Homemade wine from jam

Every person at least once in his life was convinced that home-made products are tastier and more qualitative than those found on store shelves. Almost any product available in the markets can have an analogue prepared at home.

Now it is becoming more and more dangerous to buy alcohol. You can often find that the wine you bought only remotely resembles this noble drink. So why not try make your own wine at home? Moreover, for this you need only berry or fruit jam.

How to make homemade wine from jam?

Homemade wine from jam


  1. Jam - 1 l
  2. Water - 1 l
  3. Raisin - 110 g


  • Prepare a three-liter jar. Wash the container thoroughly with soda and rinse with warm water several times. Upon completion of these actions, process the jar with boiling water.
  • Take a liter of water and boil it. The boiled water should cool down at room temperature. In order for you to make wine, boiled water should be a little warm.
  • Take care of the jam. Transfer 1 l of sweet mass to the prepared clean three-liter jar. In a jar to the jam, add 1 l of cooled boiled water and 110 g of raisins. Mix all contents thoroughly. The jar should be closed with a capron lid. Place the vessel in a warm place.
  • The lid on the can will need to be removed after 10 days. Remove the pulp from the surface of the water, and the solution must be drained using gauze folded in several layers. Thus, you will receive a wort that needs to be poured into a pre-washed can. Take a sterile rubber glove and put the jars on the neck.
  • The bank must be placed in a dark place where it must be located for 40 days. This time is necessary for the implementation of the fermentation process in the bank. A signal to the end of the fermentation process should be a rubber glove, which, having initially puffed up, should fall again. Also note the color of the wine - it should become transparent.
  • When the 40 days of fermentation is over, you can pour the wine into bottles. This should be done very carefully, as it is necessary to ensure that the sediment does not fall into these bottles.
  • Bottles with wine poured into them should be placed in a dark place. Wine will be ready only in 2 months after that. Cooked in this way homemade wine will have a fortress of about 10 degrees.

A simple recipe for making homemade wine from jam

Homemade wine from jam: a simple recipe


  1. Jam - 1 l
  2. Rice (millet) - 1 tbsp.
  3. Fresh Yeast - 20 g
  4. Water


  • Put in a prepared clean three-liter jar of 1 l of jam. Jam can take any. Put 1 tbsp in a jar of jam. rice. Rice must be unwashed. Instead of rice, you can try to take millet, but it is better to use rice.
  • To the resulting mixture, add 20 g of fresh yeast. Pour water so that its level reaches the shoulders of the can. Water should be boiled, but warm, not hot.
  • Put on a sterile medical rubber glove and fasten it. Make a puncture in the glove using a needle from a syringe. Put the jar in a warm dark place for the fermentation process.
  • Willingness can be determined by sediment. As soon as he settles, and the wine becomes transparent, the drink is ready.
  • Carefully pour the wine so that no sediment gets into the new vessel. Such an action is the easiest to produce with a dropper tube.
  • Taste the wine. If you need to make it sweeter, add sugar. The maximum sugar content in your wine should be 20 g / l.
  • Now pour the wine into bottles and leave for 2-3 days. After this time, the drink is ready for use.
  • You can add different flavors by insisting wine on a clove, raisin, mint, vanilla or cinnamon.

Tips for making homemade wine from jam

  • If you want to speed up the process of making wine from jam, you can make the wort ferment faster. To do this, you need to add a small amount of yeast. If you do not find wine yeast, yeast for baking bread is quite suitable for you. Do not use beer yeast!

Homemade wine from jam: tips

  • Cover the jar can not only with a glove. It is necessary to build a water trap, i.e. tube, the free end of which falls into another jar of water.
  • If for making wine you take sweet jam (raspberry, strawberry), then it is better to add some more sour (currant or gooseberry). If you do not, your wine will taste like compote with vodka.
  • Cooking wine from spoiled jam can not. Do not use any ingredient that has become moldy.
  • For the storage of ready-made wine is better to use not plastic, but glass bottles. Plastic deteriorates quite quickly, and because of this, product damage may occur.

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Homemade wine from jam turns out very tasty, if the technology is observed in its preparation. Therefore, strictly adhere to the recipe and follow some of these tips. You will definitely get a delicious drink to your holiday table.

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