How to cook flounder tasty in a pan

Recently, housewives are increasingly began to give preference to marine fish. And it is worth noting that not in vain, because it is rich in various trace elements, phosphorus, calcium and vitamins. The most popular pollock and hake. But today I would like to tell you how to cook tasty flounder in a frying pan, since, with proper cutting and roasting, it surpasses many of its fellows in taste.

How to fry flounder: tips chefs

How to fry flounder?

The principle of roasting flounder is no different from cooking any other type of fish. Therefore, today we just want to remind you of the basic rules:

  • until you have decided how to cook the fish, keep it in the refrigerator;
  • before cooking, the fish fillets are washed in cold water and dried with a paper towel;
  • for frying fish, it is better to give your preference to a cast-iron pan or a roasting pan;
  • Before you put the fish in the pan, you need to make sure that the sunflower oil is warm enough;
  • flounder is recommended to fry only in batter, as this fish itself is rather dry;
  • pieces of fish in the pan should not touch each other;
  • the readiness of the fish can be checked by inserting a fork into it - the meat should be opaque, wet, but not wet;
  • if you fry a lot of fish, put the prepared pieces in an oven heated to 100 degrees. This trick will allow all the pieces to stay warm.

Like any other fish, flounder goes well with lemon juice and mustard. You can sprinkle lemon fillets before cooking, or make a sauce for the finished dish. And if sprinkling ground coriander before frying the flounder, unsurpassed taste is guaranteed.

How to clean flounder before frying?

If you are lucky enough to get a whole and fresh fish carcass, then you will probably be interested in the question: how to clean it properly in order to cook fried flounder? For a beginner, this process may seem rather complicated. However, in fact, everything is quite simple. To properly and quickly clean the flounder, you will need a sharp long knife and cutting board.

So, clean the flounder as follows:

  1. The upper part of the flounder is covered with dark-colored scales, the lower part is white and soft. Place the flounder on the cutting board with the white part upwards. Carefully cut with a knife, as shown in the photo.How to clean flounder before frying?
  2. Now disassemble the fish into halves will be quite simple.How to clean flounder before frying: the division into halves
  3. To make the fillet completely clean of any skin, cut it along the husk with a knife.How to clean flounder: preparing fillets
  4. Flounder fillet ready for cooking. It remains only to rinse it in cold water and dry with a paper towel.How to clean flounder: dry fillet

If you decide to fry the flounder along with the peel, then the fish should be cleaned of small husks and trim the head with fins. But this should be done very carefully, since the fin of this fish has a very sharp jagged edge. In this case, it is best to use special kitchen scissors.

After the fish is cleaned and prepared for cooking, we offer you several recipes for frying the flounder in a pan.

Flounder in batter: recipe with photos

Flounder in batter: recipe with photos


  • 1 kg fillet of flounder;
  • 1 tbsp. flour;
  • 1 chicken egg;
  • 1 tbsp. water;
  • 2 tbsp. l vegetable oil;
  • spice.


  1. Prepare all the necessary ingredients. Wash and dry the fish.
  2. Take each piece of fish fillet and make sure that there are no extra bones and fins left.How to fry flounder in batter?
  3. Now separate the fish pulp exactly in the middle.How to fry flounder in batter: cutting fish
  4. Cut each half in length. If, in your opinion, the middle is too hard, then it can also be removed.How to fry flounder in batter: cutting into pieces
  5. Photo 7
  6. Do the same with the rest of the fish fillets. A wonderful fish soup can later come out of the trimmings.How to fry flounder in batter: preparing fillets
  7. Pour a little vegetable oil into the pan and put it to warm over medium heat.
  8. Now is the time to do cooking klyara. To do this, beat the eggs with water and spices.How to fry the flounder in batter: cooking batter
  9. Add flour in small portions and stir all lumps.How to fry flounder in batter: adding flour
  10. Dip the fish wedge in a batter and put it on a hot frying pan.Fried Flounder in Batter
  11. Place the fish fried on each side onto a separate plate, pre-covering it with a paper towel.How to fry flounder in batter: drying the finished fish
  12. An excellent addition to the dish will be tomato or creamy garlic sauce. Enjoy your meal!

Flounder in egg with green garlic sauce

Flounder in egg with green garlic sauce


  • 1.5 kg fillet of flounder;
  • 2 large eggs;
  • ½ tbsp. milk;
  • ½ tbsp. flour;
  • 4 tbsp. l butter;
  • 1/3 Art. finely chopped garlic (both cloves and green stalks);
  • 1 lemon;
  • 3 tbsp. l chopped parsley;
  • cooking oil for frying.


  1. Season fish fillets with salt and pepper from all sides.
  2. Egg, milk and a pinch of salt should be whipped in a shallow bowl with a fork.
  3. Put the flour on a separate plate.
  4. Dip each piece of fish fillet in flour on both sides and immerse it in the egg mixture.
  5. Pour about 1 cm of sunflower oil into the roaster and heat it to the desired temperature.
  6. When the oil is warm enough and becomes bubbling, remove the fish from the eggs and let the dough drain a little.
  7. Put each piece in a roasting pan so that they do not touch each other.
  8. Fry to a nice golden color on each side (about 2 minutes).
  9. To remove excess fat, dip the ready-made pieces of flounder with a paper towel.
  10. Prepare the sauce. To do this, melt butter in a separate pan, add garlic and a little salt with pepper.
  11. Fry the garlic mixture for about 2 minutes and add lemon juice.
  12. Pour the garlic sauce over the prepared fish slices, sprinkle with finely chopped parsley and garnish with lemon slices. Enjoy your meal!

You can cook flounder very tasty, and most importantly, quickly. Due to the fact that it is flat, it only takes 5 minutes to roast it. So if you set out to cook fish for lunch or dinner, and almost no free time, be sure to try one of our fried flounder recipes.

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