Chicken breast chops

Chicken fillet (breast) refers to a variety of unleavened, dietary meat. It is not fat, it is quickly prepared. To make the meat tasty, it is not enough to apply only seasonings, an important point is not to overdry the fillets, to preserve its juiciness.

You can save all the juice if you bake the breast in foil in the oven. And if you cook in a pan? How to achieve this? It is best to cook chicken breast in a pan in a batter. The batter or breading during frying will grab faster, and, as it were, "seal" the aroma of meat inside.

Chicken breast chops in batter

A dish of chicken fillet, cooked this way, we know more under the name "chop". By the way, a popular meat dish is made from the same filet in double breaded — a chicken Kiev — a very juicy dish, the recipe of which has its tricks. How to cook chop of chicken fillet in batter? We offer a recipe with photos.

Traditional Chicken Chops

Chop chicken fillet in batter is cooked - there is simply no place. It will not take much time to cook, as the chicken pulp has ripened in a few minutes. Gives "acceleration" to the process of frying and beating chicken fillets. Let's go to the recipe.

Chicken breast chops in batter


  • chicken breast;
  • raw eggs;
  • flour;
  • salt, pepper and other spices (to taste);
  • cooking oil for frying.

We deliberately did not specify the proportions, as there are no restrictions. The amount of batter is prepared based on the amount of meat. Chicken breast in batter on the pan is prepared as follows:

  1. We clean the meat from the film, ossicles, fat. Wash, dry on paper towel. Poritize: bit size - at will, albeit on the whole breast; slice thickness - up to 8 mm.Chicken breast
  2. Next, the breast should be slightly repulsed using a culinary hammer and cling film. Meat blanks should be placed between the layers of the film and beat.
  3. Spoon the breasts with salt and pepper from 2 sides or season with favorite spices for meat. We leave for some time to soak, but for now you can do the preparation of the batter.
  4. In a deep small bowl break the eggs. Fork or whisk slightly foams. Season to taste. Pour a few tablespoons of flour into another dry plate. We put the pan on fire, a little vegetable oil, wait for it to heat up.BatterTurn to frying. Meat blanks in turn rolls down first in flour, then - in the egg. Sent to the pan. Fry from 2 sides to golden brown (about 5-7 minutes). Chops are ready to eat!

    Chicken breast chops in batter

Chicken chops with cheese

Now make chicken breast chops in batter with cheese. There are several features. For example, grated hard cheese can be added to batter and additionally use breadcrumbs. Fillets can be stuffed with cheese mixture: just rubbed hard cheese, cheese mix, soft cheese paste with greens, etc. To prevent the filling from leaking during frying, the open edge is picked up with a toothpick.

Another way of cooking chops is with a cheese layer. While the meat is fried on one side, sprinkle the other with cheese chips and lightly bathe. It is necessary to turn over such chops very carefully, as the cheese melted under the influence of temperature and can drain. Just such a recipe for chicken breast chop in batter with cheese and we want to share.

Chicken chops with cheese

A traditional set of ingredients (chicken fillet, eggs, flour, spices, cooking oil) is complemented with a slice of hard cheese, a couple of sour cream spoons, and chopped greens. Meat preparations do the same as in the traditional recipe. I would like to pay more attention to the preparation of batter and directly the process of roasting chicken breast in a pan.

  1. In a bowl, mix raw chicken eggs, sour cream and chopped greens. Season to taste, mix well. Here we send a handful of flour. The result should be a mixture of thickness, like pancakes.Batter
  2. Chops dipped in batter on one side only (which will be roasted first), put on a hot frying pan. Cheese, which we have already crushed on a grater, we spread it in small portions on the meat and spread it over the surface. From above we pour klyar.Chicken chops with cheese
  3. Finish roasting meat and can be served at the table. Chicken chop will turn out juicy, and even with an appetizing cheese layer inside. Chicken is traditionally served with potato side dish, rice, pasta, vegetables (fresh, boiled, stewed), beans. Chicken chop itself can be a complete dish, just add a little greens and a suitable sauce on the plate.Chicken chops with cheese

So quickly and at no significant cost, you can make a delicious main course for dinner or even on a festive table. Culinary fantasies of modern housewives know no boundaries. Experiment with flavors, turn the most simple dishes into your own culinary masterpieces!

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