How much time to cook the chicken in the oven - the whole

Tasty, useful, fast and affordable - it's all about the dishes from tender chicken meat. This product is recommended for both adults and children. And what flavors the kitchen fills from the baked chicken! Find out how much to cook chicken in the oven - and your culinary skills will be highly appreciated by your family and guests.

Each housewife has favorite recipes for this meat product - traditional or copyright. Having at your disposal chicken meat, you can surprise at every family dinner, experimenting with dishes from different nations of the world. To culinary ventures have always been successful, there are proven and important rules, for example, how much time to cook the chicken in the oven.

If you follow the recommendations, the meat is fully cooked, it will be juicy and healthy. The dish overexposed in the oven will lose its taste, may dry up or burn. But insufficiently baked meat is dangerous for health: there is a risk of ingestion of harmful bacteria, such as salmonella (the causative agent of salmonellosis).

Cooking the perfect chicken: note the time

How many cook chicken in the oven?

The decision on how much to cook the chicken in the oven depends on a number of factors. It:

  • the size of a whole bird;
  • what parts are chosen for roasting;
  • oven temperature;
  • in what form the dish is prepared.

Each of these aspects has its own culinary subtleties. For example, to determine how much to cook a whole chicken in the oven, it is important to focus on the weight of the bird. If the bird is purchased at the point of sale, its weight is indicated on the package. In other cases, useful kitchen scales. And for experienced hostesses, determining by eye how much a bird weighs is a matter of one second.

On average, the chicken curls 1.5 kg. Professional chefs recommend setting the oven temperature to classic - 180-200 degrees. Cooking carcass takes about 1.5 hours when baking in an open way (we'll talk about the others below).

Portions of chicken baked in the oven become an excellent main course. The optimal heating of the oven is 180 degrees. Recommendations for the time for the preparation of individual pieces of chicken carcass look like this:

  • shins, thighs - 45-50 minutes;
  • breasts, fillets and wings - 40-45 minutes.

Chicken meat is very "compliant" in relation to various additives and fillings. Pieces of chicken can be baked with potatoes, various vegetables and mushrooms, seasoning with sauces or sprinkling with cheese. The average cooking time for such dishes is 50 minutes.

One of the most popular options for roasting poultry is stuffed chicken. There are many options for filling: mixes of vegetables, cereals, apples, forest gifts - mushrooms, dried fruits ... Cooking such a dish will take at least 1.5 hours. You can simmer and 2-2.5 hours.

Useful extras - for expert cooking

Chicken in foil

The modern housewife can choose how to bake the chicken - in the open form on the baking sheet, wrapped in foil or placed in a sleeve for baking. The last two options, many cooks recognize more convenient. They protect the meat from burning, contribute to the saturation of the dish with its own juice. If you choose the option of cooking without these additions, then the chicken is recommended to periodically pour the liquid, which is formed during baking.

How many cook chicken in the oven in foil? Usually, 1 is enough, a maximum of 1.5 hours for the bird to stay in the oven. To check the readiness of the dish, you need to get the meat out of the oven, gently unfold the foil. Chicken pierced with a knife or a wooden skewer for mini kebabs. Selection of clear juice indicates the readiness of meat. This method is used to determine the readiness of chicken, baked in open form.

The method described above also helps to determine exactly how much to cook the chicken in the oven in the sleeve: check the readiness after an hour and a half. To this form of roasting meat was a success, take advantage of a little secret. Putting the carcass in the sleeve on the baking sheet, in the upper part of the package you need to make a few holes with a thin toothpick. If these punctures are exactly on top, then the juice produced by the chicken will not flow and burn.

Golden crust is what makes poultry meat especially attractive. To get such a "bonus", you need to open the foil or cut the sleeve 10 minutes before the finish of roasting. And a roasted, fragrant dish is provided to your table!

Baked chicken is a favorite among fast, tasty and healthy meat dishes. You can use different recipes for cooking, while following the recommendations for baking time is one of the keys to success. These rules are determined by the size of the bird, the choice of certain parts for the main course, the temperature of the oven. Snapping in open form, foil or sleeve, you need to give the bird enough time, because only properly cooked meat is good for health and really tasty.

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