Decorating cakes at home


Man is complex and everything that attracts his attention must be beautiful. It so happened historically that we always prefer store products to home. This is the merit of marketers and neuromarketing in general. Therefore, people tend to overpay for various foods, perfumes or clothing because of brands or imposed rules.

But every mother who works in the kitchen day and night, wanting to feed her home with excellent healthy food, does not want to hear: "Mom, I will eat at McDonalds!". She dreams that her guests or homemade say: "Wonderful! As in the store, only tastier!". In this article we will tell how beautiful and unusual to decorate a cake at home!

Decorating cakes with cream at home

It would seem that it can be easier than squeezing a couple of multi-colored flowers onto the surface of the cake? It is better if you show imagination and it will be not only flowers, but also leaves, fruits, unopened buds, birds. In short, let the birds come to the Garden of Eden, let them enjoy the fruits of the trees of paradise.

This is all really done at home. Just stock up on cream, better alive, and not canned fruit and patience. To learn how to make a cream, read the article Cake Decorating Cream Recipe: 7 different options.

Decorating cakes with fruits, berries and nuts

Nuts are a great addition to any cake. Even people who do not like nuts, always selflessly eat a slice of cake with a smile and contented look. Nuts are a versatile supplement. They can be located both on a horizontally flat surface and on irregularities. For example, on the back of a hedgehog, in the foliage of a walnut tree, in a basket or a basket made of cookies.

You can draw any pictures with nuts. In this regard, nuts are an indispensable type of decoration. If you make a mistake, you can always carefully remove one nut and put another in its place, just like when using berries. With the jam or cream painlessly this does not turn.

And the main advice: whatever you do, do it with love! Good luck!