How to brew beer at home

Foamy and aromatic amber beer is considered to be an authentic Slavic drink. He was mentioned in Russian fairy tales. Remember the famous expression: "And I was there, honey, drank beer"? Today we will tell how to brew beer at home. The taste of this chilled beer will surprise you.

Revealing the secrets of brewing

How to brew beer at home

Experienced brewers claim that it is impossible to make beer without special expensive equipment. But fans of this drink say that you can use the tools at hand for brewing. But at the initial stage, the technology of home brewing is necessarily studied.

As a rule, to prepare such a drink with an amber tint, a standard set of products is used:

  • filtered water;
  • brewer's yeast;
  • granulated sugar;
  • barley malt;
  • hop.

There are many other, as they say, lightweight ways of making beer. We will talk about this a little later, and now we will carefully study the traditional rules of brewing. For home use to purchase the brewery is impractical. You can use handy objects and containers, in particular:

  • deep pan, better from enamelled material;
  • bottles or other containers for bottling;
  • large capacity for fermentation;
  • thermometer;
  • silicone hose;
  • gauze cut;
  • cooling element or dishes with ice water.

Home brewing occurs in several stages. Traditionally we begin with the preparation of the necessary inventory and products. Water must be purified. Some amateur brewers use mineral without gas or spring water.

Be sure to sterilize all containers. Choose only high-quality brewer's yeast. Preliminary they are recommended to be dissolved in slightly warm filtered water. Before using yeast, carefully read the instructions.

The next step is to grind the wort. What is it? For the preparation of beer traditionally used malt. It must be crushed mechanically - by means of a meat grinder or a machine for crushing grain. In no case do not need to grind this component to the consistency of flour. The term mashing refers to the cultivation of ground malt in warm water.

Next, the resulting mass is spread in gauze fabric and boiled in water for 90 minutes at a temperature mark of 68-80 °. Then the wort must be boiled, adding hops in equal parts. Features of this stage of brewing are in the original recipe and the number of added components.

Then you need to quickly cool the drink to a temperature mark of about 25 °. This is necessary to prevent the entry of bacteria or other harmful microorganisms. At the end of the drink is fermented. Yeast is added to the chilled beer and left in a secluded place for 7-10 days. After this time, the product is filtered and poured into containers. Beer should be tightly closed for storage.

Taste Austrian Beer

Czech and Austrian breweries have always been famous for the exquisite taste and aroma of frothy drinks. In order to taste such a beer, it is not at all necessary to go on a tour of Europe and visit famous breweries. Now you will learn how to brew beer at home. The recipe will help you perform all the actions correctly. Hurry in this matter to anything. Foamy drink must properly insist and ferment.

How to brew beer at home


  • 27 liters of filtered water;
  • 3 kg of malt;
  • 220 g of granulated sugar;
  • 45 g of hops;
  • 25 g beer yeast.


  1. Pour filtered water into a large thick-walled pot.
  2. Put the container on the stove and heat the liquid to a temperature mark of 80 °.How to brew beer at home
  3. Meanwhile, using a blender or grinder, grind the malt.
  4. Wrap the crushed product in a gauze cut and send it to water for 90 minutes.
  5. During the brewing of malt, we maintain a temperature threshold of 70 °.
  6. At maximum heat, boil the malt for another 10 minutes, and then remove the gauze cut from the water.

    How to brew beer at home
  7. Bring the liquid to a boil and begin to add hops in portions. 15 g lay out immediately. Divide the rest into two portions and add in 30 and 40 minutes respectively.How to brew beer at home
  8. Then quickly move the dishes with beer in a large container with ice water.
  9. When the beer reaches a temperature point of 25 °, pour out the yeast previously diluted in accordance with the instructions.
  10. In this form, insist drink for 10 days.How to brew beer at home
  11. Then add granulated sugar at the rate of 8 g per 1000 ml of drink.
  12. Insist foam drink for another 17 days.
  13. Strain the beer and serve chilled to the table.

Cooking a frothy drink at home

As you can see, the technology of brewing is very complex, costly and long-term. If you want to speed up this process and enjoy the taste of a frothy drink, while spending the minimum amount of money and time, this recipe is for you. Please note that this beer is recommended to be consumed within 14 days, otherwise the drink will deteriorate and become unsuitable.

How to brew beer at home


  • 50 g of hops;
  • 1/10 Art. yeast;
  • 1250 grams of granulated sugar;
  • 50 g of raisins;
  • 1500 g of malt;
  • 50 ml of wine;
  • 100 ml of filtered water.


  1. In a thick-walled enameled container, we mix filtered water, wine, and granulated sugar.
  2. All well stirred and set on the stove.
  3. Then add raisins, not steamed beforehand, and hops.
  4. For 35 minutes, boil this mixture, stirring occasionally.
  5. Using a sieve or gauze cut, filter the liquid.
  6. At this stage, add malt to the filtered broth.
  7. Now pour in another 9 liters of filtered water and bring the mixture to a boil again.
  8. After the beverage is rapidly cooled to a temperature of 30 °, add the crushed yeast.
  9. Insist foam drink for 9 days.
  10. Do not forget to remove the foam that appears.
  11. Eat this homemade beer should be within 10-14 days.

Now you know how to make an aromatic, cool, delicious amber-colored frothy drink. Collect noisy friends and treat them to your own beer. I wish you success!

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