How to cook cold gazpacho soup

Italian, Georgian, Asian - what only national cuisine has managed to win the hearts of modern man. Especially popular are Spanish dishes. In the summertime, cold gazpacho soup will probably give way to okroshka in popularity. This is one of the easiest to cook, incredibly tasty and recognizable Spanish dishes,

Gazpacho tomato soup: cooking features

How to cook gazpacho tomato?

Gazpacho owes its origin to Andalusia - the southern part of Spain, which is notable for its particularly hot climate and bright holidays. But over time, almost every region acquired its own recipe, and then other peoples began to modify the composition.

For example, there is gazpacho in calf broth, invented in Malaga. In other regions, cream and ground corn are often added to the basic recipe. This allows you to enhance the thickness of the soup. There is also a version of hot gazpacho, beloved by many in the cold. And by varying the ingredients, the color of the soup can be not only habitually red, but also white and even green.

The classic version is rightly called "Spanish okroshka." Despite the different components, these dishes have a lot in common. In particular, the lack of heat treatment. Ingredients are necessarily frayed. Most often, the procedure is manual. After that unite in a single dish. It should have a uniform consistency of thick puree.

The key ingredient is meaty and sugary tomatoes. In the middle lane, for example, Bull's Heart, for example, boasts such characteristics. Other components are also important here - olive oil and wine vinegar, roots, citrus fruits, and bread. In addition, spicy herbs are obligatory in gazpacho, without which the dish will lose almost half of its taste. The classic version is entirely vegetarian. Moreover, its varieties are quite capable of including seafood, cheese, any smoked products. Quite a lot in the culinary books there are soups based on gazpacho, where only the cooking technique remains from the original.

Gazpacho Cold Soup: A Classic Recipe

Cold Gazpacho Soup: A Classic Recipe

Whether it will turn out to repeat exactly the Spanish version depends only on how correctly all the key components are selected. Experienced chefs advise not only to study the assortment of various stores, but also to choose the right time of year Under the conditions of the middle lane, summer is much more preferable for the preparation of gazpacho, since the bulk of the components can be grown in their garden beds. Cooking gazpacho, like okroshka, is advised for 1-2 days, and not for a week, as is practiced with many other dishes. In this case, a volume of products is sufficient, from which no more than 1.5 liters will come out. soup.


  1. Tomatoes - 1 kg.
  2. Bulgarian pepper and onion - 1 pc.
  3. Tomato juice - 0.8 l
  4. Cucumbers - 2 pcs.
  5. Parsley, basil - 50 gr.
  6. Tobasco sauce, seasonings, salt - to taste
  7. Red wine vinegar - 10 ml.
  8. Olive oil - 30 ml.


  • The first step is the preparation of pepper. He needs to be sent to a hot oven and let him stay there for 10-15 minutes. This will not only soften the vegetable itself, but also without any difficulty to deprive it of the skin. Seeds are also removed. And if there is no fresh pepper, or there is no desire to clean it, it is allowed to use an oil preserved product for gazpacho.
  • Tomatoes undergo similar processing, but they are usually blanched for skinning. Their entire volume is divided in half, 1 part is placed in a blender, and the other is temporarily set aside. In the same blender down onions, which can be pre-divided into quarters. It also comes chopped cucumber, already processed soft pepper, basil and a pair of garlic cloves. All components are carefully ground.
  • To the mashed mixture is poured tomato juice. Tobasco sauce is added, followed by vinegar and olive oil. 2 cucumber and the remaining half of the tomatoes are cut into small pieces, a bunch of parsley with onion feathers are torn to pieces. After which these components find their place in the base for the soup. Before serving the dish, the final action is done - croutons or white bread croutons are made in the oven, which, when hot, complement the cold flavored gazpacho.

One point concerning the tobasco sauce for beginner hostesses: its amount is akin to vanilla in baking. Bust is many times worse and can spoil the taste of the dish. Lovers of savory food pour 10 drops into a specified amount of ingredients. If there is no craving for acute, 5-7 is enough. To get only a hint of his presence, you can put 2-3 drops. You can understand whether this amount is enough, and add, if necessary, to the already prepared dish.

How to cook Gazpacho tomato with croutons?

Modifications of the classic gazpacho recipe are of no less interest. When you save the basic set of components and supplement it with several "highlights", you get a special soup.

How to cook gazpacho tomato with croutons?


  1. Tomatoes - 1 kg.
  2. Cucumbers - 2pcs.
  3. Bulgarian pepper - 2pcs.
  4. Garlic - 2-3 cloves
  5. Olive oil - 25 ml.
  6. Tobasco sauce, parsley, basil, wine vinegar and spices - to taste
  7. Avocado, lemon - 1 pc.
  8. Sugar - 10 gr.
  9. Eggs - 2 pcs.
  10. Wheat bread -105 gr.


  • The base for gazpacho soup is prepared in the same way as the classics - tomatoes are blanched, the pepper is baked, and the skin is destroyed. Together with cucumbers, they turn into mashed potatoes by means of a blender, where they mix with garlic and 1/3 of the initial amount of crumb of old white bread.
  • As soon as a smooth mash is obtained, spices with sugar, tabasco sauce, and wine vinegar are slowly introduced into it. There it is also necessary to add juice squeezed from a lemon. If a certain amount of peel gets into the base for the soup due to poor cleaning of vegetables, you can skip the whole mixture through a large metal sieve. Then gazpacho is flavored with olive oil and sent to the fridge.
  • Prepared additions to the soup. Eggs are boiled, avocado peeled. Both components are cut as small as possible. They need to be decomposed into shallow deep plates. Croutons are laid out in the same dish - croutons of white bread, both fried in a pan. Before serving, they put crushed ice into the dish to lower the temperature of the dish, and mint leaves to the surface for decoration.

Gazpacho Hot Soup: Recipe and Recommendations

The winter version of gazpacho, which allows you to enjoy your favorite taste and warm up, is prepared even easier than the original itself. The number of ingredients here is much less than in the classic recipe. In addition to tomatoes, sweet pepper (green or yellow), large orange, 1 kg is taken. stale wheat bread. Garlic, olive oil, basil and wine vinegar are used as flavor enhancers.

Tomatoes, as in the previous recipes, are blanched. Bread is placed in a large saucepan, and tomatoes are also peeled, with a small amount of water. Its task is not to drown the products completely, but only to cover them, so that in the end the bread absorbs the liquid. After boiling everything is kneaded with a fork.

In a blender, the pepper is ground with garlic, and tomatoes with a bread mass are connected to them. Sprinkled with spices, put greens. The final stage is olive oil, introduced into the soup. And before serving here a small amount of orange juice is added.

There are many versions of gazpacho. Green, for example, suggests celery, olives and radish. In some embodiments, even almonds are present. And all these variations you will be able to, if you master the most important recipe, which remains unshakable classics to this day. On it a dish is prepared from tomatoes and served cold.

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