How to cook aspen mushrooms

Boletus is a welcome mushroom in the basket of lovers of "quiet hunting". This is due to its taste. It is believed that by him he ranks second after the white fungus. Cooked from the aspen mushrooms many delicious dishes. They marinate, dry, fry, make them caviar. Many people, being careful of negative consequences, pre-boil the mushrooms. This process has its own characteristics.

Aspen and blackberry mushrooms: rules for selection and preparation

How much to cook aspen mushrooms?

How much to cook aspen mushrooms?

It is not always that novice mushroom collectors find or buy the right kinds in stores. Therefore, before you know how long to boil the aspen birds, you should study the features of the selection of mushrooms. Bad raw materials can simply spoil the intended dish. There is also a double among the aspen birds. The use of such a fungus can even lead to poisoning. Therefore, it is better to know how to distinguish a false boletus from the present.

This type of mushroom is very common. Growing aspen mushrooms by cleansing, as if in groups, or singly. They can be found almost everywhere - in coniferous, mixed and deciduous forests. The main thing is to have a number of aspen. Learn fungus easy. It has a wide, stocky leg covered with black scales and a wide cap. There are several types of aspen mushrooms - red, white and yellow-brown. It is clear that the color of the cap fully corresponds to the name.

It is possible to distinguish a real mushroom from a false one precisely thanks to its cap and leg. In poisonous spongy inner part has a pinkish or brownish color. Also under the cap you can find a border of the same color. On the leg they easily see a colored (most often yellow) mesh. Recognize the orange-cap boletus by breaking it. After some time, the mushroom on the cut will darken.

It doesn't matter how long the boletus is boiled if you choose a bad mushroom. The main rule is not to rip or buy old ones. Learn age boletus can be by type of cap. The larger it is, the older the fungus. Such specimens are less fragrant in ready meals. In addition, they are very fragile, which makes it difficult to clean and wash the boletus. It is better to opt for medium-sized mushrooms.

Brownberries are also very common in all types of forests. Before you cook them, you should also familiarize yourself with a number of important features. Mushroom recognizes easily. Its leg is covered with brown scales, expanded from below and tapers towards the top. The cap has a subdued color, in shape - spheroid.

Unfortunately, there are also false bobbins in nature. They are easy to distinguish from the present on several grounds. First, look at the hat. Its color should be muted without a greenish tint. To the touch, the false mushroom is velvety. The hat of this brownish is always smooth! Also, the false fungus on the leg does not have a characteristic pattern in the form of ripples, resembling the color of birch. Most often on it you can see the mesh. The pulp of the false mushroom under the cap has a pinkish tint. At break a real brownish should be white.

As in the case with aspen mushrooms, the choice is not old mushrooms. The main reason is that they have a poor spongy structure. She is not very pleasant to the taste.

How to cook boletus and boletus?

How much to cook aspen mushrooms?

  1. Cooking time for aspen and blueberry varieties is different. The first type of mushroom is cooked as follows. First you need to take fresh aspen. It is believed that they should be cooked in the first 2 days. These mushrooms are very gentle.
  2. Aspen mushrooms are cleared of debris. Do this with a knife and sponge. Can be used for this purpose toothbrush. Pay attention to the hat. It is covered with a thin film. Before cooking it must be removed. Some mistresses before cleaning soaked aspen for an hour. This helps ease the disposal process.
  3. Pure mushrooms spread in a saucepan and pour cold water. Dishes put on the fire, heated and salted. Then, with an average flame water is brought to a boil. All this time, mushrooms need to stir. Foam will form on the surface due to the secreted juices. Her clean skimmer.
  4. The broth is brought to a boil, and then boiled for another 20 minutes with a reduced fire. You can find tips on cooking mushrooms in 2 waters. According to them, boletus cooks for another 20 minutes after boiling. Then the water is drained and poured into the pan new liquid. The broth is again brought to a boil. After this, aspen birds keep on fire for another 5 minutes.
  5. Boiled aspen mushrooms can be served immediately. They can be especially tasty if they are flavored with fried onions.
  6. Brownberries cook much longer. First you need to thoroughly clean the mushrooms. It is necessary not only to remove forest trash stuck to them. All rotten and tainted places are cut off. Also advised to remove and other parts. Among them - tubular pulp and the base of the leg of the fungus.
  7. After this, the browns are sent to a pan with cold water. It is heated to a boil over medium heat. Salt the broth to taste. Opinions on how much bobber cooks, diverge. The best option is 40 minutes. During this time period, various toxins will emerge from the fungi.
  8. It is possible to boil down brownberry in 2 waters. The readiness of mushrooms is determined by how they are arranged in the pan. Properly welded brows should sink to the bottom.

Features of the preparation of mushrooms before frying

How much to cook aspen mushrooms?

You can find the opinion that the aspen mushrooms before frying should not be cooked. This is due to the fact that prolonged heat treatment affects the taste of mushrooms. Also, with such a two-step preparation, most of the nutrients are lost.

To agree with this approach is not always possible. You can refuse pre-boiling of aspen pickles only if they were collected in an ecologically clean place. Unfortunately, this happens very rarely.

Aspen can be prepared in 2 ways. You can protect yourself and resort to the basic option. To do this, using the method described above, boil the mushrooms for 20 minutes. In this case, the time of frying mushrooms reduced by 10-15 minutes. You will only need to bring them to a golden crust.

If you prefer to feel the taste and aroma of a boletus, then you can cook them before frying for only 5-10 minutes. Then you have to increase the time of secondary heat treatment. Usually 20 minutes is enough for this. Remember that if you want to get golden crispy mushrooms at the outlet, then it is better to drop them into the pan, not wet. You can let them pre-drain by pouring the mushrooms into a colander. Otherwise, excessive moisture will lead to the fact that they simply extinguish in a frying pan.

Even experienced housewives sometimes think about how much to cook aspen mushrooms. The optimal time is 20 minutes. If necessary, mushrooms boil in 2 waters. If we talk about browns, they are subjected to heat treatment for longer. After cleaning, the mushrooms are placed in a saucepan with water, the liquid is brought to a boil and cooked on medium heat for 40 minutes. If you decide to fry them, then for the sake of safety, the raw materials should also be boiled.

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