Coffee with ice cream as it is called

Coffee has long ceased to be the usual morning drink. Today there are many cafes around the world where everyone can try different kinds of this aromatic drink. Having come to such an institution, you plunge into a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort, as if dissolving into coffee, caramel, vanilla and other flavors, soaring in the air. I want to try all kinds of invigorating drinks, but many people often get lost in the names and are afraid to taste something unfamiliar. So, for example, do you know how coffee with ice cream is called?

It is about this type of coffee drink that will be discussed in our article.

What is the name of coffee with ice cream, or what is a glass?

What is a glass?

For the first time having heard the name of the drink, many people ask the question: glass - what is it? No one can reliably say when the tradition began to add a gentle ice cream to a strong coffee drink. But it is known that Austria was the birthplace of this newfangled trend, and the French gave the name to the drink itself. Having such rich inter-ethnic roots, traditional coffee with ice cream is, in fact, an ordinary cold drink. In some countries of the world it is even served with pieces of ice.

In general, varieties of glasses abound. But, like other dishes, this mysterious drink has the most popular classic recipes:

  • Glazed coffee, made according to the classic recipe, refreshes even on the hottest day. It consists of only 4 ingredients: strong coffee, vanilla ice cream, grated ice and chocolate.
  • For the youngest coffee lovers, a variety of smooth glasses of equal parts of cold coffee and cow's milk will suit.
  • Fans of the classics will be pleasantly surprised to try a glass of liquor. Unlike coffee with cognac, this drink is softer and more tart.
  • For lovers of the exotic, egg glades are suitable, where, in addition to the main ingredient - coffee, chicken yolks are also added.

According to tradition, coffee with ice cream is served only in transparent glasses and is drunk through a straw. Glasses can be decorated with caramel or chocolate chips, liquid syrup, whipped cream and roasted nuts.

Have you tried to make this divine drink at home? If not, then we offer you a few simple recipes for homemade glasses.

Iced coffee with vanilla ice cream

How to make a glass?


  • 2/3 Art. ground coffee;
  • 3 tbsp. drinking water;
  • 1/3 Art. vanilla ice cream.


  1. First we need to make a coffee drink. To do this, pour ground coffee in Turku, fill it with water and boil it in your usual way. We will need 3 cups of coffee concentrate.Coffee making recipe with ice cream
  2. If you do not have Turks or you do not know how to use it, then just pour hot water over the coffee and leave it at room temperature for the night.
  3. Ready brewed coffee should be poured into a wide dish and allowed to cool.How to make coffee for glass?
  4. After the coffee concentrate has cooled enough, strain it through a fine sieve or a special press.

    How to make a glaze?
  5. Now we need a tall glass or wine glass. Fill it with a coffee drink and add a couple of spoons of vanilla ice cream.What is the name of coffee with ice cream?
  6. Generously we crush chocolate chips on top, and the aromatic coffee is ready.

Cold coffee with white chocolate, ice cream and Baileys liqueur

Cold coffee with white chocolate, ice cream and Baileys liqueur


  • 2 eggs;
  • 2 egg yolks;
  • 6 tbsp. l powdered sugar;
  • 300 g of white chocolate;
  • 600 ml of milk;
  • 300 ml of fresh cream;
  • Baileys liqueur;
  • coffee.


  1. To make a glaze according to this recipe, we will need to beat the eggs, yolks and sugar with a mixer into lush foam.
  2. Next, on the steam bath, melt white chocolate with 3 tbsp. l milk
  3. The remaining milk must be brought to a boil and, stirring quickly, add the egg mixture.
  4. Transfer the mixture to the steam bath and cook until thick.
  5. As soon as the milk-egg mixture will look like thick cream, add white chocolate and mix.
  6. We remove the components from the steam bath, cover with parchment paper and leave to cool for 10-15 minutes.
  7. Meanwhile, whip the cream until a smooth lush consistency at medium speed mixer and add to the cooled mixture.
  8. We remove all the ingredients in the freezer for 1-2 hours. In order not to go this long way, the listed ingredients can be replaced with creamy ice cream.
  9. We brew strong coffee for 4 servings according to any recipe. It is best to use natural coffees, for example, Arabica, as an instant coffee drink will not give the desired flavor to the finished glass.
  10. Give cool some brewed coffee.
  11. In the meantime, we are preparing wide glass cups.
  12. When strong coffee is cool enough, pour it into glasses. Top with a ball of ice cream and pour liquor.
  13. Finished glasse coffee generously crush with powdered sugar and enjoy the taste of a wonderful drink.

Coffee with ice cream: a recipe with ice

Glace with ice


  • 1 l of milk;
  • 1 tbsp. coffee;
  • sugar;
  • vanilla ice cream;
  • ice cubes.


  1. First you need to prepare all the necessary ingredients and boil coffee. For this recipe, you can use instant coffee drinks.
  2. Pour the coffee in a tall glass to half, add to it 2 spoons of sugar and stir.
  3. Fill the remaining half of the glass with milk and mix again.
  4. Add vanilla ice cream and ice cubes. All well mixed.
  5. We decorate with grated chocolate and maple syrup.

Now you can make this wonderful coffee drink called glace and at home. You will surprise your guests not only with the new taste of coffee, but also with the way it is served. Agree, rarely at home you meet coffee with ice cream, and even in a glass wine glass.

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