Dough with dry yeast

Belyash is delicious due to the special way of cooking the meat filling. But you can forgive him for this tasteless dough only in the dining room. At home, the result should be perfect. We offer you to learn all the secrets of dough for whites with dry yeast!

Belyash or peremyach?

Belyash or peremyach

To immediately prevent disputes over the name, we will clarify. We will talk about those belyashah, which the Tatars and some other nations have the name "peremyach". Belyash they have called is not fried pie with meat in the hole, but quite such a real cake of impressive size.

Let us pay tribute to the fact that it was these peoples who presented these delicious dishes to the world. And yet we will use the generally accepted inter-ethnic name of peremyachey - belyashi.

Dry yeast or "wet"?

If you cook according to all the authentic rules, then yeast, of course, must be taken fresh. But for those who are not ready to devote half a day to cooking, we suggest mastering the recipe for dough for fried pies on dry yeast. If you follow all these recommendations, you will get a wonderful result.

Milk, kefir, sour cream, water?

Ideally, the dough on belyashi with meat is kneaded on a katyk. This is the Tatar (and not only) national fermented milk product. And experience shows that it is really better to use something from fermented milk assortment.

Closest to katyk to taste is ayran. But you can replace it with regular kefir or sour milk. Sour milk, of course, should be a natural home, and not expired shop.

In the case of kneading on sour cream, it should be taken twice less than katyk or kefir, and twice as much water (see recipe for dough with dry yeast below).

If you make the dough on water, it will turn out more rough. So it is necessary to arrive only in that case when pastries should be eaten immediately, hot.

Yeast dough with dry yeast

Yeast dough with dry yeast


  • 1 kg of flour (if the flour is very fine grinding, 800 g can be sufficient);
  • 1 egg;
  • 0.5 l of katyk (in the absence it can be replaced by sour milk, airan, kefir);
  • 150 ml of water;
  • 1 tbsp. l sugar (no slides);
  • 1 tsp. salt (without slides);
  • 1 pack dry yeast (calculated for 1 kg of flour).
  • vegetable oil for lubrication and frying.

Yeast dough with dry yeast


All products at the time of cooking should be warm and about the same temperature. Great effort for kneading does not have to, because the yeast dough on belyashi turns soft and pliable. Not at all like, for example, the dough on pasties.

  1. Pour the dry yeast into the sifted flour. Immediately all the measured amount of flour should not be kneaded, it is better to add it in portions. The thinner the flour and the better it is sifted, the less it will be needed.
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients. We remind you that they should all be warm. Knead the dough is better with your hands. You can lubricate them with vegetable oil.Yeast dough for whites - batch
  3. A bowl in which the dough will fit, brush with butter. And the dough itself on meat and meat patties too. Put it in a bowl and cover it.

    Yeast Dough for Whites
  4. If the temperature in the kitchen is low, you can even cover with a blanket.
  5. As long as the dough comes up, get some meat. Since today we are talking mainly about dough, we’ll briefly discuss the preparation of the filling. Meat is better to chop, rather than turn in a meat grinder. And onion for minced meat - finely chop and crush a little with salt.
  6. Remove the finished meat stuffing in a cold place and go back to the dough. But to return to it should not be earlier than it will at least double in volume.
  7. We will now work with dough without flour. The usual reception of bedding is not suitable for us. Otherwise, our dough for whites with dry yeast will lose its delicious softness. What to do to the dough does not stick to the table? Lubricate its surface and hands with vegetable oil.
  8. Tear off pieces weighing about 60 g from the total dough. You should have about 20 pieces or a couple more. Spread them on a greased surface and cover with a sheet of paper on top. Let a little rest and become more magnificent.
  9. Do not be afraid that all this will take a lot of time. Until you finish shaping the last balls, the first ones will start to come up.Yeast Dough for Whites - Portions
  10. And if by all the rules, the dough should rest every time after you have done something with it.
  11. We take a ball in our hands, press in the middle with our fist and with our fingers we push the edges to the size of a tea saucer. It is better not to use a rolling pin, but to work with your hands.
  12. In the center of each circle generously put the stuffing. We take the dough by the very edges (so that it is not thick) and we tighten them in the middle.

Secret number 1:

We connect them completely! Yes, you are not mistaken! We close the hole in the dough completely and even carefully twist the “pumpkin”.

Dough for whipping

We turn the closed belyash down with the folded side and gently squeeze it with the palm. And now carefully with the help of a knife we ​​tear a hole in the center. And we will have it perfectly smooth and beautiful!

Stuff belyashi

Now we just have to wait for the last proof of the dough, and we can start frying.

Belyashi need to put first a hole down. Otherwise, we will not get any effect of fried meat.

Secret number 2

After the "holey" side is fried and the meat has been turned upside down, scoop boiling oil with a small spoon and pour it into the hole. Yes, belyashi is a high-calorie dish. And this spoon will also add a little fat. But it will make them deliciously tasty, and the meat - guaranteed to be prepared.

Secret number 3

And now how to reduce fat content. The whole trick is in the temperature. It is unlikely that someone will measure it, but bubbling bubbles indicate that it is perfect. However, if you load several pieces of belyashi, the temperature of the oil will fall. Especially if the pan is thin.

In not enough hot oil, belyashi feed them like a sponge. Therefore, master the in-line method of bookmarking-displaying whites one by one Do not overload the pan.

fry belyashi

Take out the ready-made whites on a paper towel - and the fat will be even less.

Yeast dough on belyashi in bread maker

If you have a bread maker, you can entrust the process of kneading yeast dough for belyashes with dry yeast. This method frees your hands. In addition, the smart machine sets the optimum temperature for raising the dough, so the cooking time is reduced.

Recipe dough remains the same. It is only necessary to ensure that when laying products dry yeast does not come into contact with salt and sugar.

The readiness of the test can be determined by the "Kolobka". It should not be smeared on the walls (liquid). And should not spin motionless in the center (thick). But all this mistress should already be known from the experience of baking bread.

In any case, the process of cooking whites takes time. But it is also certain that the final is worth it. Now pour the katyk into the cups, take a piece of hair in your hands, and you can wear a Tatar skullcap on your head. And you can rightly call the correctly cooked belyashi the right word - peremyachi!

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