How to cook chicken broth

Good rich chicken broth is the basis of many culinary dishes. From it you can easily cook a delicious soup, excellent aspic or jellied meat, fragrant sauces and much more. How much to cook chicken broth? Can I add vegetables and spices? All the answers newcomers to the culinary arts can find in our article.

How much to cook chicken broth, and what determines the time of its preparation?

How to cook chicken broth

As mentioned above, chicken broth is the universal basis of many dishes. However, in most recipes, the authors most often write this phrase - boil the chicken until done. When the carcass is ready and how long to cook the chicken breast for the broth, it is supposed to know in advance.

Of course, for experienced cooks and culinary geniuses this item will not cause confusion. But what about those who cook chicken broth for the first time? How to determine the choice of product and cooking time?

In fact, everything is very simple - you can cook broth from any part of the chicken, including the previously cooked one. Do not be surprised, in many countries of the world this dish is made from the bones of pre-baked chicken.

So, to make a delicious rich chicken broth, you need to adhere to the following time frame:

  • For home-grown chicken, cooking time will be about 1 hour.
  • Broiler chicken carcasses are cooked a little faster than domestic ones, namely 50 minutes.
  • The chicken that has lived with you for a long time and has already grown old will be ready after 3 hours of cooking.
  • And if you like boiled chicken and broth, prepared by the method of pripuskaniya, then everything will take you 25-30 minutes.

As you can see, the cooking time depends on the quality of the meat, the method of growing the chicken and, of course, the method of cooking. For example, if you like to use modern kitchen gadgets, it will take much less time to cook broth in a pressure cooker or a slow cooker. To orient in time here is quite difficult - everything will depend on the power of the device. In addition, the cooking time may vary with the weight of the carcass, the lifetime of the chicken and the freshness of the meat. So, frozen chicken must first be removed from the refrigerator and rid of ice, and add another 10-15 minutes to the cooking time.

But all these time frames apply only to the whole chicken. In our country, so the broth is cooked extremely rarely, and most often use only individual parts of chicken. How much to cook chicken broth from the breast, legs, bones and hips? Boneless pieces of chicken in boiling water will reach readiness in as little as 15-20 minutes. If the fillet pieces with bones, then to the cooking time you need to add another 5-10 minutes.

As an example, you can try to cook a delicious chicken broth according to our recipe.

Chicken broth after surgery: a recipe

Chicken broth after surgery

Besides the fact that chicken broth has an amazing taste, it is also an excellent source of minerals and, as you know, strengthens the immune system well, and also improves digestion. That is why doctors in one voice advise sick people, especially after surgery, to use chicken broth as a drink.

The high content of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, collagen and amino acids helps the body to get stronger quickly and maintains the necessary energy supply during illness. Preparing chicken broth for a person after surgery is very simple. To do this, we propose to use one of the old recipes.


  • small chicken weighing up to 1 kg;
  • 2 medium sized carrots;
  • fresh greens;
  • small onion;
  • celery root.


  1. To make a delicious rich chicken soup, we need a large pot of about 4-5 liters. It is necessary to lay out the washed and gutted chicken carcass and pour 3 liters of cold water.Chicken eye and pour 3 liters of cold water
  2. Then put the pot on the fire and bring the water to a boil, and then drain all the liquid.

    all liquid is drained
  3. After that, we wash the meat and pan, fill it with a new portion of water and put it on the stove.
  4. We bring the broth over high heat to a boil, after which we set the hob to a minimum and continue to cook the fat for about an hour.
  5. During cooking it is necessary to carefully monitor the appearance of foam on the surface of the broth. In order for the broth to be beautiful and transparent, it must be periodically removed with a spoon.foam with a spoon
  6. Approximately 20-30 minutes after the start of cooking, add the cleaned onion to the water.onion in chicken broth
  7. All remaining vegetables, except fresh herbs, need to be washed, peeled, cut into small pieces and add to the broth after half an hour from the start of preparation.cut vegetables
  8. 60 minutes after cooking the broth, we check the readiness of the chicken with a fork. If the carcass is pierced freely - the broth is ready.
  9. At the end of cooking the carcass of the chicken must be removed,chicken carcass must be removed if you wish, vegetables can remain in the fat, and the broth itself should be cooled a broth

No less important aspect when cooking chicken broth is compliance with the temperature regime. To do this, experienced chefs resort to a little trickery: a small glass ball is placed at the bottom of the pan. When the water temperature is normal, the ball lies quietly, but if the gas is too large, it starts tapping on the bottom of the pan.

By boiling chicken broth several times, you no longer need to pinpoint the time. The readiness of the chicken and its individual parts you learn to determine by eye. In the meantime, use the recommendations of culinary specialists.

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