Georgian green tomatoes


Caucasian vegetable dishes can be different: boiled, baked, stewed, fried, and, of course, pickled or salted.

The most commonly used combination of any one vegetable (for example, tomatoes) with a large variety of spices.

Georgian green tomatoes


  1. Green tomatoes - 10 kg
  2. Celery Greens - 1.5 kg
  3. Garlic - 1 kg
  4. Green chilli pepper - 0.1 kg
  5. Parsley - 0.1 kg
  6. Bay leaf - 5 pieces

The composition of the brine:

  1. Water - 10 l
  2. Salt - 0.7 kg


  • Garlic, celery and bitter green pepper washed, and then chopped and mixed.
  • Green tomatoes must be cut into quarters, but not reaching the end of the bottom of the tomato.
  • Chopped garlic with pepper and herbs, put in the middle of the tomato.
  • Then put the tomatoes tightly in a three-liter jar. Top with 3 tbsp. spoon salt and cover with cool water, close the plastic lid and place in a cool place.

After 10-15 days, tomatoes are ready! Juicy, spicy spicy!

How else can you cook green tomatoes, you will learn from the article Green Tomatoes Stuffed with Garlic.

Enjoy your meal!

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