How to cook pasta in a multicooker redmond

Pasta - a favorite dish of adults and children. They are in demand and are included in the menu of each family. Pasta produces delicious side dishes that can be served as a separate dish with a variety of sauces. Also of them prepare casseroles and desserts. Today we will tell how to cook pasta in a multicooker so that they are unsurpassed in taste and look aesthetically pleasing.

How to cook pasta in a slow cooker: a hostess on a note

How to cook pasta in a slow cooker

So, today we spoil ourselves and loved ones with macaroni. Some hostesses ask: "Is it possible to cook pasta in a slow cooker, and what are the advantages of this method of cooking?" Pasta, boiled in a modern miracle machine, get tasty, healthy and beautiful. In addition, you do not have to stand at the stove.

Before starting the preparation, we take note of the general recommendations:

  • in the bowl of the multicooker we place the pasta and bays with water so that they are completely covered with liquid;
  • so that the dish does not turn into a piece of sticky dough, you need to add 0.5 tbsp. l butter;
  • for cooking pasta suitable modes "Pilaf", "Cooking for a couple", "Pasta";
  • the dish is cooked for 7-12 minutes, that is, for such a time we set a timer.

How to cook pasta in a slow cooker?

Let's get acquainted with the recipes for cooking pasta in multicookers of leading world brands: Redmond, Polaris and Panasonic.

Cook "seashells" in the Redmond multicooker

You always want to surprise your family with a cooked culinary masterpiece, so we will add a "zest" to our recipe. We will spend a little time, but we will please our loved ones with a fancy delicacy. Let's cook stuffed pasta in a Redmond multicooker.

How to cook pasta in a slow cooker?


  • pasta (large "shells") - 400 g;
  • minced chicken breast - 500 g;
  • onion - 1 pc .;
  • hard cheese - 200 g;
  • salt - to taste;
  • dill greens;
  • olive oil - 3 tbsp. l


  1. Prepare the pasta filling. Peel, shred the onion, finely chop and mix with minced chicken breast.
  2. Salt to taste and add spices.
  3. Put the minced meat with onions on a preheated pan with high sides. Over low heat, stirring constantly, fry the prepared mixture in olive oil. It is possible to determine that our filling is ready by the color: the chicken mince will become whitish, and the onion - golden.Minced meat in a pan
  4. Pasta is desirable to take in the form of "large shells". This kind of pasta will be convenient for stuffing and looks spectacular in the finished version.
  5. Each raw macaroni stuffed with cooked stuffing and lay out in the bowl multicooker Redmond.

    Sea shells
  6. Fill the bowl with clean water so that it covers our pasta 1-2 cm.
  7. Salt and, if desired, add bay leaf.
  8. For this dish exhibited program "Pilaf". Cook the pasta in the Redmond multicooker 50-60 minutes.
  9. While the cooking process is underway, we rub hard durum cheese on an average grater.
  10. Sprinkle ready hot dish with grated cheese.

We hope that such a culinary creation will become a favorite on your table.


  1. Put our pasta in the bowl of the slow cooker.
  2. Cut the butter into pieces and put it on the pasta. We use this trick to ensure that the pasta does not stick together and turn out not only tasty, but also beautiful.
  3. Fill the pasta with water so that they are completely covered with it.
  4. On the multicooker, activate the "Pasta" mode. This program contributes to the slow evaporation of water.
  5. The time of cooking pasta in a multicooker Polaris - 9 minutes. We advise all the same to read the instructions: it indicates that you can change the time depending on the type of pasta.
  6. There are models of Polaris multi-cookers, where there is no “Pasta” mode, then choose the program “Pilaf” or “Multipovar”. The cooking process is 7-12 minutes at 100 degrees.
  7. While the pasta is cooked in a slow cooker, we will prepare the vegetables for a couple. Multicooker Polaris allows you to set the grid for cooking on a couple. Put peppers, tomatoes on it and cover with a lid.
  8. The finished dish can be sprinkled with grated cheese, season with sauce.

Bird nests in Panasonic multicooker

If you want to cook something unusual, healthy, satisfying and tasty, pasta in the form of bird nests - this is what you need.

Pasta in the form of bird nests

It is not so easy to cook such pasta on the stove in a usual dish. After all, we want our nests not to disintegrate, becoming a regular vermicelli, do not stick together, boil. Assistant in solving the task will be the Panasonic multicooker.


  • pasta - 8 nests;
  • minced chicken - 300 g;
  • hard cheese - 150 g;
  • water - 1 l;
  • ketchup - 3-4 tbsp. l .;
  • onions - 2 pcs .;
  • salt, spices - to taste.


  1. We spread nests in the bowl of the multicooker so that there is a small distance between them.
  2. Let's cook the filling. Peeled and washed onion finely chopped, mix with the finished chicken meat. Salt, add spices.
  3. Each nest is stuffed with a mixture of onion and minced meat.
  4. Anoint with a thin layer of ketchup.
  5. Pour water into the bowl so that the nest is half full.
  6. Water a little salted.
  7. On the multicooker Panasonic set the mode "Pilaf". This program is great for cooking pasta, because first there is a process of steaming, and then toasting.
  8. Everything, we can go about our business, and smart technology will cope with the task itself.
  9. The signal sounded - our dish is ready. Carefully get a stuffed nest with a slotted spoon, put it on a plate, sprinkle with grated cheese.

The recipe for cooking pasta in a multicooker Panasonic

Treat yourself and loved ones with an exquisite culinary creation. The dish turns out nourishing, juicy, extremely attractive. Minimum effort, product availability and excellent results.

We hope that our recommendations, tips and recipes for cooking pasta in a slow cooker will be appreciated and will be useful to everyone. Cook pasta dishes! The main thing is that they turn out to be delicious, “delight the eye and the stomach,” and in no way case “grieve” the figure. Bon Appetit everyone!

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