Home-made irgi wine


Irgu is called by many other names, in our country it is known as the grape berry, although many of us have never heard of such a name. However, the vineyards and winemakers who are well versed in their business about such a plant as Irga are well known. Irga is the plant of the Rosaceae family.

Irga grows in the Caucasus, as well as on a sunny location high in the mountains.

It should be noted that irga is one of the most unpretentious plants, which does not need special care and watering, as the plant has strong and long roots that go deep into the ground and feed on all the necessary minerals at a depth of two meters.

However, irgi berries can cause trouble in the yard, because the juice of the berries has a very strong and acrid color from red to dark blue, therefore it is better to remove irgu from the light paths in the yard, and your hands can also be damaged and stained. When you begin to collect irgu, it is better to use gloves.

Berry Berry

Berries irgi used in food: make jam, cook kissel, fruit compote, make juice. Moreover, the irgi berries also have beneficial anti-inflammatory properties, and also have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract.


  1. First make the syrup. To do this, bring the water to a boil and gradually add sugar to it with constant stirring. 10-15 minutes cooking low heat.
  2. Then it is necessary to squeeze out the juice, mix it with sugar syrup and pour it into a jar or a large bottle. Close the bottle with a stopper with a hole in which to insert the glass tube. To put on her a rubber tube, the free end of which is immersed in a vessel with water. When this mixture becomes light in color, pour it into another bottle and close tightly.
  3. After 3 months, the wine can be bottled, corked and stored in an inclined position so that the bottlenecks are facing downwards.

Here is such a simple recipe for wine from jungle - to do this for everyone

Enjoy your meal!