open bottle of wine or beer, left unfinished, sour after some time. In the process of souring or fermentation, acetic acid is formed.

By fermentation, only natural food vinegar is obtained. To do this, fermented alcohol-containing liquids are distilled and get concentrated acetic essence, which subsequently gets on the shelves of stores.

How to dilute the vinegar essence to 9% vinegar, we will tell later, but now a little about the types of this product. Today, for culinary purposes use several types of food vinegar:

  • Alcohol - a natural product without taste. It is obtained from an aqueous solution of ethyl alcohol.
  • Rice - a product based on fermented rice or rice wine. It is indispensable as a fragrant seasoning.
  • Balsamic - a natural product of a sweetish smell, dark color with a dense consistence.
  • Fruit - a great seasoning for salads from vegetables and dumplings. Apple cider vinegar has gained its popularity as a healing tool.
  • Aromatic - a product obtained on the basis of alcohol vinegar by adding spicy and fragrant herbs.
  • Malt - is made on the basis of barley malt. Accentuates the taste of ready-made dishes and gives them astringency.
  • Sherry - made on the basis of wine mash grape varieties Muscatel or Palomino.
  • Synthetic - it is extracted from sawdust or in the production of mineral fertilizers from natural gas. It has a pronounced chemical taste and smell. Differs in low-cost production. On the shelves falls with the inscription "Dining". The main difference from natural vinegar is a high content of toxic and carcinogenic substances, but it is captivating because of its cheapness.

How to dilute acetic acid 70% to 9%?

Vinegar can be used as a separate seasoning for ready meals.

Vinegar can be used both as a separate seasoning for ready-made dishes, and as a component in sauces, marinades, and salad dressings. Due to its antiseptic properties, it is indispensable for home canning.

And now, finally, it is time to open the secret, how to dilute 70 percent vinegar to 9 percent. Actually, there is no secret here: we need only water, small mathematical skills and accuracy.

Breeding process

To obtain the desired concentration of vinegar should find the volume of water and essences required for the solution:

Ve = Cr x Vp / Ke:

  • Ve is the required volume of essence, ml;
  • Vр - the required volume of solution, ml;
  • Cr - the desired concentration of the solution,%;
  • Ke is the concentration of essence,%.

Vb = Vp-Ve:

  • Vb - the required amount of water.

For example, we have 70% acetic essence, and we need to get 500 ml of 9% vinegar solution:

Ve = 9 x 500/70 = 64.3 ml, Vv = 500 - 64.3 = 435.7 ml, that is, you need to take 64.3 ml of essence and mix with 435.7 ml of water. Everything is elementary!

Using a little deeper knowledge of mathematics, one can derive a formula to find out the volume of the solution of the necessary concentration from the initial volume of the essence: Vp = Ke x Ve / Cr. So, in the presence of 0.5 liters of 70% of the essence, we can get almost 4 liters of 9% vinegar, while it is easy to guess, we will spend 3.5 liters of water.

nevertheless, so that you are not confused in these calculations

And yet, so that you are not completely confused in these calculations, we suggest using a ready-made table for how to dilute acetic acid 70 to 9 vinegar.

The required concentration of vinegar,% The initial concentration of essence 70%

1: 1.5

(ratio -

1 part of essence on n parts of water)

ten 1: 6
9 1: 7
eight 1: 8
7 1: 9
6 1:11
five 1:13
four 1:17
3 1: 22,5

Precautionary measures

Improper or careless use of acetic acid can cause poisoning or burns of internal organs.

Improper or careless use of acetic acid can cause poisoning or burns of internal organs. And depending on the severity can even be fatal. To avoid such troubles, we recommend to observe the following precautions:

  • Acquire the vinegar essence in the official trading establishments. The label must contain information about the product and its concentration.
  • Pour diluted vinegar into a separate container and make a note on it about the content and its concentration.
  • To prevent acetic acid from entering the body, do not try to taste the product directly from the bottle.
  • Dilute vinegar in a well-ventilated area. Eliminate long-term inhalation of vinegar vapors.
  • In case of poisoning with acetic acid, immediately call an ambulance and take steps to wash the stomach, in any case do not use drugs that cause vomiting.
  • If the upper respiratory tract is irritated, rinsing with cold water and inhalation with a solution of edible soda will help.
  • If suddenly acid acetic got into the eyes, immediately wash them with cold water, then drip with a solution of novocaine.
  • In case of skin contact, wash this place thoroughly with running water and soap.
  • Keep vinegar out of the reach of children.

In order not to end on such a minor, it is nevertheless necessary to note that if the recommendations and precautions are observed, the food vinegar will only diversify and give a unique taste to your menu. It will also help to save for a long cold winter in each jar of pickles and marinades a piece of last summer. Yes, and still, do not save on your health, consume only a natural product, leave synthetics for machines.

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