How to cook crisp rice

Boiled rice is one of the most common and healthy dishes on the planet. The Japanese and the Chinese, for example, eat rice almost every day, so they look so good and fit.

Crisp rice can cook not every hostess, you must follow the rules. If you do not follow the rules, the rice turns out sticky, like porridge and not very appetizing.

How to cook crisp rice?

How to cook crisp rice: rules

So that when cooking rice does not stick together, observe the following rules:

  1. Pour two times more water than you plan to cook rice.
  2. The rice is laid only after the water boils.
  3. So that the rice does not stick together, before cooking it is washed several times under running water until the water becomes clear.
  4. Never add seasoning to water with rice. Rice must prepare on its own.
  5. When rice is cooked, cover the pan with a transparent lid so that you can control the cooking process.
  6. Rice cooked over low heat. Do not open the lid during cooking so as not to let off steam.
  7. On fire, the rice is cooked for 12 minutes, then another 12 minutes, the rice should stand without fire and walk on its own.
  8. After cooking, you can open the lid. Rice can be salt, pepper, add oil and fillers.

How to cook crumbly rice: varieties

There are many varieties of rice, and not all of them are intended for cooking crumbly rice.

Ground White Rice

Its grains have a smooth and even surface, they are translucent. The content of vitamins and trace elements white rice loses many varieties of rice, but it is the main type of rice consumed worldwide. Its cooking time is minimal, and white rice dishes have great taste.

How to cook crumbly polished rice?

Steamed Rice

Steaming improves the quality properties of rice. When steaming up to 80% of vitamins and minerals from the shell turns into a grain of rice, and the grains themselves become less brittle. Cooking time for such rice: 20-25 minutes.

Since grains of steamed rice are harder, they never stick together, and it remains the same crumbly even when reheated.

How to cook crisp rice?

Brown Unpolished Rice

This variety of rice is cleared only from the top shell. Brown rice grains contain brownish skin of bran. Rice was called brown on this skin. Gourmets around the world say in one voice that brown rice is the most delicious and fragrant.

How to cook crisp brown rice?

Cooking crumbly brown rice is very difficult. To boil it, you need two times more water than for cooking ordinary rice. Brown rice is cooked for a long time, so please be patient, because this variety of rice is cooked for about 40 minutes.

Basmati rice

This variety of rice has a soft texture and nutty flavor. Complicated national dishes are prepared from this rice. Basmati has a sticky texture, so it is almost impossible to cook crumbly.

How to cook crisp basmati rice?How to cook crisp rice?

Jasmine rice

Very delicate and tasty rice variety with a pleasant aroma. After cooking, the rice turns out to be airy and sticky, so it is also difficult to cook it crumbly.

How to cook crumbly rice Jasmine?

Rees Arborio

Gourmets from all over the world know that from this variety of rice is prepared the favorite dish of all Italians - risotto. This variety of rice is sticky and specially created for the preparation of thick rice porridge.

One grain of Arborio rice absorbs 5 times more water than it weighs. Arborio cannot be cooked completely crumbly - at least no chef can do this.

How to cook crumbly rice arborio?

Rice Valencia

This rice variety is used to make paella. Valencia also does not boil crumbly.

How to cook crisp rice Valencia?

Black rice

In Russia, it is quite difficult to find this variety of rice, and at a price it is 2 times the cost of ordinary rice. Black rice has a peculiar taste of grass. It is used for cooking oriental dishes. Black rice is hard to cook crumbly.

How to cook crumbly black rice?

Red rice

This type of rice has a pronounced nutty flavor. Red rice is boiled hot and used to make Asian dishes. Crumbly not brewed.

How to cook crumbly red rice?

The most famous rice dish in our country is plov, although it is not traditional for Russia. For the preparation of crumbly pilaf there are a large number of recipes.

Crumbly rice for pilaf is cooked in the same way as regular crumbly rice: rice is not brought to full readiness, removed from the fire after 12 minutes (the lid does not open). After removing pilaf from the heat, let it stand so that it absorbs all the spicy flavors. So you will surely amaze your guests.

Enjoy your meal!

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