How beautifully folded paper napkins on the holiday table

Have you ever wondered why sometimes the most familiar dishes acquire some special identity? It's all about serving! If the hostess knows how to skillfully serve this or that treat, how beautifully to fold napkins (paper and cloth), then the impression from the feast will be exceptionally pleasant and memorable.

Décor accessible to all

As the theater begins with a hanger, so the feast begins with the decoration. And even such an element as a napkin - paper, fabric, acquires a special meaning in the context of the festive table. By the way, some origami craftswomen are of the opinion that the method of folding paper handkerchiefs should be related to the occasion of the celebration.

How beautifully folded paper napkins?

The decor with napkins has its own aesthetics and has a number of advantages, such as:

  • accessibility (even a child can learn to fold handkerchiefs);
  • low cost (for a beautiful serving it is not necessary to buy expensive figurines at all - you can do with a pack of high-quality napkins);
  • originality (for a children's holiday, you can use bright paper material, folded bunny, and for a romantic dinner - plain colors of pastel shades, wrapped in the form of a candle).

Thus, having the skill of decorating a solemn feast with paper napkins, you can always:

  • create a unique atmosphere;
  • save on expensive decorative details;
  • show your creativity.

Handkerchiefs can be offered in a napkin holder, on a plate or directly on the table.

How unusual to fold napkins in the napkin holder?

Special coasters for paper handkerchiefs - napkin holders - can be of different shapes. The most common model is a semicircle. Under it, the sheets of paper can be folded with a lush fan.


  1. Fold the napkin.
  2. We make an accordion with a fold width of about 2 cm.
  3. Fold the workpiece in half, the corner is inserted into a semicircle napkin holder.

There is a very simple way to add zest to the table. For this you need to take napkins of two contrasting shades.

How unusual to fold napkins in the napkin holder?


  1. We take the napkin out of the package, fold it in a triangle.
  2. We form a fan with a shift of 1 cm from such blanks and insert its napkin holder.
  3. Straighten the handkerchiefs so that only one corner is peeking.

Those who prefer minimalism in the design of the table, will appreciate the napkin holder, which is an ordinary glass (glass). And knowing how beautifully folded paper napkins in a glass, you can bring your own zest to the decor.


  1. Fold the handkerchief (it is better to take napkins of thick paper).
  2. Fold the triangle.
  3. Bend one of the corners of the base and twist the tube.
  4. Fill the blank in the middle and fix both ends in a glass.

5 exquisite options

Schemes describing how beautifully folded paper napkins on the festive table, can be applied to the cloth version. An example of such a solemn presentation - "Candle".

How beautifully folded paper napkins on the holiday table:


  1. We put a dense monophonic napkin face down.
  2. We form an isosceles triangle out of it.
  3. Bend the base 2 cm out.
  4. We begin to twist the tube.
  5. Speaking tail refuel inside.

From large paper handkerchiefs you can make the original "Fan". This napkin does not need a napkin holder, it is put on the table.

How unusual to fold napkins in the napkin holder?


  1. Fold the handkerchief "face" up.
  2. From above we bend the fourth part of the napkin.
  3. On the seamy side, fold outward 1/3 of the tissue.
  4. We fold the workpiece in half.
  5. We make 5 identical folds.
  6. We fix in the hand the open part and straighten the inner part of the accordion. Put the napkin on the base.

Another universal way to fold any napkin is Sasha. This design model will look good both at a festive feast and at a business lunch.

How to fold napkins in the form of Sasha?


  1. Unfold the napkin face down and fold in half.
  2. 1/3 of one layer bend out.
  3. Turn over the workpiece, connect the two sides and put the seam down.

If you are decorating a romantic dinner, then fold the napkins according to the "Peacock" pattern.

How to fold the napkins in the shape of & quot; Peacock & quot ;?


  1. Two opposite corners of the developed dense napkin we fold towards each other.
  2. Now we reduce the double angles to the center.
  3. We repeat the previous step again.
  4. Having retreated 3-4 cm from a wide edge, we make a bend - this is the bird's neck.
  5. The sharp edge is folded to the side - it is a beak.
  6. Getting down to the peacock's tail. Fold the napkin and make an accordion with folds of about 2 cm out of it.
  7. The resulting billet fold in the middle and straighten the "feathers".
  8. Fasten the plumage to the bird's neck and attach the figure to the glass. Peacock is ready.

Do you want to unusual decorate a feast for a children's holiday? Then try beautifully folded paper napkins on the table in the form of a rabbit. Step by step this technology will take you just a couple of minutes.

How unusual to fold napkins?


  1. We fold the napkin twice in the middle to get a narrow ribbon-rectangle.
  2. We fold the rectangle with a triangle, connecting two edges in the middle.
  3. Bottom corners are reduced to a fold in the center.
  4. The side parts are directed to the middle.
  5. The angle is wrapped in the formed pocket.
  6. Sharpen the acute part - these are bunny ears.
  7. Put a napkin on the table or on a plate.

To master in practice the answer to the question of how beautifully to fold paper napkins is not difficult at all. Bright, colorful images created with the help of handkerchiefs and skillful hands will give a special charm to serving. You can choose the way of folding for a specific occasion, and you can follow your mood and please your loved ones with the original design every day, making it more pleasant.

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