The first thing that comes to mind at the mention of this plant is that it grows in the Tibetan city of the same name, which is why it is called Shambala, or fenugreek. You will be surprised, but India is the birthplace of Shambhala, and the city-Shambhala does not exist on the map at all.

Fenugreek hay, Helba, Fenugrek, Chaman- Here are some of the names that Shambala has in various nations. This is an annual meter plant with small light colors that smell sweetly of nuts. Taste of fenugreek sweetish with bitterness, giving mushrooms and nuts. Shambhala enters in the composition of such seasonings as curry, basturma, hops-suneli.

In India, fenugreek is valued and put in a very large number of dishes. It is believed that Shambala helps in interpersonal relationships, making a person’s character softer and behavior correct. And Indian beauties lean on fenugreek because it helps their forms to become more rounded and feminine.

There is one "but": fenugreek seeds contain galactomannan, which is used as a food additive E417.

Useful properties of fenugreek

  1. Fenugreek can reduce blood sugar levels, has an analgesic effect, relieves stomach cramps and treats premature baldness.. Ulcers and boils, reduced liver function, poor reproductive function - all this is treated with a paste or decoction of fenugreek seeds.
  2. Same Shambala perfectly supports strength and energy in a weakened body, It is recommended for recovery, with weakness of the nervous or respiratory systems.
  3. Shamballa seeds are useful and suitable for vegetarians. They contain protein, potassium, folic acid, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium and vitamins B1, B2, C, PP.

The use of fenugreek in cooking

Most often, Shamballa seeds are put into the dishes, but they also do not disdain the powder from the plant. Sometimes Shamballa is pre-fried. Basically fenugreek is added to vegetables and meat and dishes from legumes, as well as sauces, snacks, salads and main dishes. Tea, coffee, alcohol, maple syrup is no exception. If you like pochaevnichat, then the recipe for Egyptian gods tea for you. In Egypt itself, it enjoys high popularity. The drink has a warming, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. The recipe is relevant for women, because it serves as an effective tool for painful menstrual cycle and dysbacteriosis.

Egyptian yellow fenugreek tea

  1. Fenugreek seeds, rinse well.
  2. Brewing is very simple: 2 or 3 teaspoons of seeds per cup of boiling water. This is if there is no time. This Egyptian tea you need to cook for 7 minutes. Only then will the magic oriental tale come out.
  3. Of the additives - milk, lemon, ginger or honey - who likes what.

This tea helps with colds, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia. Also very refreshing in the heat.

The fabulous fenugreek can turn both a dish and a tea party into an incredible journey with reincarnation. This, by the way, is a great idea for a theme party. If you suddenly want to go back to ancient Egypt or India, make tea and sit in a comfortable chair, your imagination will do the rest. Have a good trip with Shambhala!

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