How to clean squid

Squids are low-calorie and easy-to-cook product, which is often added to different salads and various dishes are prepared from it.. The quality of cooking squid depends primarily on the correctness of their cleaning.

The process of cleaning squid is not so difficult. The main thing in this business is to follow the rules and adapt to the work. It is clear that for the first time it will be hard to clean them, but cleaning squid is simplified every time.

How to clean squid?

Untreated squid has a burgundy color. Squid carcasses have cartilage, a head with tentacles and a tail. On the tail, as a rule, the meat is a bit tougher than the rest.

How to clean squid?

  • Getting started. It is necessary to take a squid carcass and carefully consider it. On the carcass should not be visible damage. Thoroughly rinse the squid carcass under cold running water. Gently pull the squid by the head. Part of the squid's insides will come along with the head. Cut off the squid's tentacles and reach for the hidden jaw. You do not need a squid head.
  • After the squid, pour over boiling water and immediately place in cold water for a few minutes. Only this should be done very quickly so that the squid skin can easily be removed from the carcass. You will see how the skin will lag behind the clam. When most of the skins fall behind the squid, it is removed from the water and taken to clean under cold running water. Cleaning is quick and easy.
  • Large longitudinal cartilage is another one of the unnecessary parts of squid. It is easy to remove the cartilage, but it should be done carefully and carefully so as not to damage the squid. The next step is to find and cut the beak (do not be surprised, the squid also has a beak). By the way, the squid's beak looks like an ordinary bird's beak, therefore, it is easy to detect it. Do the same with your eyes: they are usually just cut out with a knife. After all procedures, rinse the squid under cold water.

How to clean frozen squid?

Some housewives buy frozen squid, but they also need to be able to clean.

How to clean frozen squid?

  • Take the frozen squids and place them in a deep bowl. Leave the squid at room temperature for 10 minutes to freeze slightly.
  • Boil water in a kettle and pour boiling water over squids. Leave the squid for 1 minute, then drain. You will see the skin of squid coagulate.
  • Rinse the squid under running water, clearing them of the remaining skin.
  • Take out the insides and the chord (transparent, solid film that runs along the back of the squid).
  • Rinse the squid carcasses under cold running water.
  • Peeled squids can be stored in the freezer and thawed when needed.

Buying squid is better not cleaned. Usually the cleaned squids have already been treated with boiling water, i.e. subjected to heat, so when cooking their meat can be tougher and drier.

It is better to choose squid with a lilac-pink skin, without damage. If the skin of squid is brownish, torn and cracked, then the squid has been thawed and frozen several times. Such squid is better not to buy.

How to clean squid carcasses?

How to clean squid carcasses?

  • Grab the squid's head and tentacles with your fingers and gently pull it. You can get rid of part of the entrails.
  • Take out the hard plate that runs along the upper back of the squid. To do this, gently pull the plate and remove it from the squid carcass.
  • If the squid is fresh, it is easy to remove the film from them. Hook the film with your finger and pull it off the squid carcass. But fresh squids - a rarity in our time, so you need to follow the instructions.
  • Prepare 2 deep dishes. Pour cold water into one bowl, and put squid carcasses into another.
  • Warm the water in the kettle and pour boiling water over the squid carcasses, then quickly place the squid in a bowl of cold water.
  • From a sharp temperature drop, the film will begin to peel off the squid carcass. You will need to pull the film from the squid. Try to do it carefully, so as not to damage the carcass.
  • Before cooking squid, it is necessary to dry them thoroughly.

The squid meat cleared from films possesses gentle taste. Squids can be cooked in different ways, they are stewed over low heat, boiled or roasted over high heat. Squids can also be stuffed, they are usually prepared in two ways: fill squid with ready stuffing and fry them a little before grilling until you get a golden crust or put stuffed squid carcasses in sauce and stew for half an hour.

Squids go well with avocados and apples, as well as with all vegetables, so they are added to salads.

Properly cleaned squids have a bright taste., therefore, friends and family will be delighted with your culinary skills.

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