How to choose a ceramic pan

Before any housewife always faces a difficult question - the lack of a good and high-quality frying pan in the kitchen. Not only the taste of cooked food, but also the safety of the household depends on the kitchenware.

To make the right choice when buying kitchen utensils, namely pans, you need to have an idea about the existing range of pans on the world market.

Variety of pans

Today, there are many different types of pans, represented by manufacturers in this field of production. Let's talk about the most popular frying pans, and let's begin, perhaps, with the least quality frying pan, the use of which threatens us not only with its useless purpose, but also with harmful effects.

Teflon coated pan

A frying pan having a certain chemical coating on the surface, originally intended to ensure that the food on it does not burn, and was prepared in the shortest possible time.

In fact, Teflon is nothing more than a certain type of plastic with impurities of various chemical elements that make up its composition for strengthening the plastic inside such a coating. Imagine yourself what will happen if you do not carefully scratch such a covering with a fork or knife? All harmful substances together in food will get into your stomach. And by the way, perfluorooctanoic acid is a part of teflon, one only belonging to the group of acids already says that it is not safe.

Many manufacturers very often bypass this moment by a side or simply assert that this theory is not proven and in general it is the marketing intrigues of competitors that the use of wooden stirrers will eliminate the risk of coating deformation and will not result in the ingress of hazardous substances into the body. However, those who have not forgotten the course of chemistry will remember that when chemicals of various kinds are heated, the evaporation of harmful substances occurs. Whether you want to risk your health or the health of your relatives so much is up to you.

Titanium Coated Frying Pan

The titan-coated frying pan does not have a harmful structure, cooking food on it is completely safe, it does well under the tap, even with cold water. The advantage of such a frying pan is that its cost is not exorbitant, but there is also a minus - it is not durable, it lasts for six months, after which you will notice that its coating starts to wear off, and the frying pan will turn from beautiful to ordinary frying pan, one to your collection of ordinary, scratched pans.

Ceramic coated pan

Immediately it can be noted that ceramic pan - not the cheapest, however, in the pans market and among the hostesses valued for their decent quality. A frying pan with a ceramic coating does not have hazardous substances in its composition; moreover, such a frying pan has excellent non-stick qualities that are achieved due to the smoothness of its coating.

Food on a ceramic coating is cooked twice as fast as usual., since such a frying pan heats up very quickly, but does not lead to burning. Typically, frying pans with a ceramic coating have an original and beautiful appearance, are relatively not heavy in weight and wash quickly.

If you are aiming to buy a truly high-quality frying pan, it is better to overpay a little more money, but to buy a high-quality ceramic frying pan.

How to choose the right ceramic pan?

So, how to choose a ceramic pan, which will serve you for many years? In order to choose a pan with a ceramic coating, you need to pay attention to its details.

Ceramic Frying Pan Handle

The handle should be, without a handle - there is no griddle, however, the important fact is that the handle should be removable, then it will be not only high-quality, but also universal, since it can be cooked both on the stove and in the oven, more Moreover, you will not burn your hands when you get the frying pan out of the oven.

Ceramic Pan Weight

The weight of the ceramic griddle is not as important as the bottom of the griddle, it must be of a certain thickness, the thickness for the aluminum bottom must be at least 5 mm, the thickness of the cast iron bottom is not less than 4 mm, the thickness of the steel is at least 5 mm.

Ceramic Pan Material

  • The choice of material of the pan depends on your personal preferences and on the properties of the metal you choose, for example, cast iron is considered incredibly durable, therefore it absolutely does not change its shape, has thick walls and bottom, with the help of such a pan the food will be cooked for a long time, then it will also cool for a long time. not for the impatient.
  • Although the aluminum frying pan heats the bottom quickly, it is absolutely not practical due to the fact that it leads to the deformation of the bottom.
  • The most acceptable option is the choice of a steel griddle, it does not rust, does not change its shape, and relatively quickly and evenly heats the bottom of the pan.

Ceramic coated pan

At the moment, the choice of a frying pan with a ceramic coating of steel has much more advantages over other types of frying pans. It also happens that the pan does not justify the hopes, but this is due to the fact that the most demanded product on the market is always at risk of being fake. China is a country that focuses on copying foreign production technologies using cheap materials.

Therefore, before choosing a frying pan, carefully study what is written on the reverse side, find out in advance from the seller the country - the manufacturer of the frying pan, and then you will delight not only yourself, but also your relatives with fast, high-quality and tasty food.

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