Homemade cocktail

Cocktail making is a science that can be learned with the necessary supplies and desires. Mixing drinks, you can pass for friends as a skilled bartender, provided that you strictly follow the recipe and choose the freshest ingredients for cocktails. Otherwise, you risk enjoying your cocktails in splendid isolation.

Homemade cocktail: cooking secrets

One of the most important rules for making cocktails is exact selection of components. For example, just like spaghetti will not make a real Italian delicacy, if you add the wrong ingredients to it, you cannot replace one component with another in cocktails. It is also very important to follow the rules of making a particular cocktail. There are cocktails when drinks are lined up in layers by the layers - Building, or in more common ways: mixing the ingredients - Mixing, and whipping - Shaking.

Cocktail preparation rules

  • The cocktail should be prepared quickly and immediately served on the table so that the guests could feel the beauty and freshness of the drink, and the ice in the drink did not melt before serving. But quickly, it does not mean with haste, mix the ingredients quickly, but do not hurry anywhere. Haste can only harm a cocktail. Before starting the preparation, get all the necessary components so that you do not look for anything. So you will have everything at hand and will only mix the right drinks.
  • If the prescription cocktail should be whipped in a shaker, then fill it up to about half. The rest will remain for whipping. The beating procedure is quite funny and you can perform it right in front of the guests. Check that ice for cocktail crystal clear. To put it in a drink, use tongs, but do not touch the ice with your hands. This is not only unhygienic, but the touch of ice thaws faster. When preparing a new cocktail, do not take pity on fresh ice. Using old ice in another cocktail can change its taste. It will not affect the cocktail only when you are preparing the same cocktail, but with different cocktails it is unacceptable.
  • Cocktail shaking, Of course, a very exciting procedure, but you should not resort to it if the recipe requires mixing a cocktail.
  • Adding to the cocktail fruit or fruit juices, use only the freshest and coolest. Put them in the refrigerator beforehand. If possible, make fresh juice just before making the drink.
  • Real bartenders always decorate their cocktails with fruits or other side dishes with the help of skewers. You can use them - it looks more professional. Also think about how to make the cocktails more aesthetic and appetizing. For example, you can make a motley bezel on the edge of a glass by dipping it in lemon juice, and then sprinkling with colored icing sugar. Or you can decorate with various decorations - umbrellas, tubules, panicles, etc. For the best taste of the cocktail, not only add ice to it before serving, but also keep the drinkware in the refrigerator beforehand so that it keeps the cold better. composed of lemon peel juice. It is easy to get this juice, for this you just need to take a thin cut lemon peel, break this slice and squeeze tightly, squeezing juice drops into a cocktail.

Cocktail making methods

Homemade cocktail: cooking secrets

Way shake

For such cocktails you will need a metal glass shaker. This method is usually used when the components in the drink are poorly mixed. First, check if all the ingredients are ready.

Fill a glass with two-thirds of the ice so that it cools down. Before pouring the components into the shaker, check that there is no water left in it. Be careful, you can not pour into the shaker: sparkling and mineral water, sparkling wines and champagne, soda, beer and apple juice. Also in a shaker, you can cook a maximum of three servings. Before mixing drinks, close the shaker with a lid, and then mix for no more than 10 seconds. Now you can pour cocktails and decorate.

Build Method

This method is somewhat simpler and is performed in ordinary drinking glasses. Prepare glasses for a cocktail - heat or cool, depending on what the drink is. Also prepare all the ingredients in advance. Fill a glass with prescription ingredients and stir with a bar spoon. Now you can decorate.

Stear's way

For this method you need a special mixing cup. The glass is filled with finely crushed ice "Frope". Then all the ingredients are poured into a glass according to the recipe and mixed with a bar spoon for about 5-6 seconds. The resulting drink is poured through a small strainer and decorated.

Bland way

The method bears this name, as it is prepared in Blendler, i.e. the mixer And with a high content of ice such cocktails are called Friezendrinki. Before the start of cooking, we put ice to the ice in the mixer. Bringing ice to snow. Then add the ingredients according to the recipe. Spill cocktails in glasses with ice. Usually the cocktail is placed in the glasses to the top and put in the fridge for 10 minutes before serving. All freeze-ready ready!

Homemade cocktail: cooking secrets

Fruit Cocktails

First, we process the fruit: clean, discard the seed, cut. Add ice to the blender by half. Then we fall asleep the fruit and bring it to the state of half-ready. Now add the ingredients according to the recipe, pour the cocktails and decorate.

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When making cocktails at a festive table, remember that invited guests may have different tastes, so it would be nice to make a second alternative cocktail. Also, do not forget that many cocktails are high in calories and should not be carried away by them.

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