Fruit mustard

Translated from Italian, mostarda di frutta means fruit mustard. It is usual to just call her shortly the Mostard. This seasoning, and seasoning originally Italian cuisine. Fruit mustard can serve not only seasoning, but also a side dish to many dishes of classic Italian cuisine. Fruit mustard is also used to make sandwiches.What is a fruit mustard? The answer is simple: it is pickled fruit in mustard syrup.

What is fruit mustard made of?

  • For cooking mostard can take almost any fruit.
  • The most common fruit mustard are apricots, grapes, quince, pumpkin. No less popular is the fruit mustard from apples and pears, oranges, tangerines and lemons.
  • In addition to fruit puree and mustard, white wine, honey and spices are usually necessary for cooking. From spices fit cloves, cinnamon, freshly squeezed lemon juice, red hot peppers, black hot peppers, vinegar, nuts.
  • For the preparation of fruit puree is better to choose the most sweet fruit. So you soften the taste of mustard. Fruits must be ripe and juicy. Using unripe fruits, we have to add sugar. But not all people can afford it in large quantities.
  • You can use not one fruit, but several at once. Moreover, the proportions may be different. By changing the proportions and availability of fruit, you can control the taste of the most.

Fruit Mustard Cooking Tips

  • Before cooking, fruits are carefully selected (so that there are no missing fruits), they are well washed and peeled.
  • For raw foodists, you need to choose juicy and soft fruits so that they do not have to be cooked as hard.
  • Depending on your desire, you can use a grater, juicer, blender or food processor to make fruit puree.

  • Then add mustard, a little sugar and salt to taste, olive oil or any other vegetable oil to the fruit mass. You can optionally add freshly squeezed lemon juice and cinnamon.
  • Stir, add vinegar.
  • When adding spices or seasonings, do it carefully. Add a little and taste. Better to add later than to go overboard with something and spoil the whole recipe.
  • Powdered mustard takes some time to completely dissolve. Therefore, it is better to prepare it in advance, pouring water over the powder a few hours before cooking mostard.
  • Store fruit mustard in a refrigerator for no more than two days.
  • In addition to the usual mustard fruit, you can find recipes for canned mostard. It can be eaten only after a month or even two.
  • Fruit mustard can be bought in the store, but homemade will be much healthier and better, as well as healthier.

Pumpkin Fruit Mustard

This recipe for cooking canned most will be very simple and tasty for us.

  • You will need: 750 gr. pumpkins; 100 gr. honey 0.75 liters of dry white wine; 0.5 tsp. mustard powder; pepper (peas); salt to taste
  • Cooking method: Wash the pumpkin well and peel it. Choose pumpkin seeds. Cut the flesh into small cubes. Fill them with water in a saucepan, put on medium heat. Boil until half-cooked for about 15-20 minutes. Pour water out of the pan. Drain the pumpkin. In another saucepan, pour the wine, put the mustard, honey, pepper and salt to taste. Stir. Cook all this until thickened. Lay the cooked pumpkin slices in jars and cover with the prepared syrup. It is good to boil the fruit mustard (already in closed jars) for a couple for about half an hour. You can eat this mostard in a month. It is stored in a dark cool place. This recipe is suitable for boiled meat.

Homemade Fruit Mustard

  • You will need: 750 g of apples and pears; 4 lemons; 0.5 kg of white grapes; 400 g of mustard; 0.5 liters of white wine; 4 cinnamon sticks.
  • Cooking method: wash the pears and apples well, peel them and peel them. Do not throw out the peel and the core, they need to be cooked with a lemon zest, white wine and cinnamon. After 10 minutes, remove the broth from the fire. Cool it. Cut apples and pears into small cubes. Wash the grapes, cut each grape in half and remove the seeds. Add to apples and pears, cover with lemon juice. Strain the wine decoction through a sieve. Fill them with fruit and cook for 10 minutes. Add mustard before boiling. Fruit mustard is ready to eat. It remains only to cool it. This recipe is suitable for poultry meat and ham.

Fruit mustard is unusual, varied in taste and useful if cooked at home.

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