How to cook beshbarmak

Modern man is already difficult to surprise with any dish. Nowadays, cuisines of various countries are popular - from Asian to Georgian. One of the most delicious dishes is beshbarmak. It is prepared in Kyrgyzstan, Bashkiria. Many Eastern countries have their own peculiarities of making beshbarmak from different types of meat and other ingredients.

How to cook beshbarmak: recipes of different nations

Direct translation of this dish is directly related to the way it is used in ancient times. Beshbarmak means "five." It is classified as a main course and is based on 3 key ingredients: meat, noodles and onions. Thanks to the method of preparation and some nuances, the indescribable taste is typical of Eastern cuisine.

In Kyrgyzstan, beshbarmak is made mainly on lamb. Men are engaged in meat, while women bring dough to the noodles and boil it. In addition, offal goes to the dish. Additionally, a sauce based on broth with onions is prepared in a cauldron. From seasonings only black pepper is included in it. Before beshbarmak necessarily lamb is served on the bones with broth.

How to cook beshbarmak?

In the northern part of the country, a modification of the recipe without noodles is common. Instead of it, add a large amount of onion, as well as an iran - one of the varieties of kefir, on cow's milk with salt and water. It can be both liquid and have almost smetanstvo texture. In the case of beshbarmak, a thick ayran is taken for cooking.

In Bashkiria, the basis of the dish is either horsemeat or lamb. And earlier those parts which were on a bone were chosen. According to the majority of Turkic-speaking peoples, it is this meat that has a strong energy. Everything that is prepared from it gives warmth. Additionally, some time ago, it was possible to use veal or goose meat, and, simultaneously with the same horse meat. It was laid in cold water. After boiling, the foam was removed, and the meat languished for 2.5 hours over low heat.

Upper broth necessarily merged into a separate container. They subsequently poured noodles. For its preparation, steep egg dough was made, which was very thinly rolled and cut into small squares. After being cooked by cooking, the noodles were flavored with butter or broth. Then it was filled with meat, which was previously cut into pieces and necessarily cooled. In addition, horse guts or sausages could be used in the dish.

In Kazakhstan, beshbarmak technology was not very different, apart from the choice of the central ingredient. Meat could only be used from four animals. In the course came camel, beef, lamb and horse meat. Noodles and meat could be supplemented with greens and onions, as well as any boiled horse meat by-products and potatoes. Moreover, in some regions of Kazakhstan, noodles, unlike Bashkiria, were not cut, but boiled with thinly rolled layers.

Sauce was made to the beshbarmak prepared according to this recipe. It included beef broth, in which boiled onion with salt and pepper was brought to a boil. There was also the practice of replacing or adding noodles with rice, potatoes, and adding garlic. Sometimes fish was taken instead of meat, but definitely from sturgeon.

Mutton cookerybeshbarmak

As has already become clear, the most frequently used meat for beshbarmak is lamb and horse meat. In grocery stores, it is much easier to get the first option. Therefore, it is worth considering how to cook beshbarmak from lamb.

How to cook beshbarmak lamb?


  1. Mutton on the bone - 1, 5 kg.
  2. Water - 5 liters.
  3. Onions - 200 gr.
  4. Spices (coriander, pepper, bay leaf) - to taste
  5. For cakes:
  6. Egg - 1 pc.
  7. Cold water - 200 ml.
  8. Flour - 3 tbsp.
  9. Salt - 1 tsp.


  • 5 liters are poured into a pot with thick walls. cold water, there is laid 1.5 kg. lamb meat Moreover, it takes a solid piece and always on the bone. After boiling, spices are added: coriander, bay leaf, peppercorns - black, white and sweet. Additionally, 200 gr. onions in shredded form.
  • It is necessary to boil 2.5-3 hours on low heat and at the same time constantly remove the foam that appears. Cover the pan with a lid is not worth it.
  • While preparing the broth, you want to do noodles. To do this, 1 chicken egg is whipped using a mixer with 200 ml. cold boiled water and 1 tsp. salt. Gradually there poured 3 tbsp. sifted wheat flour. Then you should knead the dough that is not sticky to your hands.
  • The resulting bun is divided into several parts, of which flat cakes with a thickness of 2-3 mm are rolled out. Their diameter must be equal to the diameter of the pan, which is planned to be used for baking. 1-2 minutes are spent on each side of the cakes. Readiness is determined by the appearance of brown spots and light beige over the entire surface of the product. Oil pan is not greased!
  • So that the finished cakes do not dry out and do not break, while the others undergo heat treatment, they are folded on a towel and covered with another one on top. Or you can immediately cut them into diamonds and place them on a baking sheet to cool. As for the size of the plates, their sides should be no more than 7 cm.
  • From the broth that has come to readiness, the meat is taken out, cut and cooled. In a free saucepan with boiling cold water, steam of tablespoons of oil is added, salt is added, and noodles are laid. Its amount is determined by how many people the dish is calculated. 2-3 minutes are enough for cooking.
  • The finished noodles are laid out in a large deep container on top of the meat, smeared with butter and poured on lamb broth.

Beef recipe

The recipe for beshbarmak using beef meat is not very different from cooking lamb dishes. And yet, it is worth considering it in detail. Despite the fact that this version is different from the traditional. But she perfectly got accustomed in the Lithuanian kitchen.

How to cook beshbarmak from beef?


  1. Beef - 1, 3 kg.
  2. Onions - 1 pc.
  3. Carrots - 1 pc.
  4. Spices - to taste
  5. For noodles:
  6. Eggs - 2 pcs.
  7. Flour - 600 gr.
  8. Broth - 1 tbsp.
  9. Salt - to taste


  • For broth taken 1.3 kg. beef According to the classic recipe, it is better to choose pieces on the bone. Meat is placed in a large pot. There also is laid 1 finely chopped carrot, shredded onion, bay leaf and allspice in the amount of 8 peas. Cooking technology, as in the case of lamb.
  • The dough for noodles is kneaded from 2 eggs and 1 tbsp. the finished broth, after which 600 gr. flour and a pinch of salt. Rolled into a flat cake is squashed, woke up with flour and otlezhivaetsya until complete cooking of meat. After that, in the broth, from which they took the meat (it should be removed from the bone and cut), boiled noodles.
  • In a frying pan, greased, shredded bulb onions, then mixed with boiled noodles. In the final, it is laid out on a large platter. Top put the meat, blanched onions. Dish sprinkled with pepper and herbs.

Low Fat Chicken Deshbarmak

Those who follow the figure and cannot eat fatty meat, but very much want to try the dish, can cook beshbarmak on the basis of chicken. Of course, it will be far from the original in taste. On the other hand, the fact that this dish is interesting and satisfying in its own way cannot be argued.

chicken beshbarmak


  1. Chicken - 1 pc.
  2. Onions - 1 pc.
  3. Carrots - 1 pc.
  4. Noodles:
  5. Eggs - 2 pcs.
  6. Flour - 600 gr.
  7. Water - 1 tbsp.
  8. Salt - to taste


  • The bird is taken whole for the dish, but if it does not fit in the pan, it should be cut into pieces. The broth will be cooked for 3 hours, but unlike the version with lamb, here the pan is covered with a lid. Spices, salt and pepper are poured as desired.
  • For noodles, all ingredients are mixed. It turns out the dough bun. It rolls on small cakes.
  • While the broth is boiled, onions are fried in a deep frying pan, and finely grated carrots are stewed with it. Vegetables are cooked to a soft state.
  • From the broth goes chicken. The meat is separated from the bones and laid out on a plate. In another plate are boiled cakes of dough for noodles. In the third - onions with carrots. The broth is poured into the bowl. The scheme of use is as follows: a portion of meat is moved to the cake, onions and carrots are added on top, and the noodles are wrapped in the form of an envelope. Beshbarmak washes down with broth.

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Of course, many beshbarmak modifications already have little in common with the original recipe. But this does not mean that they have no right to exist. New ingredients give the dish a different taste and allow you to look at it from the other side. Therefore, beshbarmak can be prepared from any meat. To make the dish nourishing, add noodles to it.

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