How to cook condensed milk in a jar


Condensed milk is one of the most favorite products of all sweet teeth and children. It can be added as a filling in pastries, drink coffee with it, and just eat with a spoon.

But boiled condensed milk is an even more delicious product, and to taste it was the very one that we all know from childhood, you need to learn how to cook it yourself.

Before you begin the process cooking condensed milk in a can, you need to decide whether you will prepare the condensed milk itself or buy in the store.

If you decide to make condensed milk on your own, the article Condensed milk: home cooking recipe will help you. For cooking, you will need milk and sugar.

If you are worried about your figure, then a small amount of condensed milk will not hurt you. The carbohydrates and sugar that make up it are also essential for our body. In 100 g of condensed milk and boiled, and simple contains 8.5 g of fat, 7, 2 g of proteins and 56 g of carbohydrates. The energy value of 100 g of condensed milk is 320 kcal.

How to choose condensed milk in the bank?

If you decide to buy a ready-made condensed milk store, then be careful when choosing. Now there are a huge number of producers of condensed milk. It is better to opt for condensed milk in a tin. Then proceed to study the composition of the proposed condensed milk.

Real condensed milk consists of sugar and milk. The fat content is the same for all manufacturers and is 8.5%. Of the fat in condensed milk should be only milk. If vegetable fat is also written on the label, then this is no longer a real condensed milk, but no starch, which improves the appearance of condensed milk, should not be present in this condensed milk, as it spoils the taste of the product.

One of the indicators of compliance with the manufacturer of the quality of the product is the inscription GOST 2903-78. This suggests that condensed milk is produced according to the state standard. The indication for awarding various awards will also be very good, but their presence on the label is not necessary.

If the manufacture of the bank is indicated by the letters TU, then the product was manufactured in accordance with the technical conditions, which does not guarantee compliance with the Gosstandard. The manufacturer could absolutely change the formulation of condensed milk in the manufacture. Typically, in such condensed milk can be found various additives and vegetable fats, deteriorating the quality of the product. The choice is yours, but it is better if the condensed milk is natural, the taste of boiled condensed milk directly depends on it.

How to cook condensed milk in a tin?

After you have purchased condensed milk, put the jar in a saucepan and pour cold water in it so that it covers the jar completely. Then put the pot on a slow fire.

Condensed milk should be cooked over low heat for 2 hours. It will be darker and thicker if it is cooked long enough. At the same time it is very important to find the can in the water completely. Water should not boil out, if it still becomes less, it must be refilled. After 2 hours, turn off the fire, and leave the condensed milk to cool. As soon as it cools down, reaching the can, you can open it.

How to cook condensed milk in a glass jar?

If you bought condensed milk in a soft package, cooked it yourself or you are simply afraid that the can of condensed milk will explode, You can boil condensed milk in a glass jar. Such the easiest and safest way, You choose the amount of condensed milk yourself, not limited to the size of a standard jar. It will be easy for you to observe the condition of condensed milk.

To begin with, pour the condensed milk into a suitable glass jar. Then put it in a saucepan and pour water. Water should cover the can just above the level of condensed milk. Putting the pot on the fire, wait until the water boils, and reduce the heat to minimum. Boil condensed milk for 3.5 hours. Remember, the jar does not need to cover too large a lid, and you should not close it too tightly either.

Do not mix condensed milk during cooking, it may curl. Every 30 minutes, pour water into the pot, its level should be slightly higher than condensed milk. Put something metallic under the jar so that the jar does not come into contact with the bottom of the pan.

How to cook condensed milk in a jar: precommendations

  • When you put a jar of condensed milk to boil, be sure to regularly monitor the temperature. Severe overheating of the can can lead to swelling and explosion.
  • Properly cooked condensed milk will have a beige color and caramel flavor.
  • During cooking, condensed milk does not become more high-calorie., the amount of calories in it remains the same.
  • Boiled condensed milk can be used as a sweet or used for the preparation of various confectionery products. It will be a great filling for cookies and cream for cakes.

Now everything can be purchased at the store, but if not everyone has time to cook condensed milk at home, then every hostess can cook condensed milk in a jar. Having given this time, you will get a wonderful dessert and a filling for your pastry delights. Condensed milk cooked with your own hands will be much better than the finished one.

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Boiled condensed milk has a beautiful color and wonderful taste that will be appreciated by all sweet lovers. It will be an excellent treat for the whole family, especially for children. Each of us associates the taste of boiled condensed milk with the taste of childhood. So why do not we give the taste of childhood to our children, because for this you just need to take condensed milk in a jar and cook it properly.