How to cook rice rolls in a slow cooker

Rolls are a light and tasty dish that came to us from Japanese cuisine and was loved by almost everyone. However, delicious rolls can be found in a good restaurant for a lot of money. Therefore, many prepare this delicacy on their own at home. Today we will tell you how to cook rice for rolls in a slow cooker.

Cooking rice for rolls in a slow cooker: what are the features?


  • The beginning of this process is the right choice of cereals. In this case, the best option is Japanese rice, today it is in every major market. However, if it was not possible to buy just such a one, you should not get upset, take another, for example, a round one. Please note that the grits should be white and the grains are small. Then rice will absorb water perfectly and it will turn out pasty, and this is exactly what you need;
  • The rice for rolls in the multicooker will turn out to be excellent, if you correctly and in turn perform the following actions: wash the cereal, prepare, add the dressing.

Remember, rinse the cereal is necessary. At home, the rolls believe that it is necessary to do this as much as 7 times. If you do not have time for such a number of manipulations, then do it at least a couple of times. Thus, you will get rid of dust, peel and excess starch;

  • If we talk about the nuances in the preparation, then the rice is not sorted out. Immediately put the cereal in a plate and pour in water. The liquid will become turbid, be sure to drain it and fill it with a new, clean one. If desired, you can pre-soak the rice for half an hour;
  • We add washed rice to the slow cooker, pour the same liquid into it, which should be 1.5 times more than the cereal itself;
  • Now we select a special program in the multicooker: rice (cereal) and set the timer for 25 minutes.

There is one more peculiarity of cooking: you can put a cube of Kombu seaweed into the water, it will saturate the rice with the sea flavor. But do not forget that when boiling water, the cube should be removed;

  • After the beep of the equipment, which indicates that the rice is ready, you do not need to remove the cover. Leave the croup to stand closed for another 5 minutes.

Rice preparation rules

rice for rolls

We have already figured out how to cook rice for rolls in a slow cooker, but we still have to figure out how to prepare it for this dish. And here it is worth talking about the marinade, since ready-made rice should definitely be combined with a dressing.

The basis of the marinade is rice vinegar, but you can replace it with something else. In addition to vinegar, you must add sugar, salt and lemon juice. You can choose any proportion to your taste, 1: 2 or 1: 3. And judging by the components of the marinade, you understand that you do not need to add salt when cooking the cereal, the filling itself will do this later.

Vinegar must be slightly heated, then the sugar and salt instantly dissolve - another little secret.

The ratio between rice and marinade: 1 tbsp. cereals take 1/3 Art. refueling.

Finished cereal is best put in a plate of wood, which is pre-soaked with acidified liquid (water with the addition of lemon juice). Rice can only be taken with wooden devices: a spatula, a spoon. After all the grain has been transferred to the container, it can be mixed with the dressing. Do not crush the rice in order to avoid a lump.

Now let the rice cool, you can close it with a lid. And the last thing: when sculpting rolls, your palms should always remain wet.

Multivarka "Redmond"

rice in the slow cooker

To cook delicious rice for rolls in a Redmond multicooker, you need:

  • 200 g of cereals;
  • 325 ml of pure water.

The first important step is to wash the rice, then combine the hot water with the grits and put everything in the slow cooker. Select the program "Multipovar", set the timer for 5 minutes.

Immediately after the readiness of rice, we do not disclose, leave to stand for another 10 minutes. And then open and wait 15 minutes.

As you can see rice for rolls in a slow cooker is very easy to cook. But it is necessary to know the nuances of making cereals, as well as its preparation for creating pearls of Japanese cuisine - rolls. Observing all our advice, you will get beautiful rice and a very tasty dish. Enjoy your meal!

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