Chocolate glaze. cocoa recipe

It is rare to find such a person who would refuse home-made baking, and if it is also filled with home-made flavored glaze, so this is generally the top of bliss. The taste of chocolate coating is festive and so dear.


  1. Cocoa powder - 3 tbsp.
  2. Sugar - 1st.
  3. Butter - 50 g
  4. Milk - 3 tbsp.


  • This glaze easily burns, so immediately take an aluminum mug and enameled bowl.
  • Pour a glass of sugar, add cocoa and carefully rub in a lot of chocolate color.
  • Now add a piece of soft butter and mix it with sugar.
  • Pour in the milk, stir and set on a very small fire. Frosting must be constantly stirred so that it does not sink to the bottom.
  • When it boils, remove the container, mix everything well and heat the glaze again to a viscous state. Well, that's the whole recipe!

Fill the desserts with hot icing, keep it a little on the table, and then immediately in the fridge for 30-60 minutes at least. If necessary, you can heat the glaze, but it is better to cook it before pouring.

You can make this icing for ordinary biscuits and fruit pies, especially if you have guests. So baking immediately gets a festive shade. If the cake is small, you can divide the proportion in half, then there will not be excess chocolate icing. Here it is worthwhile just to cook everything according to the recipe, in order to understand how much to cook and how long.

Cook with pleasure, bon appetit!

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