How to cook mustard at home

Mustard is an excellent seasoning for many dishes, but, unfortunately, often buying it in stores, we find that it has far from ideal taste. Mustard turns out to be too spicy, not spicy enough. How to find a middle ground? Very simple - cook the mustard yourself at home.

The history of the appearance of mustard

The first mention of mustard occurs five thousand years ago in India, and the first popular recipe from mustard seeds appeared in 42 AD. e. But oddly enough, in such large countries as Ancient Rome or Ancient Greece mustard did not deserve universal love. Spicy mustard sauce was widely spread in the 4th century in France, where it was mainly produced in local monasteries. In the era of the early Middle Ages, Dijon began to prepare a special mustard seasoning, according to which literally everyone went crazy. Every wealthy man of that era had suppliers of this spicy sauce. But over time, Dijon mustard began to be crowded out with eastern seasonings and for some time it was safely forgotten.

The second birth of this sauce took place by decree of Louis, who granted Dijon the exclusive right to produce mustard sauce, but this time the story did not continue. However, for the third time, the story still got a happy ending - in 1747, one culinary master prepared a spicy sauce with the addition of capers, anchovies and vergusas. This recipe was almost identical to the previous mustard sauce recipe. In the 19th century, a local Dijonian came to Paris, where he began to distribute various varieties of mustard sauce. After that, the recipes began to change, but the original Dijon sauces still remain the basis for them.

The appearance of mustard in Russia

In Russia, this spice appeared even before the mustard recipes were described in books. At first, mustard was not popular in Russia as food: fatty vegetable oil was squeezed out of its seeds and medicinal compresses were prepared. And only then came the famous burning Russian mustard. The very first center for the production of mustard was the village of Sarepta in Volgograd.

Mustard Recipes

A simple recipe for making mustard from mustard powder

  • Composition: mustard powder - 100 g, water - 750 ml, vegetable oil, vinegar and salt to taste.
  • Cooking method: Pour the mustard powder into a small bowl and pour 250 ml of boiling water, stirring the mass continuously. Pound the powder with water very carefully so that no lumps form. Then pour the mass with the remaining water and set aside the sauce for a day to infuse. After time, drain excess liquid, add vegetable oil, vinegar and salt.

If such a recipe for mustard sauce seems too simple for you, then try to add variety to it. Add some of your favorite seasonings to the mustard, you can add raisins or nuts. After cooking, store the mustard in a thick dish so that it does not run out of steam and does not lose its taste. To preserve the properties of mustard, you can use a piece of lemon, which should be put on top of mustard.

Mustard with ginger

  • Composition: black mustard seed flour - 500 g, wheat flour - 100 g, ground allspice - 12 g, ground cloves - 2 g, ground ginger - 5 g, sugar - 100 g, table salt - 100 g
  • Cooking method: Fill all products with vinegar until the desired consistency is obtained. And pour vinegar gradually. If you need a small amount of mustard, then you can simply reduce the dose of the components in a proportional ratio.

Mustard with cucumber pickle at home

  • Composition: mustard powder - 50 g, cucumber pickle - 100 ml, salt - 0.5 tsp, sugar - 0.5 tsp, vegetable oil - 1 tsp, table vinegar or lemon juice - 1 tsp. l
  • Cooking method: Pour the mustard powder into a container, add salt, sugar and vegetable oil. Then pour in the cucumber pickle, which should be a little warm. Mix all components thoroughly and transfer the mustard to a tight-fitting container. Then send the mustard, leave to infuse for a day. Then add apple vinegar, mix everything again and all the mustard at home is ready! Keep it in the refrigerator.

Mustard with apple sauce

  • Composition:mustard powder - 3 tbsp. L., applesauce - 4 tbsp. l., granulated sugar - 1/2 Art. l., salt - 1 tsp., vinegar 3%, anise, cloves, star anise, basil.
  • Cooking method:This homemade mustard recipe is made with a very original herbal flavor.. Bake wild apples or Antonovka in the oven, then cool and remove the skin from them. Make apple puree out of apple pulp. Then mix mash with mustard powder and add sugar. All mix until a homogeneous mass. In the mustard, add a little vinegar and leave in a tightly sealed container to infuse for several days.

Mustard sour according to an old recipe

  • Composition: mustard - 3 tbsp. L., boiled and rubbed on a sieve sorrel - 4 tbsp. L., Tarragon vinegar, fine sugar - 2 tbsp. l., pounded capers - 1 tbsp. l., salt - 2 tsp.
  • Cooking method: Mix mustard with grated sorrel, then mix the pulp with tarragon vinegar, which is desirable to take stronger. Now knead a homogeneous thick mass and send it to a cool cool place. This mustard is good for everyone, but you can only keep it for two months.

Homemade mustard in french

  • Composition: gray or yellow mustard - 600 grams, sugar - 200 grams, ground and sifted crackers - 4 tbsp. l., salt - 1 dessert. L., crushed pepper - 1/2 tsp., a small jar of olives and a small jar of capers, Dutch herrings - 2 pcs., pickle from the same herring - 4 tbsp. L., vinegar - 250 ml.
  • Cooking method: mix all ingredients with mustard, add chopped herring, olives and capers, pour in vinegar and mix thoroughly. Mustard will have a more excellent taste, if you endure it for several days.

Give your favorite dishes new flavors by adding homemade mustard. Enjoy your meal!

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