How to cook baby corn porridge


Porridge and childhood are inseparable concepts. We know that in order to grow big and strong, you have to eat porridge. And though not all kids give in to persuasion, all the same parents make every effort to develop their love for this product. Corn porridge is introduced as a complementary food to crumbs after rice and buckwheat. This pap is simply indispensable in cases of manifestation of allergy in the baby. So, consider how to cook corn porridge child.

How to cook corn porridge with milk for a child?

It would seem that it is very easy to cook porridge for breakfast for a child. But corn grits loves to give surprises: either the porridge will burn, or the lumps will be taken, or it will not be boiled soft! We will try to figure out how and how much to cook corn porridge on milk, so that it is tasty.

How to cook corn porridge baby and how much?


  • milk - 2 t .;
  • water - 2 tbsp .;
  • corn grits - 0.5 st .;
  • sugar - 3 tbsp. l .;
  • salt - 1 tsp;
  • butter - 50 g


  1. We wash the corn grits with warm water so that there is no trace of the husk, as well as trash. Water when draining should be clear.Corn porridge baby: how to wash the cereal?
  2. Fall asleep cereal in a small saucepan with a thick bottom.
  3. Fill with boiled water.
  4. We send porridge stew. Cook the corn grits on a quiet fire, stirring constantly.
  5. In a separate container boil milk.How to cook baby corn porridge on milk?
  6. We see that the cornmeal has completely taken the water in itself, which means that it is time to pour boiled milk.
  7. Pour in the milk and mix the porridge thoroughly so that there are no lumps. After all, kiddies are more pleasant to the taste of a gentle homogeneous consistency of a porridge.How to cook corn porridge baby?
  8. Add salt, sugar.
  9. Now we remove the corn porridge from the fire and then it is slightly in the oven. If the grandmother's cast iron pot is preserved on the farm, this is the ideal solution to bring the porridge to readiness.
  10. Put the corn porridge in the cast iron, add the butter and place it in the preheated oven.How to cook corn porridge?
  11. We warm porridge for 20-30 minutes, but make sure that it does not burn.

To persuade the child to try this bright yellow porridge will be easy. If you cook it correctly, it turns out to be tender and very tasty. You can add banana slices or grated apple, baby-favorite berries.

Cook diet porridge in water

How to cook corn porridge on the water?


  • water;
  • corn grits;
  • salt - to taste;
  • sugar - at will;
  • butter.


  1. Soak the cornmeal overnight in cold water.
  2. We begin to cook porridge, washing thoroughly grits finely ground.
  3. In a saucepan with a thick bottom lay out the prepared cereal.
  4. Fill it with cold water. Here we better use this ratio: for one glass of cereal you need three glasses of water. You can add more fluid so that the pap is viscous
  5. Add salt to taste and set the saucepan on low heat immediately.
  6. After boiling it is best to stir the porridge constantly to keep it from burning.
  7. As soon as we see that the porridge has thickened, removed from the heat and wrapped, it should be steamed, “walk”.

Corn porridge can be served with dietary boiled chicken breast, tomatoes, cheese. Harmonious, tasty and healthy is such a porridge with pumpkin.

Features cooking corn porridge for feeding baby

Pediatricians recommend to enter porridge from six months. It is necessary to remember the main rule - the first porridge should not contain gluten. Therefore, we enter into the diet crumbs porridge in the following sequence: rice, buckwheat, corn. Porridge can affect baby's digestion and stools. Buckwheat porridge and oatmeal have a laxative effect. Rice porridge is slightly attached. So, with the child's tendency to allergies and constipation, we will start feeding with corn porridge. Low-calorie corn grits, contains a large amount of iron, serves to cleanse the body, helps protect against viral infections, can inhibit the processes of fermentation and rotting in the intestines.

The best age of the baby to get acquainted with the new corn porridge is 9 months. Prepare corn porridge for complementary foods.

How to cook corn porridge for child nutrition?


  • corn grits;
  • water;
  • salt.


  1. We wash thoroughly the cereal and dry.
  2. Grind prepared cereals on a coffee grinder.
  3. Pour the cereal into a pan with a non-stick coating.
  4. Fill with hot children's water. For example, if they took 0.5 tbsp. cereals, then water is necessary 2.5 st.
  5. Salt a little.
  6. Over low heat, stirring constantly, cook porridge for 15-20 minutes.
  7. In the finished gruel for babies, you can add a little mother's milk before feeding.

What is useful corn porridge?

What is useful corn porridge?

Properly cooked porridge when introduced into the diet of a baby is a valuable and useful product for a fragile children's body:

  • corn porridge is useful for digestion, as it contains a lot of fiber, which stimulates the bowels;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • does not cause gas formation;
  • corn porridge is nutritious, well digested, does not cause allergic reactions;
  • such a gruel is called an organism cleaner: it removes toxins, and also cleans the intestines and stomach well;
  • it is an assistant in the work of the cardiovascular system of the body;
  • corn porridge brings health to the whole body - this is the freshness of the skin, the strength of the teeth, the health of the gums.

Children about one year old are advised to give corn porridge once a week. It supplies the body with energy, which is so necessary for little fidgets.

So we got acquainted with the useful qualities of corn porridge, and also learned how to cook it for future warriors and beauties. Enjoy your meal!