How to cook beets in a redmond multicooker

Everyone knows that beets are an exceptionally healthy vegetable. But her preparation and preparation take too much time and effort, so she does not become a frequent guest on the table. To remedy the situation, you can call on the help of modern household appliances - a multi-cooker - and significantly reduce the heat treatment process.

Should I use this household appliance?

Should I use this household appliance?

How to cook beets in a slow cooker and is it worth it at all? What do experienced chefs say about this? It should be noted that today there is a real boom in the original dishes cooked with beets all over the world. This is a variety of smoothies, vitamin shakes, cakes, light salads, unusual snacks and amazingly beautiful desserts. All of the above culinary delights can be prepared quickly thanks to the slow cooker or pressure cooker. This device not only helps to reduce the time, but also fully controls the cooking process in automatic mode.

Cooking a root vegetable in a multivariate takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour (except for stewing mode: in this case, the beets are roasted in the device for about 3 hours, but, according to gourmets, the result is worth it) depending on the selected mode.

So, steaming a vegetable takes 30-45 minutes - this is the fastest option. The finished beet preserves juiciness, all the vitamins and nutrients and is suitable for the preparation of vinaigrette, drinks and classic herring under a fur coat.

In the baking mode ("Baking") it is good to cook beets for salads, where you want to cut it into small pieces. Root vegetables prepared in this way are soft, retain a rich color and acquire a pleasant, specific taste.

Beetroot stew is cooked for at least 3 hours, but it is especially good for preparing snacks and dietary dishes, including ingredients such as apples, sour cream, and prunes.

How to cook beets in a multicooker Polaris steamed?

How to cook beets in a multicooker Polaris steamed?

This is the fastest and easiest way to cook beets. In addition, it allows you to save the maximum of useful vitamins in vegetables. They retain their juiciness, but they are very soft and tender.

For cooking, root vegetables should be thoroughly cleaned from the remnants of the earth, washed, dried and folded on the rack of the multicooker, pouring a little water (1 multi-cup). In some models, such an accessory is missing. In this case, the roots are placed directly in the bowl of the device. Next, activate the function "Steaming", set the timer for 30 minutes (if the beets are very large, then 45) and cook.

Features cooking in a Multicooker Redmond

How to cook beets in a Multicooker Redmond? Prepare the vegetables: wash, dry and place in the bowl of the device. Fill the roots with cold water so that it is no longer than 1 cm above them. Activate the "Soup" function and the time is 1 hour. After a specified time, the vegetables will be fully prepared.

In some models of Redmond multi cookers there is an option "Multipovar", which can also be used for cooking beets. In this case, washed roots are also loaded into the bowl of the device, filled with a small amount of cold water (about half a cup); exhibited temperature 1000C, time 1 hour.

We use the multi-cooker-pressure cooker

The multi-cooker-pressure cooker is a very functional device that allows you to cook food even faster than a regular multi-cooker. Due to the high pressure pumped by the device, the roots will be cooked in just 20 minutes.

Rinse beets well, put in a bowl, pour 1 tbsp. water (approximately 160 ml), activate the mode "Soup" and set the time to 20 minutes.

If your device has the function "Steam", then you can cook beets in this way. Put the clean root vegetables on a metal stand, pour in 160 ml of water and cook for 20 minutes. When the vegetables are cooked, do not relieve the pressure forcibly - let the beets come a little.

How to quickly cook beets in Panasonic multicooker?

The fastest vegetable is cooked in the "Steaming" mode. To do this, well-washed root vegetables, load into a multi bowl, pour 1 water into a multi-bowl and cook for 30 minutes.

Vegetables while it is desirable to use a small size. You can shorten the process even more - send the beets into a bowl, cut into slices, using the same cooking mode. Set the timer for 15-20 minutes. But keep in mind that vegetables cooked in this way have a different taste and a less saturated color, and the content of healthy substances in them will be completely different.

Useful Tricks

Useful Tricks

So that the ready beetroot pleased you not only with its taste, but also with its rich color, tenderness, juiciness and benefit, use a few proven tips.

  1. To make vegetables cook faster and boil evenly, when using the option "Steaming", fold the roots directly into the multicooker bowl, and not onto the rack.
  2. In order for the beets to retain their color and juiciness, do not cut off the tops and do not cut off the tails.
  3. If you have to cook a very large copy, it can be cut into halves. Put them in the bowl should be cut up so that vegetables do not lose juice.
  4. If you are not sure that you have correctly set the cooking time, always check the readiness of the beets by piercing them with a toothpick. It should easily, effortlessly enter the vegetable.
  5. To cook vegetables faster, they can be poured with hot water.

Almost all modern multicookers are equipped with options such as "Steaming", "Soup", "Quenching", so you are guaranteed to be able to quickly cook the beets, retaining its beneficial properties, taste, color. Use different methods of cooking, choose the best and feel free to experiment with recipes. This will give you the opportunity to enrich your menu with new dishes that are amazing in taste and appearance.

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