Fried potatoes in a slow cooker

Each housewife, perhaps, has his own recipe for a favorite dish that can be cooked in a hurry. Most of us like to eat fried potatoes. Crispy fragrant crust and unsurpassed taste make this garnish extraordinary. Very tasty is fried potatoes in a slow cooker.

Fry potatoes according to the rules: tricks experienced culinary

At first glance, it seems that fried potatoes are a primitive and easy-to-cook dish. However, to get a crisp and not to disturb the texture of the potato sticks, you need to know a few tricks of its roasting. In recent years, many housewives began to acquire multicookers. Indeed, this kitchen appliance allows not only to save time on cooking, but also to improve its taste. You can not be afraid that the potatoes will burn or become crumbly. It depends on you only the right preparation of products, and the rest is a matter of technology.

roast potatoes

So, in order to make fried potatoes in a slow cooker a truly masterpiece of cooking, take note of a few simple tips:

  • Potatoes must be cut into equivalent sticks.
  • Fry potatoes in a slow cooker should be on vegetable refined oil.
  • Pre-potatoes need to be salted and seasoned with any spices to taste.
  • If you like fried potatoes with the addition of onions or cracklings, these components are better to fry separately.
  • In the process of frying in a slow cooker, potatoes should be constantly stirred, so that it evenly baked and acquired a characteristic golden crust.
  • You need to turn the potatoes with a spatula so as not to damage the integrity of the potato wedges.
  • Select the program mode for frying potatoes in accordance with the power indicators and the multicooker model.
  • Fried potatoes in the Redmond multicooker can be cooked in the Multipovar program mode for half an hour at a temperature of 100-130 °.
  • Very tasty is the fried potatoes in the Polaris multicooker, cooked in the program mode “Frying” or “Frying”, “Baking”.
  • If you cook potatoes in stewing mode, the crisp will not work, and its taste will resemble boiled.
  • It is best to serve fried potatoes with fresh greens, mixed vegetables or tomato sauce.
  • In the process of frying, onions, mushrooms, garlic cloves or fresh tomatoes can be added to the potatoes.
  • Potatoes are perfectly combined with a universal vegetable seasoning or a mixture of peppers.

Gourmet potato garnish in a hurry

Many housewives are looking for the answer to the question of how to properly and, most importantly, tasty cooked potatoes in a slow cooker. If you want to serve such a side dish with any meat or fish dish, then use only classic ingredients and spices during cooking. Butter can be mixed with refined vegetable or mustard. To get rid of starch, you can pre-soak the potatoes in purified water with the addition of fresh lemon juice. We present to your attention a step-by-step recipe with photos.

roast potatoes


  • 0.8-1 kg of potatoes;
  • 1 tbsp. l vegetable refined oil;
  • 1 tbsp. l softened butter;
  • 1-2 pcs onions;
  • to taste the salt and pepper mixture.


  1. Peel the potatoes, rinse and dry.
  2. Chop the potatoes with not too thin slices in the form of cubes, rings or straws.cut potatoes
  3. In the capacity of the multicooker we pour refined vegetable or olive oil, lay out the potatoes.
  4. We set the program mode "Baking" or "Frying".
  5. The timer is set for 20 minutes.potatoes in a slow cooker
  6. After giving the sound signal, mix the potatoes, add the pepper and salt mixture.
  7. At the same stage, we add the onion sliced ​​in the shape of half-rings.
  8. We select the same program and set the timer for another 15-20 minutes.potato
  9. After 10-12 minutes, add softened butter to the cream potatoes, mix everything carefully.
  10. Serve potatoes, cooked in a slow cooker, to the table, sprinkled with chopped parsley or dill.

Fried potato with mushroom notes - the perfect side dish

Perhaps, any hostess at least once in her life cooked fried potatoes with mushrooms. Today we will try to cook such a dish in a slow cooker. Unusual taste and type of fried potatoes with mushrooms in a slow cooker will be acquired due to the fact that we will cook whole and unpeeled tubers. Golden crust and mushroom flavor allow you to present such a side dish to any holiday table.

fried potatoes with mushrooms


  • 0.5 kg of medium sized potatoes;
  • 4 things. garlic cloves;
  • 3 pcs. bulb onions;
  • 3 tbsp. l vegetable refined oil;
  • seasoning and salt to taste;
  • 0.4 kg of fresh champignons.


  1. Peel the onions and chop them in random order.bow
  2. Garlic cloves are cleaned and ground using a press or cut into small cubes with a knife.garlic
  3. Mushrooms thoroughly washed with water, if necessary, clean the film.
  4. Cut the mushrooms into equal pieces.mushrooms
  5. Pour sunflower oil or olive oil into the bowl of the multicooker.
  6. Add minced garlic cloves and onions.
  7. In the program mode "Frying" or "Baking", pass onion and garlic for 5 minutes.pessing in a slow cooker
  8. Wash potatoes thoroughly and dry them. For the preparation of such a dish is better to use small potatoes.
  9. If you wish, you can peel the potatoes and cut into equivalent pieces.
  10. Put potatoes and mushrooms in a multi-cook bowl.
  11. Add salt, a mixture of peppers or a versatile vegetable seasoning, mix everything.mix
  12. Set the desired program mode and set the timer for 20-30 minutes.
  13. Serve fried potatoes with mushroom notes in hot form. For taste, you can add chopped greens or onion feathers.

Dish-style: delight of any gourmet

How many of you haven't tasted country-style potatoes? There are many recipes for making such a side dish, but it is in the slow cooker that the fried potatoes turn out to be exquisite, appetizing and unusually tasty. You can use any seasoning and fresh greens. Chopped dill or parsley should be added to the already prepared dish. To the table such fried potatoes can be presented with garlic, creamy, tomato or cheese sauce.

roast potatoes


  • 1 kg of potatoes;
  • 100 g fresh dill;
  • 1 tsp. oregano;
  • 4 tbsp. l sunflower refined oil;
  • spices and salt to taste.


  1. Peel the potatoes, wash and cut them with elongated lobules.
  2. In a separate deep bowl mix the refined sunflower oil with spices, oregano and salt. You can add garlic squeezed through a press.
  3. In a bowl with sauce lay out the chopped potatoes and mix it well.
  4. Oil and spices should be evenly distributed in potato wedges.
  5. We spread the cooked potatoes in a multi-cooker container.
  6. We expose the program mode "Plov" or "Frying".
  7. Set the timer for 40 minutes.
  8. Fry potatoes in a rustic style under the lid.
  9. After giving the appropriate sound signal, season the potatoes with chopped dill.

Fried potatoes - a versatile side dish. You can cook it in a slow cooker without much financial and time costs. Frying time varies depending on the power of the kitchen appliance. If you want to make an unusual potato side dish, try adding pieces of eggplants, zucchini or tomatoes. To please the true gourmet, sprinkle the chips with grated cheese. Enjoy your meal!

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