Condensed milk in a slow cooker

For most people, condensed milk is a sweetness from childhood, and the love for it sweeps for many years. However, in stores it is becoming more and more difficult to meet the very Soviet product, which did not cause doubts in its naturalness and correctness of taste. It’s too early to get upset: because at home, condensed milk can also be cooked, especially if you use the slow cooker.

Condensed milk at home: a classic recipe for the slow cooker

If you disassemble the condensed milk into components, it becomes clear that the right product, which is not overcrowded with preservatives and flavoring additives, has nothing to do with milk and sugar. Modern manufacturers sometimes expand this list to 10 positions, as a result of which only the appearance of the true option of condensed milk remains, although this point can be disputed. At home, condensed milk will only be prepared from sugar and milk, and the substitute will not work - it will not only adversely affect the taste, but simply will not allow the mass to come to the desired condition.

Condensed milk at home


  1. Whole milk 6% fat - 200 ml
  2. Dry whole milk - 1 tbsp.
  3. Caster sugar or granulated sugar - 180 g


  • Sugar and powdered milk are poured into the bowl of the slow cooker, after which you need to gradually, in a thin stream and in portions, pour in the liquid milk, carefully mixing the resulting mass. The slower and neater you do it, the better: then hard-breaking lumps will not appear, and the final product will look attractive. At the end, it is recommended to whip the mixture with a whisk or a mixer at low speed, spending 1-2 minutes on it.
  • The mode on which you will be cooking condensed milk depends on your multicooker model. You can focus on how you expose the program for the first hot dishes, but if you have not yet been acquainted with the slow cooker, and you do not know its functions, look for the “Soup”, “Stewing” or “Cooking” modes. The lid does not close, because for a few minutes that will be spent waiting for boiling, the mixture must be constantly stirred.
  • After the future condensed milk boils, the multicooker mode changes to "Baking", the lid still does not close, the constant stirring continues. What numbers to put on the timer depends on your requirements for condensed milk: 15 minutes is enough for traditional liquid and light sweetness, 20-25 minutes can be made for thicker ones.
  • If, however, some unevenness was found in the consistency of the finished product - lumps, stains, etc., you can pour the hot condensed milk into a blender and whip it. Alternatively, immerse the hand mixer in the bowl of the switched off multicooker and finish the product in 1-2 minutes.
  • It is important to pay attention to such details as cooking time. In addition to the fact that it affects the thickness of the finished sweetness, it also changes its color: condensed milk, cooked for 15-20 minutes. It has a creamy shade, rather liquid, closest to the variant that is offered on the shelves of supermarkets. If you keep it on the stove or in the crock-pot for 30 minutes, the product will have a light caramel color and average thickness, and in general can be considered as something average between ordinary condensed milk and boiled. If the cooking time is extended to 40-60 minutes, the sweetness will become viscous, it will be easy to keep the desired shape, take on a rich caramel color. The easiest way to prepare a classic liquid cream mass and, if necessary, later in portions to turn it into a thick milk caramel.

Cooking condensed milk without powdered milk

Without dried milk, condensed milk turns out to be even more natural, especially if you choose a non-store product with a low percentage of fat (2.5-3.2%), but rustic, fresh milk. You should definitely check the last moment before you start cooking condensed milk: pour 100 ml of milk into a small bowl, bring to a boil, and then turn off the fire. Fresh milk will not have lumps on the surface, and in this case it can be used for condensed milk. If, on heating, the consistency of the liquid has changed dramatically, it is useless to try to make condensed milk out of such milk: this will only be a translation of the products.

Condensed milk in a slow cooker without dry milk

condensed milk


  1. Fresh Country Milk - 1.5 L
  2. Powdered sugar - 500 g


  • The main stage, which takes a lot of time, is boiling milk. It is poured into the multicooker bowl, after which the “Quenching” mode is set, the lid does not close, and you need to monitor the milk for 1.5 hours so that it does not run away. If you have the "Steaming" mode, you can select it: evaporation of the liquid will occur here, as a result of which the cooking time will be reduced. Depending on the capacity of the multicooker, this time may be enough for you, and it may take an additional 1-1.5 hours. The main thing is to wait until instead of 1.5 liters of milk only 750 ml remain in the bowl.
  • As soon as this happens, powdered sugar begins to pour into it in a thin stream. You can use classic granulated sugar, but you will have to act more carefully with it, making sure that the granules are completely dissolved. With powdered sugar, the result will be softer. The “Quenching” mode is activated for another 15-20 minutes, during which the milk with sugar is constantly stirred so that the thickening mass does not suddenly start to burn to the walls or the bottom of the bowl.
  • If you forgot to check the milk before boiling it in the slow cooker, and it turned out that it started to collapse and there is no time or opportunity to purchase a new bottle, you can try to save it. To do this, a pinch of baking soda is thrown into the milk at the time of its warming up: the taste of the final condensed milk will not change, but the milk will stop trying to curl.

Boiled condensed milk is easy!

As noted above, the condition of condensed milk - its color and thickness - is directly influenced by the cooking time. Therefore, if you want to cook a traditional caramel "boil", as it was called in Soviet times, you need to stretch the procedure to 50-60 minutes, if dry milk is used, and up to 2-3 hours, if you work only with a liquid, rustic product. But not only this moment plays a role in the preparation of boiled condensed milk.

If, when boiling the usual liquid condensed milk, the foam on its surface only adds charm, then the thick caramel substance should already be completely homogeneous and smooth, so the bubbles are unacceptable. Do you want to not have to endlessly catch them, standing at the slow cooker for 1-2 hours? Treat the walls of the multicooker bowl with butter: even a very thin layer is enough for the milk to warm and boil evenly.

As for the products used to create boiled condensed milk, they are almost no different from those that are used to prepare classic sweetness. The only thing that sugar is recommended to use in the form of sand or resort to brown reed: it is larger and more difficult to dissolve, resulting in a more dense product structure. And also the proportional ratio of milk and sugar varies a little - the latter is recommended to be taken a little more than usual.

Boiled condensed milk in a slow cooker


  1. Sugar - 300 g
  2. Fresh milk 3.2% fat - 1 l


  • On the mode of "Quenching" or "Soup" the milk is heated and brought to a boil, after which it continues to boil with the lid open. Taking into account the specified volume, 40-50-50 minutes will be spent on this process.
  • Sugar is poured into the hot milk, stirred until its crystals are completely dissolved (or to a partial extent, if brown sugar is used), after which the “Porridge” mode is selected at the multicooker. The lid does not close, another 5-10 minutes. the mixture should be stirred, after which you can only occasionally follow it. Cooking time - 1.5-2 hours.
  • Regarding work with a multivariate, it is always difficult to give unambiguous recommendations on the time and modes, since each representative of this kitchen appliances not only differs in power, but also in functionality. For example, if the Redmond multicooker is on the “Quenching” mode for 8-10 minutes. after boiling it will simply hold the heat, allowing the liquid to open up evenly when the lid is open, then with the Lentell multicooker, it will take every 2-3 minutes. turn off the mode, as the condensed milk on it starts to boil again and again.

Such unpredictable cases can be quite a few, so when cooking condensed milk in a slow cooker, be sure to watch her, without leaving a single step. Only after a certain technology is tested, and it turns out that it is for your multicooker that it works correctly, it will be possible to stop keeping such serious control.

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