How to cook caramel at home

Caramel is considered a children's delicacy, but adults love this sweetness no less. On the shelves you can find and purchase a variety of caramel, and you can make such a delicacy yourself, and besides, the process of preparing caramel at home is quite fascinating.

Caramel at home - the first recipe

  • Caramel at home can be prepared from one sugar, and this is the easiest way to cook.For this recipe you will need a colorless casserole of a small size with a strong bottom. A colorless saucepan is required in order to observe the changing color of the caramel.

  • Heat the saucepan for a few seconds on the stove, then, without removing it from the heat, put white sugar in the saucepan - 175 g. This amount is enough for six servings. Some recipes are advised to take brown sugar, but for the first time it is better to take white, so you can easily see the color change from white to caramel. Let the sugar be cooked on a small fire, and you look behind it, soon it will begin to melt. After about five minutes, the sugar will begin to melt, and at the edges will become a liquid consistency. Now shake the pot and put it back on the fire and watch the sugar until 1/4 of the sugar has melted.
  • Then take a wooden spoon and gently mix the sugar, now let it languish on the fire until all the sugar has a dark amber color. The whole cooking process will take about 10 minutes from the very beginning and it is important for you not to depart from the stove at this time, since cooking caramel is a very fragile process and it is easy to make a mistake here. It is also important to boil sugar over medium heat.

How to cook caramel at home?How to cook caramel at home?

  • Now the last stage - remove the pan from the heat and add 2 tables to it. spoons of warm water, but be careful: hot caramel can sprinkle you, so cover your hands with a towel. Mix everything thoroughly, and if lumps form in the caramel, then put the pot back on the fire and heat slightly to dissolve the lumps. After that, the caramel can be cut in portions or small cubes, it is ready to eat.

Homemade Caramel Cooking Tips

  1. If you want to achieve a delicate and transparent caramel, then when sugar will melt add 4-5 tbsp there. l hot water. You will have a transparent mass, which will swell and swim. Remove this lollipop, put it on the dishes and wait until it cools.
  2. Milk can be added to caramel instead of water, then it will acquire a more delicate creamy taste.
  3. You can also make caramel on skewers, they should be stuck in the caramel, while it is not yet completely hardened.

Caramel at home - the second recipe

  • The first recipe is a classic, but it can be varied. To do this, try to make caramel at home with a taste of coffee. You will need: 250 ml of brewed coffee, 8 tbsp. l sugar, 250 ml of cream with a fat content of not more than 15%, 5 tbsp. l butter and half art. l sunflower oil.

How to cook caramel at home?

Caramel at home - the third recipe

  • This vanilla taste of caramel will suit many sweet tooths. The following ingredients are required for its preparation: sugar - 200 g, milk - 500 ml, butter - 100 g, honey - 2 tbsp. l., vanilla sugar - two packs or two tbsp. l
  • In a saucepan, slowly heat the sugar until it becomes a liquid consistency. Then add milk to it and continue cooking for another 10 minutes, stirring constantly. Then add butter, honey, vanilla sugar and cook until the mass thickens, while still stirring. Lay the parchment paper on the table and grease it with butter and spread a slightly cooled mass on it, then cut the caramel into cubes or diamonds.

Caramel at home - the fourth recipe

This recipe of caramel tastes like chupa chups and the cooking process takes only 20 minutes. For cooking you need sugar - 5 tbsp. l., water - 2 tbsp. l and apple cider vinegar - 1 tsp. Boil the sugar with water until golden brown appears, then add vinegar and continue cooking over medium heat until brown, and the mixture is similar in honey. Ideally, for making such caramel, it is not bad to have special molds, and then the caramels will turn out like chupa chups, but you can get by with the usual table. spoons. Pour the caramel into them and insert the skewers. These candies are great as a treat for a children's party.

Caramel at home - the fifth recipe

  • Following caramel recipe is fast cooking, but that makes the caramel no less tasty. You will spend 10 minutes of time on everything, and how much joy you and your loved ones will have, especially children like caramels. For such caramel, you will need coconut chips - 1 package, butter - 50 g and sugar - 5 tbsp. l
  • Melt the butter in a water bath, then pour in the sugar and boil over high heat until the caramel turns dark brown. From past recipes, you already remember that in cooking caramel, it is important to constantly stir it and not move away from the stove. When the caramel becomes the desired consistency, pour it into the bowl. Then spread out the food foil, brush with sunflower oil and sprinkle with 1/3 of a bag of coconut chips. Put the caramel on the foil, stretch it over the entire length of the foil and cut it in pieces, while the caramel is still warm and roll in the coconut chips, when the caramel is cooled, sprinkle them with the remaining coconut chips.

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Enjoy the pleasant taste of caramel, but do not forget that this is a high-calorie dish, and it should be eaten in moderation!

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