How to cook frozen squids and how much time to cook them

Squid meat is very tasty and healthy. It is in the meat of sea octopus contains a huge amount of vitamins, phosphorus and other trace elements. Squid meat can be cooked a variety of dishes for every taste. You can buy whole carcasses or meat cut into rings at any grocery store. As a rule, squid meat is subjected to dry freezing. How to cook frozen squid correctly, you will learn in this article.

How to cook frozen squids: basic rules

How to cook frozen squids

As already mentioned, frozen squid in stores have two types: carcasses and rings. You can choose any suitable option. The carcass can be stuffed or cut into portions. Salads and excellent side dishes are made from the rings.

Cooking squid rings

Many hostesses are wondering how to cook frozen squid rings so that they retain their useful properties. Make it very easy.


  1. Place squid rings in boiling water (bubbling) or red-hot sunflower oil.
  2. Hold them in liquid for no more than 2 minutes. After that, squid rings are ready to eat.

Frozen Squid Rings

How to cook seafood so that they are soft?

If you have chosen whole carcasses of squid, then in the process of their preparation you need to follow certain rules.


  1. To squids were soft, before cooking, they must be thoroughly washed with filtered or mineral water.How to cook frozen squids
  2. Squid meat is not necessary to cook. To bring them to readiness heat the water to a boil.
  3. Squids must be cleaned from the surface of the skin. Raw frozen squids are cleaned very badly, so you can pour boiling water over them.How to cook frozen squids
  4. Place frozen squids in a separate bowl and pour boiling water so that the water completely covers the carcass.
  5. After the water has cooled, gently drain it and refill the squid with boiling water. You need to repeat this algorithm three times. After that, squid meat can be eaten.

Common mistakes when cooking squid


Unfortunately, in various sources provided absolutely contradictory information about the cooking time of squid. Therefore, the most common mistake is that many people brew them for too long. If you overdo the squid meat in boiling water, it will look like rubber and lose its taste. To avoid this, carefully note the time. The time must be counted from the moment the squids are lowered into boiling water.

Salt water to taste, as squid very quickly saturated with salt water and increase in volume. If you overdosed squid meat, then try to eliminate it by adding to them hot or sour sauce. Salted squids are best served with sour cream sauce.

Also squid can be stewed. To make the meat tender and tasty, they should be stewed for at least 2 hours. Just remember that during this time the carcasses of squid will significantly lose in volume and weight.

As you can see, cooking squid meat is quite simple. To date, hostesses invent and implement new recipes for various dishes. Stuffed squids and their meat cooked with sour cream sauce are very popular. This seafood is very useful, and it can truly be considered a storehouse of vitamins, trace elements and minerals. In order to make the dish tender, juicy, soft and taste to all households and guests, be sure to follow the rules of cooking squid, especially time.

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