Hot pickling of mushrooms

One of the most common methods of processing mushrooms for their storage is salting. Such mushrooms can be used for side dishes, snacks, soups and other dishes. Salting is the preservation of mushrooms in a solution of table salt using various spices.

Salting mushrooms allows you to save them for a long time. In addition, spices, which are one of the components of preservation, make the taste of mushrooms spicy and give it some zest.

Pickling mushrooms

Hot pickling of mushrooms

  • Almost all types of mushrooms can be salted. The main condition is, of course, their edibility. However, this is not the only condition for good salting. Mushrooms going to be preserved must be fresh, not wormy, be moderately mature and strong, they must be free from various defects.
  • Before you start pickling mushrooms, they must be sorted, so that they differ in grades and size. In addition, the legs should be trimmed.
  • As for syroezhek and butter, then these mushrooms need, among other things, also remove the skin from above.
  • Hygiene rules for salting should also not be deprived of your attention. Remember to wash the mushrooms thoroughly before salting them. This should be done with a colander and a bucket of cold water. All you need is to repeatedly dip the colander with mushrooms in a bucket of water. Do not forget to wash the mushrooms along the way. After immersion and simultaneous washing, the mushrooms should be allowed to swell. When you immerse the mushrooms in water, do not hold them in the liquid for a long time, so that the caps (especially in young mushrooms) are not filled with moisture.
  • After the mushrooms are washed, they must be cleaned of leaves, needles and other debris that could stick to them. We must not forget to get rid of the damage, cutting out such places. Processing the legs is about cutting their bottom about half. If you have large mushrooms in your arsenal, cut them into equal pieces. If the mushrooms are small, you can salt them entirely.
  • Butters, mushrooms, mushrooms and aspen mushrooms have in their composition substances that darken very quickly as soon as they collide with air. In order to prevent darkening, use the following tool. Put 10 g of salt and about 2 g of citric acid (amount of ingredients per liter of water) in a pot of water. In this vessel with a solution, you must immediately place the mushrooms.
  • There are several ways to pickle mushrooms: dry, cold, and hot.

Hot pickling of mushrooms

Hot pickling of mushrooms


  • mushrooms - 1 kg
  • salt - 2 tbsp.
  • bay leaf - 1 pc
  • Peas - 3 pcs
  • Carnation - 3 pcs
  • dill - 5 g
  • black currant leaves - 2 leaves


  1. Preparation for hot brining is carried out according to the traditional scheme. Mushrooms must first be thoroughly washed, cleaned and processed. In the white mushrooms, aspen and boletus do not forget to cut the roots. However, then these same roots can be salted separately.
  2. If mushrooms have large caps, they can be cut in half, provided that you salt them together with small ones. After the preparation of the mushrooms is completed, they are washed with cold water. Valusi when salted soaked in water for 2-3 days.
  3. In the pot that you chose for this process, you need to pour half a glass of water for every kilogram of mushrooms, put the same salt and put on the fire. When the water boils, put mushrooms in it. To prevent the mushrooms from burning during cooking, they should be periodically stirred with the help of cheesy.
  4. After boiling water with mushrooms, it is necessary to carefully remove the formed foam using skimmers. When you remove the foam, add to the mushrooms bay leaf, pepper, and other seasonings. All this is necessary to cook, gently stirring, a certain time. Time it is necessary to count from the moment of boiling. For ceps, the boiling period is 20-25 minutes. The same applies to boletus and aspen. Valui should be cooked for 15-20 minutes, and volvushki and russula only 10-15 minutes.

A sign of readiness of the mushrooms will be their lowering to the bottom of the pan. It is necessary to pay attention to the brine. It should be transparent. To the finished mushrooms rather cool, they are placed in a wide dish. After cooling, the mushrooms together with the brine are laid out in banks and closed. The amount of brine to be taken is very important. Its optimum amount is 1/5 part to the weight of mushrooms.

Mushrooms salted in this way can be eaten 40-45 days after salting.

This type of canning will bring you a lot of pleasure and enjoyment of the unique taste of pickled mushrooms. This dish can be used as soon as you like. Of course, each of the options will please you!

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