How many potatoes are cooked in soup

Surely each of us at least once in his life cooked soup. But sometimes there are unforeseen incidents. It seems that the recipe was adhered to, and the potatoes turned into mush, thereby spoiling the dish. Why does this happen and how many potatoes are boiled in the soup? Let's try to understand these issues.

"Foreign and Russian"

How many potatoes are cooked in soup? Features of cooking new potatoes

If we turn to the culinary books with the question of how long the potatoes are boiled in the soup, we will find the answer - the diced tubers will be ready after 10-15 minutes. Why does it sometimes happen that the product remains undercooked or, conversely, turns into an unpleasant mush? It turns out that much depends on the selected potato variety.

If we consider potatoes in terms of the usefulness of a particular species, then the most acceptable are considered to be colored varieties:

  • yellow tubers are saturated with carotene, which improves eyesight;
  • Red-violet varieties are rich in antioxidants that promote cell regeneration and protect against premature aging.

Otherwise, it is unlikely that you will be able to distinguish one variety from another in appearance, so when you buy potatoes, it is more expedient to ask the seller how much the tubers are boiled soft. For example, strongly starchy varieties are ideal for preparing children's first courses and cream soup:

  • "Elizabeth";
  • "Spring is white";
  • "Fairy tale";
  • "Romano";
  • "Skarb".

Such potatoes will be ready after 8-10 minutes of cooking, but on the condition of fine cutting.

But little starchy varieties are ideal for soups and salads. Such tubers keep their shape and practically do not absorb broth. By the way, if you need tubers that do not boil soft, buy potatoes labeled "salad". Pay attention to these varieties:

  • "Leader";
  • Nevsky;
  • "Gypsy";
  • Red Scarlett;
  • "Luck";
  • "Rowan".

How long does the potato boil in the soup? In the soup, sliced ​​potatoes with low starch content will be cooked in 15-20 minutes depending on the size of the pieces. Very often, "soup" tubers are found in import manufacturers. Such "foreigners" are different in appearance from "Russians": potatoes are dense, smooth and smooth. However, before you trust such a marketing move and put the potato net in your cart, you should know that this visual deception is achieved through the use of a variety of fertilizers and chemicals.

Young - green

New Potato Soup

In summer, new potatoes become especially popular in vegetable soups. And here, it is worth noting that the variety, although playing a role, is very small. Young tubers themselves are prepared much longer than their mature counterparts, so relying on normal data will not work.

And in order to understand exactly how many young potatoes are being cooked, you will need both the so-called culinary flair and a bit of experience. True, several universal rules may help to cope with this task:

  • For perfect steaming, it is better to plant young tubers in cold water, provided, of course, that the soup is not cooked in broth. But other vegetables should be added 15 minutes after boiling and then cook until the rest of the ingredients are ready.
  • No matter how hard you try to achieve the perfect softness of new potatoes, it will not work. It's all about the crust, which we scraped. As a result, no matter how you cook, outside the root will be harsh.
  • In principle, the average cooking time for new potatoes is 25 minutes. But the most accurate indicator will be a regular kitchen knife or fork. Pierce a slice, and if the knife enters easily, then the potatoes have boiled enough.

The main condition for boiling young potatoes in the soup - tomato paste, pickles and other oxidants should be added to the last. In the slightly acidic broth, the cooking time of new potatoes is increased by one and a half times.

How many potatoes are boiled in the soup after boiling?

Interesting to know:

  • It is better never to mix potatoes of several varieties, otherwise it may turn out that one part of it will melt, while the other will remain damp.
  • If you do not know how many potatoes are cooked of a certain sort after boiling, then it is better to boil it for 10 minutes, and then cover the pan tightly with a lid and wrap with a towel. Potatoes in the soup will come independently.
  • So that the cleaned root does not darken, immediately cut it into pieces and place them in cool water. But the tubers need to be kept in the water for a short time, otherwise the flesh will become very hard.
  • How to save the soup, if the potatoes remained damp? Add a piece of butter to the broth and boil for another 15 minutes.
  • Many people believe that you need to salt the soup on readiness. However, experienced chefs advise you to add spices immediately after planting the potatoes so that it is well salted.

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine that someone does not know how or does not know how and how much to cook potatoes in soup. However, in practice, various misunderstandings can happen to every hostess. The main thing - when buying carefully choose a variety of potatoes. And all the other knowledge and skills will come with experience.

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