Champagne cocktails


Champagne - a drink to celebrate special occasions! It is customary to drink it from special glasses, cooled to the desired temperature. On the basis of sparkling wine, you can prepare a variety of options for wonderful cocktails that your guests will surely like at a celebration or a party.

Recipes popular cocktails based on champagne

Crimean Rose (Crimean Rose)

Champagne Cocktails


  1. Pink liquor - 20 ml
  2. Muscat - 20 ml
  3. Champagne - 80 ml
  4. Cherry - 3 pcs.
  5. Crushed ice


  • In the shaker, shake the nutmeg and pink liqueur, pour into a glass, add a few cherries and add champagne. Pink liqueur, if it does not appear, can be replaced with pink vermouth. But champagne must certainly be Crimean.
  • A cocktail with ice is served in a champagne glass.

King's Ruins (King's Ruin)


  1. Champagne - 240 ml
  2. Cognac - 30 ml
  3. Orange or lemon


  • Pour brandy into the glass and add cold champagne to it.
  • Decorate with a spiral made of a lemon or orange crust, serve in a cold Collins glass without ice.
  • On the strength of this cocktail is attributed to the longs, they drink it gradually.



  1. Light rum - 60 ml
  2. Champagne - 100 ml
  3. Orange Juice - 60 ml
  4. Grenadine - 3 ml
  5. Slice of lemon
  6. Ice


  • In a shaker with ice, shake rum, grenadine and oranges juice. Strain into a large wine glass, squeeze a lemon wedge and pour in cold champagne.
  • By strength this cocktail belongs to the longs.

Decorate your holiday with new impressions - try to make champagne cocktails, bright and elegant, strong and not so, those that will not be forgotten. There are so many recipes for cocktails that everyone will find something for themselves. The ease of making these drinks makes them even more popular.