How to cook dried mushrooms in time

Many cooks try to keep dried mushrooms always at hand. Like fresh, they give a terrific taste to any dish - from soups to sauces. This list is endless. However, before adding mushrooms to the dish, you need to boil them. Do you know how much to cook dried mushrooms?

Soaking process

dried mushrooms

Dried mushrooms are widely used by chefs around the world. Due to the rich aroma and pleasant texture that they add to the dish, the popularity of this product does not fade. Dried mushrooms are added to sauces, they are made into soup, porridge, and even include as a filling in the patties.

But before starting to prepare the main dish, dried mushrooms rely for a while to soak in water, so that they regain their former shape. Mushrooms are soaked in different ways:

  • for obtaining more saturated taste - in cold water;
  • use milk to soften the scent;
  • as an express method, take hot water.

The amount of water for soaking will depend on how many mushrooms you use:

  • at ¾ Art. water takes 15 grams of dried mushrooms;
  • at 1 ½ tbsp. liquids - 30 g, etc.

Mushrooms must be completely covered with liquid. In addition, to impart a special flavor and taste, dried mushrooms are sometimes soaked in brandy or wine.

Soaking time will also depend on the type of mushroom and its size. For clarity, we give a comparative table.

Mushroom variety

Warm water

Cold water


Solid - 30 minutes

Pieces - 10 minutes

50-70 minutes


15-20 minutes

50 minutes


30 minutes

60 minutes

White Boletus Mushroom

30 minutes

60 minutes

Morel Mushroom

15-20 minutes

50 minutes


15 minutes

40 minutes

In addition to time, when soaking mushrooms should focus on their appearance. If the mushroom is well swollen and has practically taken the same shape, and is soft enough to touch, then water can be drained. Homemade dried mushrooms, treated at high temperatures in the oven or oven, will be soaked for much longer than the store.

How to cook dried mushrooms after soaking?

dried mushrooms

It should be noted that not all dried mushrooms are suitable for cooking. Some types give a peculiar bitter taste and are more suitable for sauces. In general, how much time to cook dried mushrooms will depend on the variety and on whether they were soaked before. If the soaking process was omitted for any reason, then it will take a very long time to cook the dried mushrooms, sometimes this procedure can take from 6 to 8 hours.

Mushrooms presoaked in water or milk, on average, boil for 30-40 minutes. But most often experienced housewives determine the readiness of the fungus without time. If you take the pan by both handles and raise, then the finished mushrooms will settle on the bottom, and the raw ones will float upwards.

Boil the white mushrooms correctly.

White mushrooms are considered royal, not only because of their impressive appearance, but also for their pleasant taste and aroma. From this variety they cook magnificent juliens, stews, rich soups and cold appetizers. White mushroom in its richness and calorie content is not inferior to the broth on the meat bone. How much to cook dried white mushrooms?

Cooking white fungus is very simple and much faster than other species. 20-30 minutes will be enough for the soup, and for the subsequent frying, the white mushroom is boiled for only 15 minutes. Only dried champignons prepare faster. Cut into slices, they cook only 5 minutes.

Features cooking mushroom soup

How to cook dried mushrooms

A variety of dried mushrooms on sale gives complete freedom of choice for the buyer. But each species has features that must be considered for the harmony of taste. If you are making a creamy sauce or preparing a meat dish, it is best to buy dried morels. They have a pleasant earthy taste and fleshy structure.

For Chinese cuisine, get Shiitake - black mushrooms. They are endowed with a tough stem, which is best removed after soaking. For risotto and other Italian dishes chanterelles are used. But for cooking soup, white mushrooms and champignons are perfect. How to cook dried mushrooms for soup?

Boil dried mushrooms for the soup in time you need as much as for the usual broth, that is, about 20 minutes depending on their type. Since the mushrooms are boiled fast enough, it is best to prepare the roast in advance, chop and stew the vegetables. When cooking soup, it is worth considering the fact that dried mushrooms increase 6-8 times in volume. Therefore, if the recipe states that you need to take 300 g of fresh mushrooms, and you decide to use dry ones, then 50 g will be quite enough.

Another way to use dried mushrooms without soaking is to grind them into powder and add to the soup as a seasoning. In this case, you need to cook the first dish in the usual way, and put crushed mushroom mixture 5 minutes before the end of cooking.

Cooking Tips

dried mushrooms

Dried mushrooms can be a real lifesaver in the kitchen, especially when there is no opportunity to buy a fresh product. They will add to the dish an unsurpassed rich mushroom flavor, and any sauce will help bring to the desired thick consistency. But even dried mushrooms need to be able to choose and cook properly.

This is what expert cooks advise:

  • When choosing dried mushrooms, pay attention to their appearance. All pieces should be uniform and dark in color. Avoid dried mushrooms with small holes on the caps or leg, it is possible that worms lived in them before drying.
  • If you can smell dried mushrooms, then be sure to do it. Good mushrooms should have a rich and intense flavor.
  • If there is enough time, soak the mushrooms in cold water overnight. So they better preserve their taste.
  • After soaking, the broth can be used instead of liquid in the main dish or frozen for the future.
  • Be sure to rinse dried mushrooms after soaking, as they are often poorly washed and cleaned before drying.

Do you want to cook soup, cook flavored risotto or cream sauce from dried mushrooms? Now knowing how much time to cook and soak them, as well as some other tricks, it will be very easy to cook any dish.

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