How homemade moonshine is cleaned with activated carbon

Moonshine ("homemade" vodka) often contains a number of impurities, many of which are harmful to the body. Therefore, various methods of driving a liquid are used with the main goal - to eliminate harmful substances. The most popular filters for moonshine are potassium permanganate and charcoal. If you follow the cleaning technology, using high-quality raw materials, you will be able to achieve the crystalline purity of the product.

Cleaning of moonshine with activated carbon

Cleaning of moonshine with activated carbon

At home, the simplest and most expensive is to clean the moonshine with activated carbon. Tablets can be bought at any pharmacy. This is a very cheap drug with excellent absorbent properties.

Activated carbon is produced from carbonaceous materials of organic origin. The porous structure of the substance affects the sorption properties, which, we note, have very high rates. Due to which the product has found its application in medicine and industry, it is used for cleaning, separation and extraction of various substances.

Cleaning with activated carbon tablets is as follows:

  1. Tablets need to crush. Substances required in the amount of 50 g of powder per 1 liter of liquid.
  2. Fill in the required amount of crushed activated carbon in a tank with moonshine and leave for several weeks (from 1 to 3, depending on how quickly the cleaning will take place).
  3. During the cleaning time it is necessary to shake the container with moonshine daily several times a day.
  4. Next week, let stand. After that, the liquid should be filtered and poured into clean dishes.

How to make a filter with your own hands?

For the simplest filter made by your own hands, a piece of gauze, a cotton swab, calcined sand will do. The funnel, through which the liquid will pass during cleaning, is covered with gauze in several layers, then cotton is put, a two-centimeter layer of sand is poured, and again a layer of gauze. Using such a homemade filter for moonshine, 0.5 l of a substance is distilled in an hour.

Why filter homemade vodka

A similar distillation is made through a charcoal filter (the simplest type is activated carbon tablets). As in the method proposed above, we construct a funnel, but instead of sand we use crushed tablets.

It is much easier to use industrial filters for water treatment, of which there are many trademarks in stores. Moonshine is poured into the bucket with the filter installed, and then it remains to wait until the liquid flows from one tank to another.

Why filter homemade vodka?

Any moonshine needs to be cleaned due to the presence of foreign substances that can both affect the quality of the product and cause harm to the human body. In addition to ethyl alcohol and water, there is technical alcohol, acids, aldehydes, ethers in the moonshine. Because of this, the drink of the first stage has a rather unpleasant smell. If you ignite such moonshine, after burning of combustible substances on the bottom of the tank there will be a brownish oily residue.

To improve the quality of filtration, moonshine is required to bring up to 40-45 degrees of strength, since the stronger the product, the stronger the impurities are retained in it. Of course, cleaning alone is not enough. The first run will remove larger particles. Raw alcohol will brighten a little, but will not yet be crystal clear. When you re-run you need to make a new filter.

Here is how homemade cleared moonshine. Be patient, this process is lengthy, requiring attention and accurate adherence to technology. The more thoroughly the treatment goes, the better the homemade vodka will be.

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