How to cook buckwheat crumbly and tasty

Buckwheat is a very valuable and nutritious cereal. In addition to the fact that it contains many important for the body of vitamins and minerals, with its help you can lose weight! How to cook buckwheat so that it was not only healthy, but also tasty, appetizing and crumbly?

To begin with, what kind of cereal is better to choose!

How to choose buckwheat?

Of the variety of buckwheat groats, presented in the supermarket, it is worth choosing the one that has the lightest shade. Light brown cereal is the best, according to experts. The dark brown grits are highly overcooked. And the cooked cereal has already lost all its beneficial properties. If you like buckwheat groats of a rich brown color, it is better to take a light one, and at home lightly fry the cereal over low heat.

How to cook buckwheat crumbly and tasty?

How to cook crumbly buckwheat?

Standard buckwheat is prepared as follows. Take buckwheat, water and salt. Salt to taste. A cereal with water should be in the ratio of 1: 2. Water boil, add salt. Rinse the buckwheat well, sort out, removing the various rubbish from it. When the water boils, pour buckwheat into the pan. When the cereal boils again, mix, cover, reduce heat, and cook without opening the lid for exactly 15 minutes. This is necessary because crumbly buckwheat will be obtained only when there is a sufficient amount of steam during cooking. Depending on your taste preferences, instead of salt, you can add various seasonings and cubes, greens. Before serving, you can add a small piece of butter to buckwheat.

An interesting fact about buckwheat. If you add sugar to a dish made of buckwheat, it can kill almost all the beneficial substances it contains! Therefore, try not to abuse sugar. If you like sweet buckwheat, then it is best to add honey to it. So it will be much healthier, tastier, and most importantly - all the vitamins and trace elements will be preserved!

Buckwheat is an excellent product with which you can lose weight quickly. After all, it quickly fills. The only negative is a lot of buckwheat, and it is difficult to eat for several days. Yes and not quite harmless to the body for several days to eat only buckwheat. Therefore, do not get involved.

Buckwheat is a product that nature has specially created for our health. Therefore, you should definitely enter it in your menu.

Enjoy your meal!

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