Diy salad decoration

It has long been proven that external beauty plays an important role in absolutely everything. Even the most mediocre product, designed properly, will attract attention better than the same, but devoid of it. With regard to various dishes, this statement is also applicable, therefore, being able to beautifully serve cooked food is worth every hostess. Especially when it comes to the holiday table. In particular, decorating salads with your own hands is not at all difficult.

Do-it-yourself salad dressing: the choice of "tableware"

Do-it-yourself salad dressing: a choice

Taking into account the fact that salads are often dishes, mostly appearing on festive tables, and absent - on everyday ones, there is simply no time to decorate them, because you need to cook several types of dishes, while maintaining their freshness. Therefore, in most cases, salads are a simple mixture of several ingredients, seasoned with sauce and laid out with a similar “bunch” in a beautiful bowl. The express method for which the hostesses have enough strength is the addition of greenery laid out in a circle or stuck in the middle. However, this is not the only way to design a salad, which can be invented, even if you disassemble only simple and quick options.

For example, it is enough to replace the “dish” in which salat will be served in order to greatly influence its appearance. And this does not mean that you need to select for the best among several porcelain or glass salad bowls: the cup can be more natural as well as exotic. In particular, it is always possible to shift the mixture of ingredients into a dish of solid fruit or vegetable, devoid of its insides. Peppers, pineapples, coconuts, as well as avocados and apples are best for this. Of course, a particular product is selected depending on which components make up a particular salad: hardly anyone will put meat and vegetables in half a grapefruit, as well as a fruit one will feel odd in pepper halves. It is also worth mentioning the pumpkin and zucchini, as an excellent container for vegetable salad, and, ideally, they are ideal for warm salads, which are also warmed before serving.

Of course, we must not forget that the "dishes" for salad can be baked from a simple recipe for dough, or even formed from less familiar products - bacon records or salami. The last option is suitable only for vegetable salads, but the salad bowls of dough are absolutely universal. To form them, you will need 300 g of flour, a pinch of salt, 100 g of cold butter and 3 tbsp. boiled water. The dough obtained by combining the components, turns out to be bland, elastic and not sticky. It forms "bowls" with walls of medium thickness (5-7 mm). So that during the heat treatment the bottom of the tartlets does not rise, ruining the whole structure, it is recommended to pour peas inside. Such "dishes" are baked for 20-25 minutes, the temperature without convection will be 200 ° C, with convection it is reduced to 180 ° C. Spread the salad in chilled tartlets. If it is fruity, and you plan to eat the bowls with the salad, you can add 2-3 tbsp to the dough. sugar or powdered sugar.

The above methods for designing salads and other dishes are not the limit: the design of any product depends only on your own imagination and situation. The decoration of Christmas and spring salads will vary considerably, but the overall points will remain unchanged. Play with the form without fear and let yourself come up with something new and unique!

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