Cookies on margarine. favorite recipes and cooking features

What could be more delicious than homemade crumbly cookies? His preparation is not a lot of time. Baking will fill the house with an unusual aroma and will delight loved ones. It remains only to choose a suitable recipe. It was hardly the fastest that was considered shortbread on margarine.

Biscuit recipe for margarine: features

Biscuit recipe for margarine: features

Despite the simplicity of most margarine based cookie recipes, there is a certain preparation technology. The taste of baking largely depends on the quality of the products. Takmargarine is worth buying the highest quality. In addition, you may need some cold milk, eggs of jam for the filling.

The secret to making sandy liver lies in the fact that butter or margarine is pre-frozen in the freezer. Then it is crushed or rubbed on the grate. The degree of crispiness of the dough depends on this. All the ingredients are mixed very quickly, otherwise the margarine starts melting and the structure of the dough changes completely.

The resulting kolobok experienced culinary experts send no less than 30 minutes. in the freezer. It is better to extend the freezing time to 2 hours. This stage of the technology, again, affects the spread of the finished cookies. The main secret of baking is not to overdo it in the oven. Cookies to the touch should be a little soft, golden brown. For small circles of dough enough 10 minutes. If you overdo them, they will become very hard.

Shortbread Cookies with Jam

This cookie is somewhat reminiscent of a school cake. It’s prepared very simply. Knead the dough and bake for 30 minutes. As a filling it is better to use sourish jam. Perfect jam and currant jam.

Margarine shortbread with jam: a recipe


  • Butter or margarine - 155 gr.
  • Flour - 280 gr.
  • Sugar - 100 gr.
  • Egg - 1 pc.
  • Quenched soda - 1 gr.
  • Jam for interlayer - to taste


  1. Cold margarine cut into small pieces. Add sugar to it. Slightly stir with a whisk or spoon. In a separate bowl, beat the egg until smooth.
  2. Pour the egg mixture into the butter with the sugar. Stir again and add the extinguished soda. Pour flour into the mass. Knead the dough and form a bun out of it. Hide it in a plastic bag and send it for 30 minutes. in the freezer.
  3. Sand dough to get out of the fridge. Pull the bun out of the bag. Place on a floured table surface and allow to melt slightly.
  4. Sprinkle with flour. Roll out the shortbread dough in a rectangular layer of arbitrary size. Moreover, its thickness should be no more than 1 cm.
  5. Pan with a margarine. Place a layer of dough carefully and transfer it to a baking sheet.
  6. The oven is heated to a temperature of 240 degrees. Put the pan in it with the dough. Bake cookies until golden brown (about 10 min.). At the same time it should be soft to the touch.
  7. Otsudititetesto without removing from the pan. Then, carefully cut into 2 equal rectangles. Cut off the wavy edges. They will be used to create crumbs.
  8. Put the 1st rectangle cutting board. Abundantly grease his jams or jam. Cover it with the top of another test. Last layer of butter again jam. Crumble dough on top.
  9. This sandwich biscuit can be eaten immediately or pre-cooled in the refrigerator.
  10. If you choose that both layers of dough turn out to be uneven, then proceed as follows. Cut the freshly baked rectangle in half. Put 2 parts on each other, and then cut along the edges. These cookies will be even tastier if you sprinkle it on top, not only with crumbs, but also chopped with roasted peanuts. Also, the test can be given any form - circles or squares. Then in the center also spread the jam.


  1. Beat the yolks thoroughly with a fork. Add sugar and mix again.
  2. Combine the mixture with soft butter and vanillin. Pour some flour in a bowl. Stir and repeat the previous step.
  3. Divide the test 2 parts. Add cocoa powder to one of them. Cover the dough into a bag and hide for 30 minutes. in the freezer.
  4. Get the stiff dough. Give it a little melt. Sprinkle the table with flour. Roll out both sides of the dough with a rolling pin sprinkled with flour. The thickness of each layer is 5 or 7 mm.
  5. Take a small glass and cut circles out of dough. Then use an object of smaller diameter. For example, a bottle cap. Lightly press the dough to form a small imprint.
  6. Take the stem of the juice or a cup of juice. With their help, make 2 holes in each circle of dough.
  7. Grease a baking sheet. Put the blanks of cookies on it. Send it to bake in a preheated 240 degree oven for 20 minutes.
  8. Ready-made cookie buttons can be sprinkled with a small amount of large sugars.

Cookies "Kurabie" at home

This cookie was one of the most common in the Soviet epoch. Everybody knew his delicate taste, crumbly shortcrust dough and light sourness of jam. It's amazing, but you can cook it at home. The cookie recipe is so simple that even an aspiring cook can handle it.



  • Egg - 1 pc.
  • Butter or margarine - 100 gr.
  • Icing sugar - 40 gr.
  • Flour - 160 gr.
  • Jamily jam- 1st. l
  • Starch - 0.5h. l
  • Vanillin - to taste


  1. Put all the necessary ingredients on the table. They should lie down at room temperature for 40 minutes.
  2. Put the softened butter in a bowl. Add icing sugar to it and whisk. The mass should be homogeneous.
  3. Break the egg and separate the yolk from the protein. This can be done by transferring it from the 1st shell to the other. The yolk is also separated using a special device.
  4. Add the egg white oil. There zhyvsyptevanilin to taste (enough - at the tip of a knife). Stir.
  5. Start kneading the dough, pouring a little flour into the mass. It should be elastic and soft.
  6. Take a pastry bag with a big star nozzle.
  7. Grease a baking sheet with butter or margarine.
  8. Fill the corners. Start squeezing cookies on a baking sheet. Place the pastry bag perpendicular to the surface. Squeeze the dough against the baking tray, squeeze the dough and slightly lift the garnet up.
  9. Complete the movement by squeezing the nozzle onto the rosette formed and cutting off the dough. You can simply make a sharp movement with your hand - it will break off by itself.
  10. Do kurabietakim way until the end of the dough.
  11. Mix the jam and starch.
  12. Make a well in the center of each cookie. Put it in a jam.
  13. Place the baking tray with the cookies in an oven heated to 220 degrees. Bake a kurabedo golden brown for 12 min.

Margarine cookies - one of the most simple types of baking. Cooking dough is easy for him. First, the sugar is mixed with margarine. Then eggs are added to them. The resulting mixture is pretty poured flour into it. Variations such as bakery can be mass. It is made in the form of buttons, roses, animal figures. Add cocoa, crushed nuts. As a layer, you can use jam and condensed milk.

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