Dough for uzbek samsa in the oven

Uzbek samsa or sossa is a very rich dish from national cuisine. It can be considered as a festive and everyday delicacy. Samsa can have different tastes and fillings. At its core, it is similar to puff pies that have a special taste. Samsa can be of different types or forms, today the recipe for dough for samsa in the oven can be found, perhaps, in every cookbook.

Samsu can deservedly be called the "highlight" of Uzbek cuisine. For cooking use yeast, but always puff pastry. Dough recipes for making samsa are no different. They consist of flour, water and salt. In the culinary books, it is Uzbek cuisine that can be found and samsa sweet. It has a fruit jam filling. From above such samsa can be sprinkled with sugar or sesame, it is good for coffee or tea. It is a tender and crisp pie that literally melts in your mouth.

Samsa recipes

Dough for samsa in the oven

For the test you need about 4 tbsp. flour and 1 tbsp. boiled water, and salt at the tip of the knife. The filling is most often made from 300 g of fat tail or beef tallow. It depends on taste preferences. The same quantity of meat flesh is put in minced meat, as well as cumin, sesame and salt with spices to taste. Chopped onions are also added. 300 g of meat need about 3 heads of medium size.

  1. In the store, you can buy ready-made puff pastry, or you can make it yourself. If you decide to do it yourself, then you need to knead the dough out of the above components, divide it into pieces and then put in 30 minutes in the cold. After each piece you will need to roll out, lubricate its surface with oil or fat, roll up into a roll, then cut it into several equal parts and roll again, after which, respectively, repeat everything. And the more repetitions you do, the better. I must say that the dough on the Uzbek samsu in the oven will not differ from that which is suitable for the oven.
  2. In the mince for samsa do not need to feel sorry for onions, it will make it more juicy and fragrant.
  3. Samsa can be in the form of a circle, a triangle or a square. The puff pastry, rolled up to a thickness of 2 mm, is cut into slices or squares of 10x10 centimeters. In the middle put stuffing.Samsa
  4. Then the edges are closed, and the samsa is sent to the baking sheet. The surface of the sheet is pre-oiled. For baking samsa in a tandoor, its lower part is moistened with salted water.Samsa
  5. Before going to the oven, raw samsa should be missed with a whipped yolk and sprinkled with sesame seeds on top.

    Cooking samsa
  6. From the meat directly depends on the time of cooking. When samsa is vegetable, it has pumpkin and potato stuffing, it will be enough for 10 minutes, but you need to bake meat types longer, you will need to keep it in the oven for about 40 minutes.

Basis for samsa on kefir

Dough for samsa on kefir - a recipe very similar to the recipe based on water. But with kefir, the dough is not only lush, but very tender and tasty. And the meat filling will be an excellent addition to the dish. The dough is kneaded in the same way as on water. Kefir need the same, that is, 1 tbsp. After kneading, the dough should be allowed to rest for about an hour. Minced meat is prepared in the same way as for a water based dough.

Initially, in Asia they did not make samsa with premium flour. But the Europeans, having tried it, came to the conclusion that this is how the dish tastes better. Previously, this dish was prepared only on coals, but today it is possible to bake it at home, in the oven.

Hostess on the note

  • Some mistresses except onions put in minced garlic. This gives the dish a special flavor.
  • Also, some use not prepared, ground minced meat, but pieces of finely chopped meat.

You can say that it is a tasty, nutritious and nourishing dish, which is not widely known not only in its own country, but also far beyond its borders. Our compatriots honor you with it. Now samsa can be found, both in shops with fast food, and in expensive restaurants of national cuisine.

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