How to cook pasties at home

Have you ever tried chebureks? Crispy crispy crust, tender dough, fragrant, unusually juicy stuffing ... This delicious dish of oriental cuisine can be cooked at home.

How to cook homemade pasties?

The most delicious and, perhaps, the best quality pasties - those that are cooked with you. But, most often, we buy cooked in advance, and therefore can not be absolutely sure of their freshness.

How to cook pasties at home?

Chebureks, cooked at home, is another matter! You yourself buy the products you need to cook them, fry them yourself in fresh oil, follow the rules of hygiene in the kitchen, etc. Chebureks are good for dinner. The dish is fatty and rather caloric, so it is not recommended to have breakfast and dinner with them. If someone from home suffers from gastric diseases, it is better for them to refrain from this dish.

In order to cook the chebureks at home, you need, firstly, to stock up on free time, and secondly, fresh food.

The dish has two components - dough and minced meat. For the stuffing you will need: fatty pork and beef, a few medium onions, greens, spices, salt and water. For the preparation of dough need flour, sugar, salt, vegetable oil (or any cooking oil) and warm water.

As in the case of dumplings and dumplings, the blanks can be rolled on the chebureks in different ways. Some tear off pieces of dough and roll them into a thin cake. Others prepare a large layer of dough and cut out the blanks from it with the help of a plate. In the second variant, dough trims incorporate all the excess flour and turn out to be more rigid, but the chebureks have the same shape and size.

By the way Ideally, the fried cheburek should be the size of the palm of the person preparing the dish.

Dough rolled out in a circle. Now the filling is laid out on 1 half of the circle in an even layer.

The billet is bent and covered with the second half of the prepared dough. Next, you should pinch the edges. In order for you to get a serrated or corrugated border, arm yourself with a simple fork and the back of her teeth gently and firmly squeeze the edges of the cheburek around the perimeter.

Blind 3-4 pieces you can start frying. This should be done on both sides until a brown crust is formed.

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How to make dough for chebureks: recipe

How to make dough for chebureks: recipe


  1. flour - 600 g (about 4 glasses);
  2. warm water - 300 g (a little more than a glass);
  3. sugar - 1 tsp.
  4. salt - 1 tsp. (no slide);
  5. vegetable oil - 4 tbsp. or 80 g of any cooking oil.


  • Wheat flour is very different. It is not so much in additives, as in the varieties of wheat and the quality of grinding. Make sure you have more flour than the amount indicated in the recipe before you start cooking pasties. You may need a little more to make the dough the right consistency. You will need flour to sprinkle the table for rolling pellets.
  • To prepare the dough, dissolve salt and sugar in warm water. Sugar must be added, the cheburek will not become sweet from it, but reddens much better. If you have mineral water, you can safely use it to make a dough, it will be more gentle. Portions gradually pour into the water with sugar and salt flour. Knead so that there are no lumps. When the mass begins to resemble thick sour cream (the spoon is not worth it yet, but it is falling slowly) add vegetable oil. There is a little trick: so that later on chebureks appetizing bubbles form, you need to add very hot, almost boiling vegetable oil to the dough (you can use any other cooking oil).
  • You can add warm fat, but then you need to pour 1 teaspoon of vodka into the dough. It also forms bubbles on the surface of pasties and gives them a crisp crust.
  • After adding the butter, continue kneading the dough, adding flour until it is tender, elastic, and it is well sticking to your hands.
  • Leave the dough under an upturned bowl for some time to rest, and in the meantime, get yourself minced.
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How to cook pasties at home: do the stuffing

How to cook pasties at home: do the stuffing


  1. fat pork - 300 g
  2. beef - 300 g
  3. bulbs - 3 pcs.
  4. greenery
  5. water
  6. salt
  7. spices to taste.


  • Traditionally, minced meat for chebureks was made not of beef with pork, but of lamb. But spices and finely chopped onions are always added to it.
  • Pass meat through a meat grinder with a large grid. Finely chop the onion or skip it through the meat grinder too (there are many recipes for cooking, there is such an option). Smaller chop the greens: parsley, dill, cilantro. Add salt and spices to taste: pepper, a little coriander, you can use a little bit of paprika, ginger and, if desired, a clove of garlic.
  • After thoroughly knead the stuffing, dilute it with water so that it becomes semi-liquid in consistency. This should be done so that during frying, the meat is cooked not only in its own juice, but also in broth, then the pasties will be more juicy and the meat will not roast when cooked.
  • You can dilute the cooked minced meat with anything: water, kefir, milk or broth.Most housewives add water. It is not necessary to dilute the stuffing much, you can not do it at all, if you put a piece of butter in each cheburek before frying.
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Chebureks is a universal dish that will help you out more than once. They are convenient to take with you to work, on a picnic or hiking. It is not difficult to learn how to cook pasties, but in order to make them really tasty and tender, you will have to try!

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