Compote from apples for the winter

Today it is difficult to buy a healthy drink in the store: the juices are crammed with "chemistry", there is nothing to say about soda. Therefore, many housewives are adopting grandmother's recipes and preparing the good old compotes. Fortunately, doing them is very simple. Consider how to cook apple compote for the winter. Recipes tested - delicious guaranteed!

Compote from apples for the winter: a simple recipe

There is nothing easier than this recipe. A minimum of effort and time spent will still be given an excellent result, and in the winter you will be able to feast on tasty and useful compotes.

Compote from apples for the winter: a simple recipe


  • sweet and sour apples;
  • granulated sugar - 250-300 g per 1 l of water;
  • water.


  1. Wash the apples and cut them into 4 or 8 parts (depending on size).
  2. Using a knife, remove the seeds and stalks.
  3. Fill the pan with apples half. Pour water almost to the edge and bring to a boil.
  4. Pour out the required amount of sugar and stir it to dissolve.
  5. Reduce heat and boil apples for 5 minutes.
  6. Pour the compote in sterilized jars, roll them, turn the lids down and wrap in something warm.
  7. When the compote has cooled, transfer the jars to a storage place where it should be cool and dry.

So just you make a very good compote of apples for the winter. Step-by-step recipe allows you to do everything quickly and without errors. To prevent the banks from bursting, use only full containers (without cracks) and pour liquid into still warm containers.

You can also make a compote of small apples. The recipes practically do not differ from each other, but in the case of small varieties you will not need to bother and cut the fruit, which makes the process of harvesting even easier.

Delicious and healthy apple compote

Compote from whole apples for the winter: recipes


  • Apples (for example, “white filling” variety) of small size - 10-15 pieces per 3-liter jar;
  • sugar - 1 tbsp. for each jar;
  • water.


  1. Wash the apples thoroughly in soapy water, rinse and dry with a towel.
  2. Tear off the twigs from each fruit. Put the finished apples in a large saucepan and cover with water.
  3. Bring to a boil and hold the apples on a reduced fire for about 5 minutes.
  4. Leave to cool for 15-20 minutes (the broth should not be very hot, so that the banks do not burst).
  5. Prepare the jars where the compote will be poured. They must be thoroughly sterilized to prevent mold or fermentation.
  6. Put 10-15 apples into each jar (you can get them with a skimmer) and pour a glass of granulated sugar.
  7. Pour broth from the pan.
  8. Roll cans with disposable lids, turn them upside down and cover with a warm blanket. When the drink has cooled, you can put it in a cool place for long-term storage.

How to cook compote of heavenly apples?

Paradise apples are a variety of small-fruited apples that are extremely rich in vitamins. They contain a lot of pectin, which helps to remove any "muck" from the body. Paradise apples are made with the most delicious jams, they decorate cakes and other dishes. But the best preserved vitamins in compote.

Compote of heavenly apples for the winter: recipes


  • apples;
  • granulated sugar - 0.5-1 kg per 5 liter pot (depending on preference);
  • water.


  1. Put the water in the pot on the fire.
  2. While it boils, prepare the fruits: they need to be thoroughly washed. It is better to use only strong fruits. Sprigs can be torn off or left (if you plan to use apples as decoration). Experienced housewives advise to pierce the peel in several places with a toothpick - so it does not burst, which means that the apples will keep a beautiful look.
  3. When water boils, add sugar and stir.
  4. Spread the apples on the sterilized banks (you need to fill approximately 2/3 of the volume).
  5. Fill with sweet water and roll up the jars. Turn them over and wrap them with a blanket.

Making juice from sliced ​​apples

Compote from sliced ​​apples for the winter: recipes


  • sweet and sour apples;
  • sugar - 1 tbsp. per 3-liter jar;
  • water.

Cooking (recipe number 1)

  1. Thoroughly wash the apples and wipe with a towel.
  2. Cut each fruit into quarters, scrub the seeds, then divide each quarter in half.
  3. Prepare the jars by thoroughly sterilizing them, and put the apples in there (they should take about 40% of the volume).
  4. Top with sugar.
  5. Boil water in a large saucepan and pour it over the jars. If the jars are whole, free of defects and still warm after boiling, then they should not burst.
  6. Roll up the jars, turn them over and, after covering them with something warm, leave to cool.

This recipe will save as many vitamins as possible. But, if you want to get a richer compote taste, then use the following option.

Cooking (recipe number 2)

Compote from sliced ​​apples for the winter: cooking

  1. Wash the apples and prepare them: cut them into pieces and remove the branch, core and bones. Put everything in the pan. Apples should occupy about half of its volume (or at least one third).
  2. Pour filtered or spring cold water into a saucepan and turn the stove on to maximum.
  3. Bring water to a boil and add granulated sugar (1 tbsp to 3 l). Stir.
  4. Then, turning down the heat, boil the apples for another 5 minutes. Turn off the stove.
  5. Spread the apples on sterilized jars equally and then pour the broth.
  6. Roll up the cans, turn them over and cover them with a blanket, blanket, etc.
  7. When the cans with compote have cooled, you can transfer them to the basement or other cool place where you are going to store the drink until winter.

Such compote will turn out tasty from any apples. But, if you want to stock up on vitamins, fresh garden fruits of small sizes, local, natural, and not those that sparkle in supermarket windows, are best suited.

Some tips

  • Use fresh selected fruits for the best quality of the finished drink.
  • If the apples are boiled out during the cooking process, you can strain the compote.
  • For those who count calories or simply try to do without sugar, there is an alternative: instead of sand, you can use honey.
  • Compote from apples can be varied by adding berries (lingonberries, cherries, strawberries, black currants, etc.) or other fruits (pears, plums, peaches).

Many love apple compotes since kindergarten, and there is a reason !. This natural drink differs unobtrusive, light taste and great benefits of vitamins. And to prepare compote from apples for the winter according to different recipes is not difficult even for a novice cook.

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