Dried chicken breast at home is real

Gentle, natural, with an expressive taste of dried chicken meat is considered a delicacy. And for some reason, few people come to mind that making it yourself at home is easier than ever. Even the most inexperienced housewife and the busiest business woman will cope with this technology. Let's fix this annoying gap and cook dried chicken breast at home!

A bit of history

Dried chicken breast at home

Once, humanity did not know refrigerators, and it was far from every day to get food. In addition, slaughtering domestic cattle required the quick utilization of fresh meat. In cold climates, deep man-made glaciers came to the rescue. And in hot countries, people learned to take allies into salt and ... sun.

Homemade jerky is a dried, salted product. Minimum labor costs and maximum patience. There is nothing new in the technology of its preparation. Everybody knows dried vobla. The chicken requires a slightly different approach, but everything here is also very simple.

Recipe dried chicken breast at home

Recipe dried chicken breast at home


  • 2 chicken breast fillets;
  • 100 g of salt;
  • seasoning to taste.


First you need to prepare the fillet. The main task is to get thin plates of chicken meat. There are several ways to do this.

1 way: fillets can be cut into thin, wide plates along.

Chicken Breast Recipe

2 way: thinly cut into narrow strips across the fibers.

Recipe dried chicken breast at home

3 way: cut into fairly thick chunks, cover with cling film and repel. You can use a hammer for meat or a rolling pin.

Chicken Breast Recipe

The next stage is salting. Here you can also use 2 ways.

1 way: dry salting. First you need to wet the chicken meat with a paper towel. Fillet for salting should be dry.

Then you need to sprinkle the salt thoroughly, rubbing it into the meat.

Spread out on the board, close with cling film and put in the fridge for a day.

2 way: pickling in marinade. The amount of salt in this case must be doubled.

Salt is dissolved in 0.5 l of cold boiled water, then a chicken is immersed in it. Exposure time - 1 day in the cold.

After a day, the salted fillet must be well washed with running water and then dried thoroughly. You can use a non-hot hair dryer.

After that, the prepared pieces need to sprinkle with spices. Here you can give scope to your imagination. What kind of spices you add at this stage, this taste and acquire your home-dried chicken breast. Meat after salting will become more rigid, therefore it is necessary to rub seasonings carefully. You can use garlic, hot red pepper, saffron, ginger, turmeric, sage, rosemary, parsley, curry and others.

To get the effect of smoking is allowed to add liquid smoke. It is very concentrated, therefore its quantity should be insignificant. It will be enough 1/4 tsp.

Again, close the meat with foil and set for a day in the cold.

After that we can only hang the prepared meat and leave to dry. The pieces should not touch each other and be well ventilated.

Dried chicken breast

After a week of drying at home, the dried chicken fillet will be ready.

How to speed up the process?

You can cook dried chicken fillet at home in a faster way. Ideal if you have a dryer for vegetables and berries in your home. Prepared to dry the fillet should be placed on the rack of the dryer so that the pieces do not touch. As they dry out, you can add them. Mode expose according to the instructions. If the function "meat" in the electric dryer is not, focus on the mode "mushrooms".

Dried chicken breast

If there are no dryers in the household, it is possible to cook dried chicken breast at home in the oven in a fast way. The method of preparation is described above. But in this case, you need to be very careful when setting the temperature. It should be as low as possible, and the oven door open. You can periodically turn off the oven and give the dried pieces "rest." The fillet should not be too hot! The meat grill can be kept half out of the oven, as in the photo. In this case, it should be periodically rotated for uniform drying.

Dried chicken breast

Do not overdry fillets! Properly dried meat should bend, not break!


And now, when you have mastered the drying of chicken meat in small portions, you can try to make a real delicacy at home - dried whole chicken fillet! Why don't we suggest starting here? Because you first need to fill your hand, "feel" the meat. Having mastered portion drying, you will feel whether the conditions are suitable for a larger experiment.

The fact is that in conditions of poorly ventilated premises or high humidity, a large piece of meat can deteriorate faster than it can be used for food. However, not such a big piece - chicken fillet! Therefore, we recommend that you take a chance.

The process in this case is no different from the previous one, with the exception of higher control. Suspension of such meat should be in gauze to avoid hatching flies and dust. Neither the oven nor the electric dryer in this case, we are no longer assistants. Only dry air and temperature not lower than 20C.

Chicken rolls in a dried "shirt"

Chicken rolls in dried

Next jerky can just eat and enjoy its unmatched taste. And you can use in all sorts of variations. It can wonderfully replace bacon in some dishes. And you can make stuffed chicken fillet.

As a stuffing, you can use mushrooms, carrots, bell peppers, other vegetables and greens. There are a lot of recipes for stuffed chicken breast, so we will not dwell on them.

You can take ready-made baked chicken rolls and wrap them with slices of dried chicken. Then they can be fried in a frying pan, and can be baked. Important! Make sure that the ends of dried meat are not on top, otherwise the dried shell will “open” and the dish will look ugly. If you have little experience, just tie them to reconciliation with ordinary threads. But then do not forget to remove them when serving.

Cut the finished rolls with a very sharp knife and serve, for example, with pasta or salad.

As you can see, jerky is easy to prepare. It is prepared for a long time, but almost without your participation. At its low cost, it can become a lifesaver for housewives who can surprise guests and pamper their household, not at the expense of expensive products, but the art of their hands.

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