How much time and how to cook fresh cauliflower before

Much has been said and written about the benefits of cauliflower. And yet, not everyone likes the taste of this vegetable. This is due to the fact that many do not know how to cook it properly, in particular, how much to cook cauliflower before frying or stewing. But, having done everything according to the rules, you can be sure that the dish will turn out very tasty.

How to cook cauliflower before frying?

Should I cook cabbage before frying?

Most often cauliflower is fried. However, few adhere to the recipe and boil the vegetable before cooking. Meanwhile, only after the cabbage blossoms undergo heat treatment in boiling water, they become soft and juicy. And the frying time is reduced to 4-5 minutes. Many housewives do not boil a vegetable, because they want to reduce the cooking time, but all because they do not know how long to cook the cauliflower before frying.

How to cook cauliflower fresh before frying?

To make the cauliflower a delicate and airy dish, it should be properly prepared, that is, boiled. The best way to do this is to use an enamel pot and a minimum of additives.

How to cook cauliflower fresh before frying?


  • cauliflower head;
  • salt;
  • water.


  1. Thoroughly wash the cabbage head, tearing off the green leaves.
  2. Cut the thick leg and disassemble the head into inflorescences.
  3. Wash the inflorescences again.
  4. We spread in the enameled pan of the billet stalks down.
  5. Fill with water so that the cabbage is completely covered, set on medium heat.
  6. After boiling salt and reduce the fire.
  7. Cook for another 10 minutes (if we boil a whole head of cabbage, we increase the time to 20-25 minutes).

Thus, making calculations, it is easy to answer the question of how many minutes to cook the cauliflower before frying. In a saucepan, cooking time is 10 minutes after boiling, in a slow cooker - 20 minutes. In the latter case, you do not need to add water. It is enough to choose the mode "Steam treatment".

In the process of boiling out of the cabbage smell and partially - bitterness. Especially if after boiling add a slice of white bread or buns. But if you plan to fry cabbage in breadcrumbs, then a slight bitterness will give the dish spice. By the way, it is equally tasty if you fry cabbage inflorescences in batter made from flour with egg.

The tricks of preparing cauliflower for frying

The tricks of preparing cauliflower for frying

Delicious fried cauliflower is a wonderful side dish or a separate dish that is cooked quickly. But do not neglect the recommendations on the preparation of vegetables for frying.

  • Choosing a cauliflower head, carefully inspect it for the presence of dark spots - this is a sign of vegetable spoilage.
  • A bunch of fresh cabbage blossoms must be selected with green whole leaves - this is an indicator of freshness.
  • In case frozen cauliflower is taken for cooking, it is not necessary to thaw it before cooking. Vegetable inflorescences are dipped in cold water and cooked in the same way as fresh ones, only 5-7 minutes can be added to boiling time.
  • Before frying the inflorescences, they need to be boiled and slightly salted.
  • If you like the original aftertaste, then during the cooking process you can pepper the cabbage or add any other spices at your discretion. The time of boiling will not allow the product to be strongly saturated with extraneous tastes and smells, but some new notes of taste will still appear.
  • Some cauliflower fans advise boiling vegetables in milk with a minimum percentage of fat. But in this case, the cabbage should not boil longer than 5 minutes, as the milk softens it in addition.
  • To check the readiness of cabbage, the stem should be pierced with a knife. However, it is worth considering that frying will add extra cooking time, so it is better to boil the vegetable until half cooked. Then, after roasting, the inflorescences will retain their elasticity and will not fall apart.

Knowing how much to cook cauliflower before frying, you can speed up the process of roasting it. And, of course, to achieve the maximum disclosure of the taste of healthy vegetables. From pre-boiling dish only wins, as it becomes softer and juicier. At the same time in the process it is possible, if desired, to enrich it with new flavor notes.

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