How to cook khachapuri with cheese

Georgian cuisine is deservedly popular not only in the former Soviet Union, but throughout the world. Special love rightfully belongs to the most delicious dish of the peoples of Georgia - khachapuri. It is believed that khachapuri is not just a cake stuffed with cheese, but bread, endowed with special energy and strength. Today we would like to tell you how to make khachapuri with cheese, and suggest several different recipes.

How to cook khachapuri with cheese: cooking tips

How to cook khachapuri with cheese?

There is no right way to make khachapuri for the simple reason that there are many variations of recipes. However, there are some basic aspects, and they need to be mentioned.

There are two fundamental ways of making khachapuri:

  • on the stove;
  • in the oven.

It is recommended to fry on the stove for those who prepare khachapuri, using fermented milk products (traditionally matsoni - Caucasian sour milk, resembling kefir) as a baking powder for dough. If the dough for khachapuri is yeast or flaky, then cooks are advised to bake the dish in the oven.

It is also worth mentioning that there is some disagreement as to which cheeses should be used for the filling. There are traditional cheeses of Georgia: Suluguni and Imeretinsky. You can also use feta cheese and mozzarella. It is generally accepted that for the sharpness of taste and to avoid sticking of the dough, it is best to use a mixture of two or three types of cheese.

A few words should be said about the addition of various greens: dill, parsley, cilantro. Some say that it is strictly prohibited and violates the taste of the dish, others consider the greens to be a normal and fragrant addition to khachapuri. Whether or not to add greens in khachapuri, each hostess needs to be chosen independently.

We offer you several different recipes for khachapuri, by preparing for which you can draw your own conclusions regarding each council of culinary experts.

Cheese khachapuri on kefir: recipe with photos

Khachapuri with cheese on kefir

Ingredients for the test:

  • 600-800 g of flour;
  • 1 chicken egg;
  • 1 tsp. iodized salt;
  • 500 ml of kefir;
  • 1 tsp. baking soda;
  • 1 tsp. Sahara;
  • 2 tbsp. l vegetable oil.

The composition for the filling:

  • 1 egg;
  • 30 g butter;
  • 600 g of cheese of the Empire (as an alternative, you can take feta cheese and mozzarella together).


  1. We start cooking khachapuri with kneading dough. To do this, at room temperature kefir, it is necessary to dissolve salt and sugar.Khachapuri with cheese: kefir
  2. Then you need to drive a chicken egg, add vegetable oil, sifted flour and knead the dough well.Khachapuri with Cheese: Dough Preparation
  3. Ready dough is best covered with cling film and put in the fridge for 30 minutes.Khachapuri with cheese: kneading dough
  4. In the meantime, you can begin to prepare the filling. To do this, you need to grate the cheese on a coarse grater.Khachapuri with cheese: cheese
  5. Now it is necessary to drive a raw egg into the cheese mixture, add a piece of butter and mix.

    Khachapuri with cheese: cheese with egg and butter
  6. After 30 minutes, the dough should be removed from the refrigerator and kneaded again on a table covered with flour.Khachapuri with cheese: dough
  7. To form a khachapuri from the main volume of dough, you need to separate a small piece, give it a circle shape with a protrusion along the edge and evenly distribute the filling in the center of the cake.Khachapuri with cheese: stuffing
  8. Now take the edges of the cakes and fold as shown in the photo.Cheese khachapuri: how to make a cake?
  9. In order for the khachapuri to turn out to be flat, it is necessary to turn the cake over with glazed edges down and gently, slightly pressing down, to give it the desired shape and thickness.Khachapuri with cheese: the formation of cakes
  10. Put the cake on a dry frying pan and fry on both sides until golden brown.
  11. Before serving, the freshly prepared khachapuri should be smeared with a small amount of butter and cut into slices.

Adjar Khachapuri

How to cook Adjara khachapuri?


  • 1 kg of yeast dough;
  • 20 g butter;
  • 100 g Suluguni;
  • 3 eggs;
  • 100 g of Imeretinsky cheese.


  1. To prepare the filling on a coarse grater, you need to grate two types of cheese and add a raw egg with a piece of butter to it.
  2. All ingredients should be kneaded well with a spoon until smooth.
  3. In a separate bowl you need to whisk the yolk with salt with a fork.
  4. Next, you need to create a form for khachapuri from the finished dough. To do this, cut a small piece of the total weight of the dough and form an oblong boat with a wide middle and narrowed edges.
  5. It is necessary to place the filling in the center and roll up the edges of the boat, leaving the central part open.
  6. A baking sheet needs to be slightly strewed with flour so that the cake does not stick during baking and put khachapuri on it. We bake in the oven for 15 minutes.
  7. After the time has passed, the baking tray should be taken out, smeared the open surface of the khachapuri with yolk and smashed the whole fresh egg into its center.
  8. To grab the egg a little, you need to continue baking for another 3 minutes.
  9. The finished khachapuri should be flavored with a piece of butter and served hot.

Puff khachapuri with cheese filling

How to cook puff khachapuri with cheese?


  • 1 kg unsweetened puff pastry;
  • 250 grams of cheese (cheese);
  • 250 g of rough cottage cheese;
  • 1 egg;
  • a handful of fresh parsley;
  • ½ tbsp. wheat flour.


  1. To make the filling, grate the cheese. If the cheese crumbles, you can just knead it with a fork.
  2. Next you need to add cottage cheese, egg yolk (we also need protein, but after) and mix well to a crumbly structure.
  3. Thoroughly washed parsley leaves are finely chopped, added to the main filling and mixed again.
  4. Now divide the stuffing into about 10 equal parts and sprinkle the surface of the table with flour.
  5. Puff pastry should be cut into rectangles and placed in the center of each portion of the filling.
  6. Now you need to fold the sheet in half and carefully seal the edges.
  7. In order to flat cake turned out to be more flat and rounded, you can walk a little above with a rolling pin.
  8. Then each khachapuri in several places must be pierced with a fork and processed with egg white.
  9. To prevent the cakes from sticking in the baking process, the sheet is required to be lightly dusted with flour.
  10. You need to cook khachapuri in the oven at an average heating temperature of about 25-30 minutes.
  11. Before serving, puff pastry khachapuri should cool down a little.

All recipes for Khachapuri are unique and easy to perform. Having tried each of them, you can find the perfect harmony of components for yourself. But most often it happens that all the varieties of this dish leave no one indifferent, because the main ingredient in cooking is love.

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