Garlic during pregnancy

During the pregnancy period, the ladies just don’t want: chalk, marmalade, chalk with marmalade, cucumbers with yogurt or something worse. And how to deny yourself and the child, especially if gastronomic innovations are not harmful? And why refuse? After all, it is known that in small quantities you can afford these or other delicacies during pregnancy.

Garlic is not a delicacy, but future moms treat it with caution. In various forums on food topics during pregnancy, many women are advised not to abuse this seasoning. Although garlic has been treated for a long time, its amount should be limited to pregnant women. So say nutritionists who recommend to monitor the absorption of garlic, because it is quite toxic.

Garlic: benefits and harms during pregnancy

All nine months a pregnant woman should carefully monitor their diet. In the first trimester, the expectant mother can safely use one clove of garlic a day, not more! Regarding pickled garlic - it can also be eaten in the same dosage as the usual. In the later periods, you should carefully consider the list of non-recommended products.

  • If there is no particular craving for garlic, then it should not be used to avoid unintended consequences. And if you are used to using garlic daily as a therapeutic product, you should not sharply tie it. It is better to gradually abandon garlic, because in the third trimester and while feeding this spice in a pregnant woman should not be.
  • You should also be attentive to those who have individual intolerance. How the body will behave, which is not friendly with garlic, and even during pregnancy is unknown.
  • Garlic in a pregnant woman can causeand heartburn and allergies, and abdominal pain. Also this product thins blood, and this is undesirable for a woman in this position. Women suffering from nasal bleeding should be relinquished of garlic.
  • There is an opinion that the placenta is a powerful filter through which no harmful and toxic substances pass. It really is. The amount of garlic that comes to a child already overcooked and processed, without taste, is harmless. As a result, your baby is not in danger.
  • It is best to use garlic in the composition of a dish. In such a case as cooking, to predict the preferences of a pregnant woman is not possible under any circumstances, but there are a couple of recipes that may interest future mothers who like garlic.

Garlic Maternity Recipes

There are some not quite traditional recipes for pregnant women. Perhaps they will help you the need for garlic.

Garlic and Carrot Casserole

1) Heat the oven to medium temperature.

2) Put 8 carrots in a saucepan with water, one potato. Boil until tender, then grate.

3) To the mixture, add 5 scrambled eggs, 4 tablespoons of flour, 3 chopped cloves of garlic, a small bunch of dill. Add salt and pepper to taste, just remember the position in which you are.

4) Grease a baking sheet and sprinkle with semolina. Next, put a casserole on this surface and drizzle with oil on top. Cook 45 minutes.

Nothing special, but vegetable lovers should like it. And there and your home. But then two recipes that may surprise the household.

Gooseberry with dill and garlic

Half a kilo of sour gooseberry chop in a blender or meat grinder with 250 grams of dill and the same amount of garlic. Add sugar to taste. Store such seasoning additive must be in a tightly closed jar. It is, at first glance, an incompatible dish for meat.

Garlic-curd sauce

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Mix 250 g of fat cottage cheese, a cup of yogurt and 4 mashed garlic cloves. Season the sauce with salt, pepper and sugar. Add a bunch of green onions to the mixture. Here is the end of preparations. And so with what to serve this sauce decide for yourself. Maybe it will be marmalade with chalk or black grouse with plum jam - it's only up to the pregnant cooks. Enjoy your meal!

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