How to cook beef heart to readiness

Surely almost every person in his life at least once tried boiled, fried or stewed offal, but the beef heart still remains a curiosity for many. This is due to the fact that not everyone knows how much to cook a beef heart and how to cook it to make it soft and juicy.

Features processing offal

How much to cook beef heart?

First of all, beef heart need to buy, and for this we go to the market. There on the shelves will be presented a wide selection of various types of by-products, but we must turn our attention to the best piece of beef heart. This will be the one that in its appearance is not inferior to meat: a rich red color, without white or green longitudinal stripes and spots.

The heart must be elastic to the touch, moderately moist and preferably with blood residues in the chambers. All these indicators determine the freshness of the meat, and we need it.

How much time to cook beef heart, depends largely on the age of the slaughtered animal and the very weight of the offal. But the taste of the dish and the quality of cooking is influenced by the pre-treatment of the product. So, get ready - now we will learn how to carve a beef heart:

  1. First of all, from the most industrious body, we need to remove excess fat. To do this, take a sharp knife with a thin blade and carefully cut off the silver film that covers the beef heart, and then remove as much visible fat as possible.
  2. Now the knowledge gained from studying the course of school biology will be useful. You may remember that the heart of animals consists of the left and right aorta, as well as arcs of other blood vessels and arteries. This whole plumbing is too hard and fibrous, so we have to cut it too.
  3. According to the masters of culinary art, beef heart will be easier and faster to prepare if you first relieve the connective tissue from the blood residue. To do this, after trimming, place the heart in a container filled with brackish water, and leave to marinate for half an hour.
  4. If you are on time, then you can start cooking right after washing the heart from salt. However, a more appetizing and softer dish will come out if you soak it again, but in acetic solution for 24 hours.

Only after carrying out all the preparatory procedures, you can begin to prepare the beef heart, whether it is boiling, frying, stewing or baking on the grill.

One can never be completely sure of the origin of the meat purchased; moreover, it is not always the sellers on the market or in the shops that treat their work so conscientiously and comply with all sanitary conditions and product storage standards.

Now you know everything about how and how much to cook a beef heart, know how to properly chop and choose a good by-product. Be sure to apply the acquired skills in practice and prepare a new delicacy beef dish, which undoubtedly will please your loved ones.

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