How to cook pork chops in a pan

Pork chops, perhaps, like Olivier with a vinaigrette, is one of the most popular dishes of the holiday menu. Meat is cooked relatively quickly. The recipe is simple and does not require huge costs for products. You need a good piece of pork (spatula, ham, brisket, pulp on the bone), a little flour, eggs for klyara, salt, pepper and vegetable oil for frying.

The result is an excellent meat dish, served separately or with a side dish.

Recipes for the most delicious pork chops

Traditionally chops are fried in a pan. From the same blanks, but with the addition of onion, pineapple and tomato rings, cheese and mayonnaise, you can bake the meat in the oven - French pork. And if you add potato slices, put everything in layers in a saucepan and bake in the same oven - then this is already a “diplomat”.

In general, from pork tenderloin with a set of certain ingredients you can cook a lot of goodies from simple chops to culinary delights. We learn how to cook pork chops in a pan?

Pork chop steak

The least expensive product to cook pork chops is to fry meat. From the name of the dish it becomes clear that before steaming meat steak should be repelled. To do this, use a special culinary hammer with teeth at the ends. Chop can be on the bone or without. To give the meat a special taste, it can be not only seasoned with spices, but also marinated for a while, for example, in a mustard-garlic sauce. You can pick up absolutely any marinade to your taste: plum, tomato-basil, for grilled meat, beer, etc.

So, how to cook the most simple pork chops in a pan?

Pork chops in the pan: a recipe

  1. Take a piece of meat, cut into steaks about 10 mm thick.
  2. We beat each piece with a hammer from two sides: first with large teeth, then with small ones. Do not be very zealous with the beating, the pork should remain juicy after frying.
  3. Meat blanks salt and pepper, season with the selected marinade.
  4. We put the pan on the fire, pour a little vegetable oil and wait until the fat is well heated. It is recommended to lay the meat on a hot frying pan, then, first of all, it will not stick. And secondly, a crust quickly forms, keeping meat juices inside the chop.
  5. Fry the meat on both sides.
  6. How much fry pork chops in the pan? First over high heat to form an appealing ruddy crust. Then we turn down the fire and continue to "torment" the meat, bringing to readiness. It is impossible to say exactly how long the frying of one portion will take. It all depends on the desired result - the degree of juicy pork. Nevertheless, pork roasts rather quickly - 5-7 minutes on each side.
  7. Serving such a piece of juicy fried pork is better with a salad of fresh vegetables, greens (for the balance of nutrients).

And if you have a grill pan, then at home you can cook amazingly tasty meat no worse than on the grill. Meat blanks salt and pepper, leave somewhere for an hour. Cooking marinade: 1 tsp. powdered nutmeg, ginger, rosemary, 2 tbsp. l honey and lemon juice, 50 ml of soy sauce. We process the pork marinade and fry in a hot grill pan on both sides until cooked. Note that in this case, additional fat is not required.

Pork chop steak


  1. Clean, dry pieces of pork slightly beat off with a hammer.Pork chops in batter in the pan
  2. Salt and pepper each portion.
  3. Break the testicles into a semi-deep plate, season to taste, beat a little with a fork (whisk). In 2 other dishes pour flour and crackers.Pork chops in batter in the pan: a recipe with photos
  4. Pour a couple of spoons of vegetable oil into the pan, heat it.
  5. Every piece of meat is crumbling: first in flour, then in eggs and finally in breadcrumbs. If you want a thicker crust of batter, you need to double roll in eggs and breadcrumbs.Pork chops in batter in the pan
  6. We spread the chops on a hot pan and cook. How to fry pork chops in batter in the pan? On high heat for 5 minutes, bring one side to half-ready - the formation of a golden crisp. We turn over the chop, reduce the fire and fry for another 7 minutes. In a similar way, fry all the preparations.Pork chops in batter

Many hostesses for chops in batter do not use breadcrumbs. But the technology of preparation remains unchanged, one of the stages of derailment is simply excluded.

Unusual version of the familiar dish

Culinary fantasies have no limits. Pork chop in batter can be cooked with filling. How do you like this recipe - stuffed with cheese with greens?

Unusual Pork Chops

  1. Prepare the meat, as in the previous recipe.
  2. Rub on a coarse grater or finely chop the cheese, mix with chopped greens.
  3. In a piece of pork we make an incision (side) and fill it with a mixture. To prevent the filling from spreading during frying, we fasten the edges with toothpicks.
  4. Then the batter (or you can do without it), and frying.
  5. The process of roasting meat is traditional for chops.

As a filling, you can use mushrooms, vegetables, fruits. Pork goes well with pineapples. Very tasty chops are obtained after pickling in grated apples with garlic.

As a breading (batter) you can use not only an empty egg and dry bread crumb, but also mixtures. For example, egg-cheese, or nut-cheese, with finely chopped greens, and so on.

And here is another royal chop recipe. Here in one portion 2 pieces of pork and a layer of smoked ham are used. Prepare pork as usual. Then put a smoked slice between two pieces of meat. We make a double batter and fry until done.

Having a good piece of pork, a set of simple ingredients and a bit of free time, you can make delicious pork chops every day. And if you are not eager to experiment - the cards in hand. Note that the dish has an indisputable plus - almost all the children take great pleasure in such a dish.

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